I’ve lost 3 inches! “Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss Diet”


A lot of people would say that to lose weight, you just needed to eat a well balanced diet and do exercise – loads of workouts in moderation. Now, this is all true and I totally agree but I also believed that 80% of weight loss comes from the food that we eat and 20% of it comes from workouts and exercise.

It’s 2014 – everyone wanted change in their lifestyle – everyone desired to lose weight and I’ve seen a lot of people talking about, posting it on different blogs and social media. I, too – was one of those people who have desired to make a change this year. Let’s admit it, a lot of us wants to lose weight – but we just wanted it, it’s not like we were doing something about it, right? There is a thin line between wanting to lose weight and doing something in order for you to lose weight.


To be honest, this is the first time I did something in order to lose weight. I always wanted to lose weight before but it’s not like a priority or something that I really wanted to happen. It was hard at first, simple dieting with no results are the things I have encountered myself, too. So I had to do a lot of research, a lot of testing for myself and believe it or not, I had lapses with my diet because of all the temptations of my favorite foods, lol! Personally, I’m okay to not have sweets but to not have some sushi and sashimi – is very, very hard for me, lol!

So, everyone was curious – what did I truly did to lose weight?

1. I decided to lose a lot of weight so what I did was to ate. I ate a lot of food – whatever that comes to mind whether it’s junk or just my favorite foods – even when I feel full, I still ate. I did this so I wouldn’t deprived myself later on. I actually gained 5 pounds in the process, so you can actually say I initially lost 13lbs, including the 5 pounds I have gained during the times I was gorging myself to eat.

2. I stopped eating starches, dairy, and anything with sugar. I even stopped eating breakfast. I don’t know with you but I found myself eating a lot more and felt a lot hungrier when I eat breakfast. A lot of people would say to eat breakfast more and less during lunch and dinner. I find this not applicable for me since I felt hungrier and even when I am on a diet, I felt eating more when I take breakfast – it just doesn’t work for me.

3. I started eating 500-800 calorie a day, without exercise. A lot of people think it’s not healthy and you can’t last a day with this type of diet but I didn’t really starved myself and I didn’t feel dizzy or anything. It may seem like a small amount of calorie, but when you are eating the right kind of good foods, it may seem like just small calories but I actually eat just enough. I ate more protein like a slice of fish fillet, chicken breast or turkey during lunch or dinner. My favorite one is to actually make 3 egg whites for an omelette – super quick to cook, too!

PS. Just to clear things up, normally taking 500 calories a day won’t suffice as you will feel hungry – again, this was only possible because of the foods that I eat – including the low-gi foods, green supplements, super foods, and HCG for my hormone levels. Plus, green tea and lots of water. So again, I just want to make sure and let everyone know this is not a diet to starve yourself – that’s not healthy.

4. I focused on eating foods with Low-GI (Low-Glycemic). This doesn’t just improves your overall health but it also helps you in losing weight and just keeping it off. I felt better this way. I don’t feel hungry, in fact, I felt full. You also get to increase your energy, improve your mood and control your blood sugar levels when you are in taking foods with Low-GI.

5. I’ve engaged myself with natural and super foods into my diet. This includes, seed mixes (such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, maca root powder and lecithin granules – just grind them and mix them up – add them to your foods) – these super foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega fats, I also took a lot of greens supplement and green tea, in fact I have stopped caffeine and switch to either water or green tea.

Now, for the big question most people would ask..

Have you exercised yet? My answer would be NO. I was too focused to check the right diet for me, what should I be eating and what not – busy with work and everything to the point my only workout is either when I’m going out for some shopping or when I’m cleaning my room but everything was just based on the foods that I eat and nothing more.

To be honest, it has been weeks since I started the diet but I kept losing and gaining my weight because I was experimenting on different diets but this is the first time it has been continuous, thus I am sharing this to everyone, too! I also realized how similar this diet was to Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss Diet.


I didn’t have some of the foods that were on the list so I just tried to stick on what I had and it still works. So you should try it, too. At the end of the day, it’s really all about the motivation and discipline that will help you to lose weight – plus, a change of lifestyle, too. In Dr. Oz Diet, I have seen a lot of the videos on the net (you can do your own research and google them if it has your interest) but a lot of those who have undergone this diet lost 6 inches off their weight and a whole lot of pounds in a matter of 2 weeks.

I haven’t reached my goal yet so I will be continuing this kind of lifestyle until I reached my desired weight. I just really want to share this to everyone and to let you all know, nothing is ever too late. If you don’t have time to hit the gym – no worries, fixed what’s on your kitchen and you’re good to go. I will be incorporating exercise into my diet soon – as soon as I have the time, lol! Goodluck to your weight loss journey!

So tell me..

If you are in a journey to lose weight, what did you do – what do you do? Feel free to share some tips, diets and guidelines, I’d love to hear your story and I would loved try them out, too!

January 29th, 2014
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53 Comments to I’ve lost 3 inches! “Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss Diet”

  1. My Hubs is on a Journey to lose weight. He is doing pretty well at it but is losing it slowly. I think thats how he wants to do it though so I don’t push him one way or the other.

  2. I started by weaning off sodas. Went a week without them and succumbed today. Tomorrow back on the saddle :-)

  3. This is what I love about your blog, you’re doing it easier for me (feeding me with the all the info I need). haha.

    Anyways, I have been seeing this “Dr. Oz Rapid Weight Loss” from pinterest for a year or so. I got curious and it stopped there since I am always just being reminded when I am using Pinterest.

    I wanted to give this a try. Hope this’ll work.

  4. I need to try this! I have tried so many different plans and nothing ever works! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I dropped 60 lbs–the first 30 was because I had diabetes but did not know it! The second 30 was lost because I changed my diet literally overnight-I really didn’t have a choice. Right now I’m at a standstill–3 lbs on-3 lbs off–eventually my body will start losing again!! And no-I do not exercise.

  6. Congratulations! I lost 30kgs after high school.. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks for sharing with us. I will try this diet, i really need to loose some weight. kisses

  8. when i was trying to lose weight, i stick to a 1800-calorie a day “diet.” i used myfitnesspal to track my food intake and made sure to exercise or do some kind of activity to burn at least 200 calories ;) don’t go lower than 1800 as your body will be in “starvation mode” and will store fat thus, gaining more weight in the future and drink water water water! ;)

  9. 500 calories a day is VERY dangerous. You’re body will eventually go into starvation mode and you’ll suddenly stop losing. Plus your organs could shut down….be careful.

    • That would be dangerous if I am not taking any supplements to back it up – I wasn’t starving like I have mentioned. :) Taking low-gi foods, greens supplements and lots of good foods actually gives you more food to eat – 500 calories is enough. Plus, I also had HCG for my hormones so it didn’t really made me starve at all – I was feeling better and healthy :)

  10. i want to try this must pin this for later thank you for this i’ve been wandering how it worked or if it even worked

  11. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and lose weight. Thanks for showing what you are doing, gave me some ideas!

  12. I’ve heard lots of good things about what Dr. Oz says regarding weight loss. My problem is that I’m hypoglycemic, so I have to eat often!

  13. I’m exactly the same way about breakfast! In fact, I haven’t even eaten yet this morning. I find that the best way to keep my eating under control, is to give myself a smaller “eating window”. :)

  14. Good thing I was able to stumble here. I gained more than 20lbs when I started working. :( And now I’m having a hard time losing it. Will bookmark this for future reference. :D

  15. 2 years ago I went gluten free, wheat free, grain free for health reasons and in the process reduced my weight by 25 lbs. Great to hear you are trying/experimenting to see what will work for you. Good health must be the first priority. Thanks for sharing your journey

  16. I believe I saw the episode where he mentioned this diet. I’m afraid to diet while breastfeeding. Sounds silly doesn’t it… Lol Congratulations on losing 3inches.

  17. He’s a genius!

  18. We have stopped eating a lot of carbs and that has helped, although I fell off the wagon during my bout with a stomach virus and went into carb overload.

  19. I am glad to hear you found something that works for you. loosing weight is such a challenge. I am one of those persons that can not skip breakfast. I usually keep it light though.

  20. I wish I could try this but I can’t see myself commiting to eating only 500 – 800 calories a day. Good for you though!

  21. I haven’t seen this Dr. Oz Diet Plan before, but it does not sound so harsh. Good luck with your weight loss!

  22. congrats to you!!! I have heard about this diet before, it’s a bit tough but I guess it truly does give results. I’m so envious T___T I’m still working on the “No S” diet but it’s too hard since I’m still attached to snacking and sweets and if not my folks at home give them to me >___< Way to go and keep it up!

  23. I don’t think I could handle a diet as strict as this. but I keep hearing a lot of people say they love the results. I focus mostly on eating healthy. I do agree that most of the weight loss will come from what you eat.

  24. I’m going to try this dr oz rapid weight loss diet. I want to see if I will get fast results. thanks for the information.

  25. I think diet is the most vital part of trying to lose weight. I was in a group where we were given a strict diet and exercise plan. Two of the girls were not able to do the workouts right away and started with the diet portion, they lost quite a bit just from following it.

  26. That sound like a healthy diet and yes, I’ve read that to about the 80/20 division between what we eat versus exercise impact on losing weight. I think it’s true, too! Great job!!

  27. When you start exercising, don’t forget to eat more. You body needs the food. Don’t look at it as stuff you’re eating because you are hungry rather than you body needs it for fuel.

  28. There’s always a better way at losing weight and it shows if its done right.

  29. I watched the show where he was promoting it at the beginning of this year. His recommendations work, so I’m not surprised at all. Bravo! :-)

  30. It really is never too late to start a diet, well to start living healthy I should say. You did a great job with your weight loss and I’m happy you’ve found one that you love.

  31. Congrats, it is not easy losing weight and it requires a lot of will power and perseverance.

  32. That sounds almost dangerous for so little calories. Great information here, I’m sure it will help those that are looking for some help and a little boost in their journey

  33. WTG sis! You can do it! Me too, I am doing my WLG and hope I can get my goal after 3 months of diet and exercise.

  34. This is very informative post ! I’ll read it more next time and take into consideration the suggested food to take. this is already in my bookmarks:)

  35. This is great info, i do not really need to lose weight but i want to get more fitter but then working out makes me more hungry too lol.

  36. really!? i’ve been trying to hit the gym too! i hope we’ll reach our target!

  37. Maya

    Congrats on the weight loss, keeping up with a diet is so tough!

  38. Wow, that really worked for you! I’m not sure I could dip that low in calories for very long, but I can see how it would really kickstart weight loss. Congrats!

  39. I’m interested to try the smoothie :) Nice detailed meal & food shopping list.

  40. I have heard a lot of good reviews about this diet plan. Have you tried it sis?

  41. Very good info for dieting but all of these, just eat good foods, and exercise daily.

  42. I think that when you watch what you eat, you can achieve your weight loss goal.

  43. We should enjoy exercise as an activity and the weight loss will follow.

  44. Switching from sweetened tea (which I drink all day) to sugar-free made me drop 4 pounds without exercise. However, I do like to exercise, so I keep that as part of my daily routine.

  45. I’ve lost 6 ops lately when I got sick for 10 days. It was horrible.

  46. Yes, very true. Added to this, determination to lose weight is very important and consistent, persistence efforts really helps.

    Very useful information, thanks for sharing :)

  47. When you lean forward positive thinking, it really helps you achieve your goal.

  48. I’m trying to gain weight after I got wicked for couple weeks. It’s easy for me to loss weight once I get sick.

  49. It’s all true about your notion of this matter; selected food, moderate workout and exercise. The thing is you’re determined to do these dieting just for the sake of your health, not your image.

  50. It’s always a balance with the food we eat, the workout we do and the sleep we have.

  51. That’s quite informative post

  52. Appreciation to my father who informed me regading this blog,
    this websitye is genuinely remarkable.

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