Eating Dark Chocolates for Weight Loss and Health Benefits.

If there is one thing I am concern about having my internship in Summit Media, it has to be my health. Summit Media Publishing Co. Inc, is definitely a big company with good reputation and high standards thus, every department is always busy. There is just no time to idle around especially when you are in the Marketing Events Department (basically, where I am). There are certain times that I had to eat my lunch past 1 P.M. and sometimes all I can grab are biscuits, chips and chocolates. I even tend to survive drinking a soda for its sweet taste just to survive the day..

Oh you bet, I know. It’s not healthy for me or anyone eating daily like this at all! I can’t remember when I have started eating a good real meal since I have started working in the company!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do, I love my job and everyone in the company is really nice to work with and it takes me to tons of places I never imagined to be! I honestly couldn’t ask for more. I’m actually thankful for being able to work in this company, not just because of the experience and exposure.. but also because I was able to practice eating dark chocolates everyday, haha! Yes, literally eating dark chocolates everyday!

I have always knew about how dark chocolates is healthy for everyone. It has a lot of antioxidants and good for your health and body system but I never really get to eat dark chocolates everyday.. it was only when I started working in Summit Media that I was able to practice this habit (because there are certain times when I am just too busy doing lots of stuff that I get minimal time to really have my break even though they do give you an hour of lunch break.)

Just so you know, eating dark chocolates everyday can prevent and lower the risk of heart attacks, lower blood pressure and other different ailments. Researchers have also noted that eating dark chocolates everyday could potentially stop 70 non-fatal and 15 fatal heart attacks, taking in consideration that you have consistently been eating dark chocolates everyday for years. *Either way, it is just saying that the results are tremendously amazing though there is no concrete evidence of this really being true*

You definitely cannot compare a dark chocolate from a milk or white chocolate. First of all, a dark chocolate has 70-80% main ingredient of cocoa which is also rich in the alkaloid theobromine, known to increase muscle stimulation and energy, as well as widen blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

It decreases cholesterol levels and reduces the incidence of stroke and risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Also, If you still didn’t know…

Cocoa contains natural compounds that help the body produce mood-altering brain chemicals, decreasing the risk of depression.

(No wonder when most people are sad, they tend eat chocolates, especially the women!)

Another few facts that I like about eating dark chocolates is that it reduces the stress I have been having whether it’s related to work or with my personal life.

It also reduces the cortisol levels that stress tends to release which leads us to overeating and lowering the human metabolism. This is to say that eating dark chocolates regularly can increase the metabolism in our body as the cortisol is being reduced.

Eating dark chocolates also also stop food cravings and promotes the feeling of fullness which is very important to weight loss.

Another important fact about weight loss and eating dark chocolates regularly can reduce insulin resistance in our body.

The repeated release of insulin due to too much sugary food causes the cells to develop resistance to insulin preventing it from doing its job and depriving the cells of needed nutrition. This process makes our body have a sense of fear in starvation, which calls for more food to eat and signals a need to store fat to protect against starvation. The result? Weight gain.

So, substituting dark chocolate for other sugary foods will help reduce insulin resistance.

P.S. This is not to say to grab loads of dark chocolate in a day but just an ounce of dark chocolate is enough to help you through the day. Also, remember that its quality matters, moderation is a must and the “bitter” then the “better” for you and your health!

If you are wondering, yes.. this is the reason why I have been losing weight lately. Plus the busy work load that tends to be my body work out already, lol! I do really rarely get to sit down to chill since I go here, there and every where, calling this and that, doing this and that.. finding this and that, lol!

The photo above was when I went to the Cynos Hair Fashion Show Event.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a DLSR to get a clear shot. *poor me, lol* So I am just using my Blackberry 9780. I wish I could have a better resolution on the photo though…

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  1. Pete Rahon

    i blog about chocolate here –

  2. I am aware of this fact ate. Maybe nabasa ko na to from you before. Hehe. I really want to apply it sakin kaso nakakalimutan ko bumili. Haha. Teka, pwede ba yung Cloud9? Haha.
    Grabe mukhang super busy mo nga sa internship mo ni pagkaen walang time. hehe. You should have biscuits palagi para madali kumain kahit may ginagawa hehe

  3. Now this is why I love dark chocolates! <3 Hahaha!

  4. It's a good thing I love dark chocolates! LOL. I knew it was a healthy snack but not to that point. :)

  5. Good thing I love dark chocolates <3 Haha It is probably contributed to why I don't gain weight. What do you think?

  6. I agree with the black chocolates. That’s why i started loving eating chocolates because of its health benefits :3 ahihi

  7. melleleee

    I love dark chocolates K.. :)) I’ve heard about the health benefits we could get there like 3 years ago,.. haha I miss eating it though.. buy mo ko.. hahaha I’ll let my friend read this entry,, lol

  8. Sandra

    so how many bars of dark chocolates do you eat sis? gosh i wanna try this! insead of my cheesecake cravings, dapat pala dark chocos nalang talaga kainin ko. Masaya din naman yun, hahaha! Goodluck sa work sis! Bongga ka talaga!

    • Like.. a lot? lol.

      The girl on mini stop kept saying..

      “si mam, di pwedeng walang chocolate araw-araw” lol!

  9. He is there like… forever, haha! :)

    Lol. Yes true Tricia.. but in “our” department, being in the Marketing Team is not just being an intern, lol. Trust me, haha! :) We’ve become way more than just an employee pa nga lol which is why no wonder no regular employee last there for 3-4months… some quits on their 2nd month *oops gotta have my lips sealed for that* lol. =))

    (.. and for me, well… Lol.)

    They easily absorbs interns though.. :) Let’s leave it at that.

  10. Losing weight is good as long as it won’t affect your health.

  11. Makes me want to get one right now! Heehee. But i have a bad feeling I won’t lose but rather gain D:

  12. Yes! Dark chocolates key to healthy living too. It’s better than those regular ones.

  13. I love dark chocolates. It has many health benefits and also a great antioxidant. But for weight loss? I think it still depends on the amount of sugar in the chocolate. Yes, the bitter it is, the better. :)

  14. well this is good news for chocolate lovers…i’m not really into chocolates but this fact gives me an idea to enjoy dark chocolates this season:)

  15. i am partial to the dark, bitter chocolate variety + it sure is a delight to know that we can still indulge in moderation + still be healthy.

  16. This is by far one of my favorite trick for getting rid of my cravings. :)) I totally love hershey’s dark chocolate … even wee at night I often find myself indulging. Thank you for sharing.

  17. I eat dark chocolates sometimes, only if it’s not too bitter.:)

  18. I love dark chocolates. I prefer this over the others since it has health benefits.

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