Lose weight with Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers has just launched their new product, Skechers Shape Ups. This is not just an ordinary walking shoes that you think it is. With Skechers Shape Ups, it aims to promote weight loss, tone muscles, improve your posture and gets you in shape without even going to the gym at all.

Believe it or not, we burn more calories and get a greater amount of exercise when we walk bare footed. This is also the reason why you would find it harder to walk on wet sand, especially when the tide comes along your feet than to walk normally. Walking bare footed is like walking on wet sand, you will feel your heel sink into the ground before your foot rolls forward.

Unfortunately, we normally walk on hard surface, this causes our feet to not work the way it is intended to be. What happens now is that our heel and forefoot needs to be supported when it strikes the hard ground.

You might ask, so what? What’s the point in all these?

Well, the thing is, because our feet doesn’t work on how it is supposed to be, our bodies are now not required to work that much to give us the ability to move freely.

This is where Skechers Shape Ups comes in. With the Skechers Shape Ups, it optimizes the exercise in stimulating the walking in barefoot. One thing special with this shoe is the soft sole of the shoe. It was designed to compress, and recreate the effect of walking on soft sand within the shoe rather than on the ground. As you step, your heel sinks into the soft cushioned sole and then rolls forward on to your forefoot, before finally pushing of with your toes to take another step.

Skechers Shape Ups supports our muscle further up to our body and also enhance the benefits of walking. Which means that you will be able to strengthen the leg, buttock, back and abdominal muscles that are not normally used in your every day activity.

Skechers Shape Ups doesn’t only gives people with a busy lifestyle an essential workout while walking, the shoes look good too. It’s an all in one investment, and is out in the market with a reasonable price.

Being fashionable and losing weight has never been easy, and I don’t even need to attend the gym with a boring session with my personal trainer, too!

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  1. oha! With Skechers it's possible to lose weight and have a proper posture w/o even going t some gyms out there. It can aslo improve circulation. So nice, not only a shoes that'll support our feet huh! =]
    But unfortunately I can buy that one, there are lots of stuffs I need to buy this time.. aww.


  2. that's a cool concept..
    but i dont like how the shoes look.
    i wouldn't wear it. :S

  3. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha, really? I actually liked it haha!!

  4. Haha! Cool! How much is it?

  5. wow! cool.. magkano kaya yan sis? hehe =]

  6. Miss Candy Blush

    It should be around 5,000 or so hehe, I'll double check okay? :)

  7. re; Yes, it is very sad, and I also think that he will be remembered!

    Nice site you have here (:

  8. oooh! dati sketchers girl ako until teens years. :) that's a nice product ha. i like the design.. yung nasa taas. :) hmm im guessing, 3-4,000php yan. waaah.. or more!!

  9. cool! thanks for sharing this. i bet this is pricey. haha! well, i want to try this kasi my feet is somewhat…i don't know how to describe it. pero great product of sketchers. sana it'sa affordable!

  10. really? that's sooo amazing!
    Hale Sketchers!! :D
    Is it already available here in Pinas, sis?

  11. woot!! ito pala sinasabi mo sa akin nung isang araw awoot! kapag mayaman n itech bili ako nean ahahahaha!! anywayzzzz :D wooot!! sana masuot ko i2 bwhahaha LAB ET!

  12. SHECHERS are so awesome when it comes to launching very unique shoes with great benefit to users. For sure that cost alot of money. Haha.

  13. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha, well, wala naman mura sa sketchers, but I think sa lahat ng shoes nila, ito ang pinaka worth it.

  14. Miss Candy Blush

    Yes sis, kaka launch lang haha, excited na nga ako eh

  15. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha, I badly need this din nga eh hehe, but I think, okay ang price niya kesa naman mag bayad ka ng fee sa gym lol

  16. I love sketchers and was a previous sketchers girl. This is like my Fitflops except flops siya. Hmm… maybe i'll get one but not any time soon. I need to think about it:p I do love walking! hehe :P thanks for the vid sis!

  17. wow.. ayos yan for those people na tamad ng magpunta sa gym. How i wish na makabili rin ako ng ganyan kasi i really want to lose weight pa naman. thanks for sharing this. :)

  18. Wow! May ganito ba dito? Aside from the pro-health of this shoe, it also looks cool. Pwede for school :D

    You said it's soft, so it's like cotton? Ayaw ko kasi yung shoes like crocs, yung parang rubber.

  19. Miss Candy Blush

    I don't like crocs din nga eh @_@. I might test out the shoe soon, maybe this weekend or next week.

  20. Okay naman ung crocs eh, soft naman din talaga yung sa loob kaso… Ewan ko, rubber-like or something eh. Haha!

  21. cool. we have a skechers outlet near us as in 4 blocks away. I'll check this one out.

    I don't like the style. It might not fit with the clothes I have, but I might buy it since I want comfortable shoes.

    by the way, I think the brand doesn't have T on it.

  22. I have an award for you! Check my blog :) enjoy!

  23. Wow, they think of everything, do they? Cool!

  24. parang rounded yung sole noh? bakit feeling ko pag tnry ko yan matatapilok ako or something? clumsy ako eh… XD

  25. agree ayaw ko din ng crocs… XD

  26. shocks!! i was planning to buy training shoes for our PE today, and then I saw your post! dang!! gusto ko nyan!!! huhuhu.. pwede ba yan for PE. you know , for running?? or sports??

  27. Miss Candy Blush

    Aww, I'm very sure that will be helpful talaga sis, may mga benefits siya sis, so hehehe pilitin mo!! :D

  28. Miss Candy Blush

    Hehe, kasi sanay na tayo walking sa matigas na surface feeling mo lang yun, but this has a good benefit in our bodies. I am thinking of purchasing one, kasi I am having problems lately with my feet :(

  29. ahhh.. I saw one at Sketchers today! I'll probably buy one soon (before school starts).

  30. Miss Candy Blush

    Yay, :D ako din haha

  31. Miss Candy Blush

    4590php daw sis at least lol below 5k haha

  32. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha sorry, TYPO ERROR

  33. Miss Candy Blush

    It's prang foam daw. Firm but soft, like walking on sand.

  34. winner naman yun! A matching shoes for your exercise. I bet napakamahal nito,. workout at home lang ginagawa ko lage para di masyado magastos lol.. so dapat pala sa shore tau nageexercise para todo workout talaga

  35. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha, yes. Sa beach nga maganda kasi mahrap mag gagagalaw dun, before nga lagi ako na-iilang eh, hehe. It's 4.5k price hehe, pwede na din, kasi branded siya e dba, may benefits pa. Plus, I find it cute, LOL HAHA!

  36. hahaa.. nakabili na ako.. pero hindi skechers shape ups.. haha.. hindi kasi available sa store na pinuntahan ko. so bumili nalang ako ng iba.. haha.. oh well..

  37. sus, wala yun. :) ayaw ko sana imention kaso it might help you gain more hits or something for your site.

  38. yah saw this on mag last week. kaso i dont need to lose eh i need to gain LOL

  39. Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  40. It sure looks good heehee but it's expensive drool nalang ako. ahhahaaha

  41. Not sure if I concur, anyways thank u for the info ;) By the way, can I contact you about your blog?

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