5 Simple Tricks to Make You Feel Slimmer, Tomorrow!


There’s a difference between being slim and feeling slim and if you follow these five simple tips, you can get to experience both!

Don’t Eat After 6pm


Eating late in the day contributes to feeling bloated in the morning and making your waistband feel unnecessarily snug. Even worse, it can add real bulk to your figure because unless you’re very active in the evening, you won’t be burning off the calories you consume.

Eating before 6pm gives your body time to thoroughly digest what you’ve eaten and beat the bloat by morning. If your lifestyle means that you have to eat late, try to avoid these Top 10 Foods that can cause bloating.



A workout out in the evening might feel like it’s just too much after a busy day, but before you hit the couch and wind down, do something to get your heart rate up.

It doesn’t have to be much, just 15 minutes each evening will work wonders for shifting weight and you’ll sleep better and wake up feeling more energised too.

Make it something fun. Dance like an absolute fool or walk like one: go around the block as quickly as you can without breaking into a jog.

Whatever you do, work hard at it and your body will burn calories long after you stop. This is known as the ‘Afterburn Effect’; the more exercise you do, the more calories your body eats up afterwards so if you workout in the evening, you’ll actually be burning calories in your sleep!

Treat Yourself


Not with cake, with TLC.

You’ve eaten a healthy meal early in the evening. You’ve done your exercise. Now take a little time to pamper yourself. This can be as simple as manicuring your nails while you watch your favourite soap. Do one thing every night; exfoliate and moisturise your skin, deep condition your hair or give yourself a mini facial.

Keeping yourself busy like this, will distract you from thinking about snacks and will also boost your self-esteem in the morning.

Go to Bed!


Well if you’re going to wake-up feeling slimmer, you have to go to sleep first and the more of it you get, the better you’ll feel.

When you’re tired, your body craves energy and it’s easy to overload on carbs. Getting plenty of sleep gives your body time to rest and repair itself, plus, every minute that you’re asleep is a minute you won’t spend gazing longingly into the fridge.

Dress Yourself Slim


When you wake up tomorrow you should feel less bloated, but perhaps more importantly, feel positive and proud of yourself. You could have spent last night slumped on the couch with a bowl of chips, but instead, you danced like a diva and slept like a baby.

Hang on to that feeling by dressing yourself with care. In the morning rush, especially when there are children to organise, there’s often a lack of time to focus on how you look. Make some.

If you have clothes that flatter your shape and make you feel good, wear them. Don’t stash them away for a special occasion; they might be too big for you by the time one comes along!

When you head out the door on your way to work or to drop the kids at school, you should have a real spring in your step. That step is the first one on your route to a slimmer, happier you.

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March 31st, 2014
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52 Comments to 5 Simple Tricks to Make You Feel Slimmer, Tomorrow!

  1. Not eating after 6 PM is not only good for making you look slimmer, but it also helps your digestion. Your body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest foods while you TRY to sleep.

  2. Haha, a cheat day with food is ok once in a while, too. I always take one day a week to have a cheat day and go “off diet”. It helps keep me on track for the rest of the week.

  3. Great ideas here! I could totally rock that shirt dress! The right shoes make everything look great.

  4. Gladiator flats need to be banned, lol. My brother wears them and I tease him every time I see him.

  5. I do always feel better when I don’t snack at night. I usually have more energy and am less lethargic.

  6. Aisha, why must you torment me? :( jk jk But I’m so bad at following some of these.. especially the no-food after 6 pm. I get hungry!!

  7. I try to not eat after 6pm but not always successful so if i do eat I made it fruit or yogurt. I definitely love the green dress over the beige one.

  8. I’ve never been a fan of the gladiator style either. But also, I’ve never quite gotten nude shoe.

  9. It’s amazing the difference the right sort of clothes can make. I have to allow myself a little something naughty once in while :) x

  10. Not eating after 6 pm seriously works! Whenever I hit a flat plain and I just can’t get the scale to budge; I do that and it seriously starts to move again!

  11. These are all great tips. I am starting my fitness journey tomorrow!

  12. Exercise is so important. I can always tell when I have gotten off track with exercise, it makes me feel worse almost immediately.

  13. Kristen @ kristenione

    These are awesome tips. I love reading about health and wellness so this is definitely a favorite post. I need to work on not eating after 6!

  14. I’m already slim, but I do agree with most of these tips! I need to exercise more often :P

  15. These are great tips. Even on the nights when I do not feel like going out for a run and the couch is calling my name – really loudly in fact – I still go out and run. I feel so much better when I get back and the show I wanted to watch is waiting on the DVR for me when I get home.

  16. I guess I am guilty of eating after 6. I usually don’t eat until eight-ish.

  17. Thanks for sharing the tips. Yes, 15 minutes in the evening is a great idea! Anything is doable for 15 minutes! (But not eat after 6? Eeks!)

  18. I believe the after 6 diet works because it gives the body ample time to digest plus add sleep and it would help.

  19. great tips!! eating in between meals will help too to avoid bloated tummy!

  20. I am bad about eating late. lol If I follow all of those rules, will I have the same body as the model? lol

  21. Great tips! I love this post!

  22. This are really great tips.These days ever girls like to look slimmer,your tips will definitely help them I believe.

  23. I love that ‘treating yourself’ doesn’t mean with food in this post. It’s hard to veer away from certain indulgences when you’re shaping up, and ‘treating’ yourself w/a favorite not-so-good for you food can be ugly!

  24. What a great post! I always put on something loose-fitting when I want to feel slimmer (because it’s more comfortable). It looks like the tighter-fitting dress is actually more slimming in this case.

  25. Going to bed early is my biggest problem, I am a nocturnal Mom.

  26. Great tips! I try to eat a bunch of small times throughout the day. I notice when I wait too long I bloat.

  27. These are fantastic tips! I’ve just started a new exercise routine – hoping it pays off!

  28. I’ve just revised my diet and started a new workout plan. These tips are helpful!

  29. I love the tip about going to bed. I feel like I never get enough sleep and I know it is a big part of feeling well overall.

  30. True. I exercise sometimes for about 15 minutes but with great intensity. I do this before sleeping and it pays off.

  31. I like nude heels and think that they make legs look so long. I am a short person, so every little bit helps.

  32. I can’t do after 6 but I think the 4 minute workout of Coach Jim is good and does a great job as well.

  33. such great tips! I’ve finally gotten back to exercising this week (and am seriously feeling it).

  34. Nice tips for slimming or dieting to enhance body image. Most women can do these tips this summer.

  35. I agree with going to bed early. I have noticed that I lose weight when my sleeping pattern is correct. However, that’s not the case with me lately. I’ve been staying up late thus I eat food more in the evening before I go to sleep.

  36. I really find sleep helpful in slimming as it’s the body’s way to balance the system.

  37. Knowing what kind of dress/ shirt suits you will make you look slimmer :)

  38. It’s true, don’t eat after 6 pm to equalize your body system before sleeping.

  39. Exercise is a nice way to slim down as it can also makes you well toned.

  40. Thanks for all the tips. I need these. Although I’m really afraid slimming down is going to be a challenge. Good luck to me!

  41. I just wish that there is a simple way to removed tummy fat!

  42. Not eating after 6 [pm is very hard especially during summer time here.

  43. OMG!!! Sucha great helpful post and I completely agree with the tips. Great share xx

  44. Great tips! Although I don’t think I couldn’t follow on the first one, especially since Filipinos usually have dinner at 7.

  45. Treating yourself from time to time also helps as it makes you happy in your route to weight loss.

  46. Nice tips for image enhancement and easy fitness development.

  47. katherine

    Eating after 6pm is always bad. Thanks for the tips!

  48. There are nice great tips here that people can start using right away.

  49. I feel slimmer when I wear tight fitted jeans.

  50. I’ve venn struggling to keep my weight, especially my tummy ,thanks for this great tips

  51. awesome tips. i get bloated sometimes, now, i know why. :) it’s the midnight snacks!

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