Build-Up Your Confidence with U by Kotex

I know having a monthly period is perfectly normal for every women but whenever I complain to my boyfriend, he would just tell me, “Shouldn’t you be used to it by now? I mean, you’ve been having period since.. your preteens.” I know, I know. I am not sure if it goes with everyone else but despite me having a period since way back, I just wouldn’t get used to it. It will always be uncomfortable to me. It’s alarming whenever I am outside, especially when there is an event that I have to attend, when I had to go out and have fun with friends and when I have to go on a date!


For the most part, I don’t even want to leave the house whenever I have a period. It’s just that uncomfortable to me. I’d rather stay home. Ofcourse, there are just times when going out is still unavoidable, I’d just have to go out but truth be told, I’d still be so nervous, squishy and not like my usual self whenever that happens.

If I could say so myself, one of the major concerns when women have their period is not being able to be confident enough with their own skin, mostly because of their period. Another concern is that we all tend to be bothered by the possible stains our periods may do to our undies – for worst, may do to our clothes, especially when seen by other people which actually can be humiliating.


Thus, this makes me so glad to come across to the perfect pad that I would recommend to everyone to at least give a try – U by Kotex! This feminine hygiene pad is probably the most advanced I have come across. U by Kotex’s pads features a 3D caption core that has technology which helps locks away wetness to help stop those leaks. It is designed to move with your body with its uniquely shaped wings to help prevent bunching so you can rest easy with all day till night time protection.


One of the things I truly love and appreciate with U by Kotex is the fact that it not only helps me gain my confidence especially during my monthly period but it helps me protecting my undies from stains, too. We have a lot to worry about on a daily basis, thus, less worrying about our monthly periods definitely helps a lot! Check out this demo video from U by Kotex on how you can benefit from their 3D Caption Core technology pads.

Confidence is so sexy and its the best makeup every women could have. Personally, I believe that nothing ever beats a confident woman who is never swayed by her monthly period. Sometimes, confidence is not just about how we present ourselves physically, it’s not always about our attitude – it always starts within and sometimes, it starts with our undies, too!

So if you are a person like me, who gets bothered by my monthly period.. then you should give U by Kotex a try! Trust me, it’s worth it – you’ll definitely be confident even when you have a heavy period! What are you waiting for? They are also giving away a free sample so you can try it yourself! Get a free sample of U by Kotex pads! They have various of feminine hygiene products from pads, all night pads to tampons, too!

This blog post was sponsored by U by Kotex and #SaveTheUndies Campaign. All opinions are mine. Thank You!

September 18th, 2014
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59 Comments to Build-Up Your Confidence with U by Kotex

  1. Good information for women.. i will pass it on.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I use these every month. I like that they are priced right and really work.

  3. That video is so cute for talking about a pad! haha. The things we go through.

  4. Interesting! I haven’t seen these (probably because I’m a tampon user) but it looks like a great product!

  5. Kotex is a brand that I have always used!

  6. Great to build up our confidence. I will share with a friend who was wondering about Kotex!

  7. Pam

    My daughter uses the U by Kotex brand. She seems to like them.

  8. I’m a kotex girl for sure. I like the price and that they have what I want.

  9. I appreciate that their product line covers every need imaginable. I also appreciate that they’re trying to help save the undies!

  10. Thank you for sharing. Looks really helpful and useful.

  11. I love these. I hate when that time of month comes around but have found these are the best protection on the market.

  12. Women should be aware always that it’s normal and know how to handle herself when there’s a period. I suggests, don’t lose your hope, instead feel the confidence with the help of your inner strength, but not on your feminine hygiene pad.

  13. I have tried other Kotex products and like them. I will have to scope these out on my next trip to Target.

  14. All of this is important information for women to read! Loved this post.

  15. I think these are great. There one of my favorite brands.

  16. Confidence is the key to success, with it you can do anything.

  17. maria

    confidence is key! This is something I try to instill in my teenage daughter as well.

  18. Ladies could really move more freely with Kotex. They would really feel more comfortable and confidence with Kotex.

  19. I actually already use U by Kotex and have since they hit the shelves. They are my favorite, so much better than their competitors.

  20. It’s so good that there are such great brands to help out at that time of the month. x

  21. I was talking to my brother earlier and he was reminding me of times I had to be rushed to the ER with cramps. I don’t think men will ever understand the menstrual cycle (unless they are OBgyn’s) but they can get the pads for us… and then we are even. :)

  22. I use liners a lot. I like the campaign.

  23. It’s nice to have a thin and soft pad on the undies and prevent it from stains. I am very bothered by monthly periods. I’ll try Kotex next time. We still have a large supply of Whisper. :P

  24. I love Kotex. It is the brand that I use!

  25. michele d

    For the price you can’t go wrong with this brand.

  26. Passing it on to the wife!

  27. This is great. My girlfriend has had undies issues in the past, and she did NOT appreciate it one bit.

  28. I love you, U! I’ve never had much of a problem with my undies staying out of harm’s way, but when I have, it was unpleasant to say the least. This is great!

  29. That’s indeed a great post from you.Thanks for sharing.

  30. I love the patterns on the pad. I almost wouldn’t want to destroy it :-)

  31. I used only buy Kotex. They have less harmful chemicals and fiberglass in their pads then the other brands out there.

  32. This is just perfect for ladies who are always on the go and does not want to be limited on their monthly cycle.

  33. I don’t usually buy Kotex because parang it’s expensive. I’m willing to try this one out, though.

  34. This is great information for my boyfriend’s daughter. I recently had a hysterectomy. Benefit of that? I never have to worry about this again! I wish they had stuff like this when I was a teenager.

  35. I love U! And especially for younger girls who are starting out… it can help them feel more confident, for sure!

  36. It’s good to know they have different products for every need. They don’t sell Kotex here in Spain, at least I haven’t seen it before.

  37. This is one great product! Might want to try this one as soon as it is available in the market here.. :)

  38. I have very heavy periods. I know how you feel i just want to stay home when i have my period so i can be close to the bathroom. Kotex U will be on my shopping list for sure.

  39. Great information. I will share with some of my friends. Great info for women.

  40. Chrissy

    Kotex is a great brand, only one I use :)

  41. I’m like you. I’m very uncomfortable during my period. I don’t think this will ever change. I shall check this product out when or if it ever comes to Trinidad.

  42. You know, I’ve never used Kotex, but I’d really like to give them a try.

  43. I think it’s a good brand. Goodness knows it’s been around long enough, my mom used the same brand (different variety of course) many, many, many years ago (hahahaha) when I was a kid.

  44. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    I loved Kotex when I used to use them and my daughter loves them now too.

  45. I usually stock up on this brand when they are on sale! They get the job done when it comes to protecting my undies lol

  46. I love Kotex! A Bit pricey but comfort that you get makes it always worth it.

  47. This is a new deal for women! Glad to watch the video.

  48. The video is too cute considering what it is discussing. Men will just never understand. Kotex is a brand that has been around for years, so many woman use it.

  49. Their campaign is so funny. I like their save the undies hashtag!

  50. Rebecca Swenor

    I love Kotex and only use them mow. The work great. thanks for sharing.

  51. Kotex works. And I like the video

  52. The approach of the campaign is really catchy make it more fun to watch!

  53. I loved Sofy, but their quality has gone down recently. Would love to try U by Kotex… Thanks for sharing

  54. Confidence is definitely useful during “that time of the month.”

  55. Confidence should be present in every girl. Especially on that day in a month.

  56. I tried Kotex and thought it was alright.

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