The Bald Truth about Hair Loss (plus, tips and tricks for a healthier hair!)


There are so many factors that most people tend to disregard and overlook. In terms of beauty and wellness, some of those things are the following: feet, hands, eating habits and our hair. A lot of people might agree or disagree to this but this is what I have believed and observed from various of people – including myself.

A lot of people would spend so much time with their clothes, hygiene – as long as they look good, that would be enough. I actually don’t agree to this. As long as you hide it, it’s enough.

Not taking care of your feet – as long as you shower.
Not taking care of your hands as long as you wash it.
Not taking care of your hair as long as you comb it.
Not taking care of the food that you eat as long as you keep yourself in the gym – as long as no one sees it.

These things are mostly what most people think or do – at the very least, I had times when I was like this myself but I believe that we all should invest time and effort in taking care of ourselves properly as these things are what we can call a long-term commitment on our part which will pay off in the long run.

Let’s talk about Hair Loss…

Experiencing hair fall on a daily basis is something normal to most people. It is even normal to shed 50 to 100 strands each day as part of the hair growth cycle but do remember that beyond that number would not be consider normal anymore. Exceeding more than a hundred strands per day would be called excessive hair loss and it can be from numerous things such as hereditary disorders, illness, major surgery, hormonal problems, child birth and delivery, medication and infections, too.

How do I stop and prevent hair loss from happening?

What we need to work on, is its prevention. Remember that in terms of hair loss, keeping the hair and scalp clean is very important in preventing hair fall. Some hair loss has something to do with medication you take in – some could be due to infection or any fungal scalp condition. What you can do is either checked in with your doctor or you may use shampoo or scalp lotion that provides nourishment to your scalp – stopping hair fall and stimulate hair growth.


Novuhair has formulated a 3-in-1 hair care products that aids in hair loss. It comes with a Herbal Shampoo, Herbal Conditioner and Topical Scalp Lotion. Their shampoo and conditioner have been developed especially to prepare the scalp in an optimal way for the application of Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion which will enhance its effect. The Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion consist of a unique combination of herbal extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients which help strengthen and reactivates hair follicles, to reduce hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. It was specifically chosen for their hair growing properties which promises hair growth and a healthy scalp to its user as early as 3 weeks to 2 months of usage.

Knowing all of these things – it all goes down to one thing. What we really need is to practice having a healthy lifestyle and practice taking care of our hair and scalp on a daily basis.


Healthy Hair and Scalp Tips

1. A healthy lifestyle will always promise you healthier hair. Do take note that excessive stress, smoking, insufficient sleep and lack of regular exercise and imbalanced nutrition is unhealthy for your hair, especially for your mind, body and health.

2. Avoid the use of plastic bristle brushes. A combination of natural boar bristles or flat brush are best for dry hair, while soft, rubber-toothed wide-paneled brushes are best for damp hair. I personally suggest try investing with a wooden comb. It will help your hair and scalp from drying, naturally – it also keeps your hair healthy and gives a lustrous look to your hair. I’m actually been using a wooden comb – it helps especially since my hair is chemically treated from various hair treatments.

3. Brush before shampooing – all the time! A few gentle strokes on dry hair will remove hair tangles and scalp flakes. It will also stimulate the scalp, promotes blood circulation (which delivers nutrients like oxygen) to the hair follicles.

4. Be gentle in washing your hair. Use your finger pads to massage your hair. Remember, the hair is most vulnerable when wet.

5. I know it may be easy to purchase shampoo and conditioner – especially when it’s by advertised on the television – with various use of media and celebrity but please, do try to know the ingredients of your shampoo before using it. Chemical based shampoo contains harmful chemicals that may damage the texture of your hair.

6. Prevent having dry scalp but minimizing or if possible, refraining in washing your hair with hot water. This can strip the essential oils and causes dryness of your scalp. So, to avoid dryness and to retain essential oils on your scalp, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Try to avoid excessive blow drying in the process, too!

7. Avoid applying hair care products directly on the scalp.

8. Do not use tight caps and hats as such may lead to poor blood circulation on the scalp.

9. Do not exchange hats or caps with others, too!

I hope everyone has learn something today regarding taking care of our hair and scalp! If after following all these tips and still, you experience excessive hair fall – please consult your doctor. After all, doctors knows best when it comes to problems like these.

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  1. Excellent tips. I lose lots of hair, but I never seem to have less on my head. Weird, huh?

  2. I sometimes suffer from a lot of hair fall, but so far I keep it under control with a certain shampoo. Thankfully I have very thick hair so even if I lose a lot of hair everyday from just one brushing session, it doesn’t make a difference at all. Haha. Sometimes my hair fall is caused by stress because it used to be really bad during my final high school exams.

  3. I usually shed a lot of hair when I’m preggo. Odd right; most people grow a lot more. Don’t know why. But thankfully it hasn’t started to show yet. But I’m working on improving my hair’s health and shine and thickness. These are fantastic tips.

  4. Great tips, a healthy lifestyle is definitely the most important, what you eat, drink it definitely shows in your skin and hair.
    big hugs <3

  5. I shed alot but i must grow it back fast. I would like it even thicker so that should help!

  6. As I age hair loss has become more of a problem for me-I am allergic to many herbal scents so am kind of afraid to give this a try-if they could send a sample I would know. Otherwise the information given here is very important and correct!

  7. This was a really informative post! As weird as this is, my hairdresser also told me that the warmer your body temperature is, the faster your hair will grow. I thought that was so random but interesting!

  8. My hair hasn’t been the same since I had the kids. I keep hoping it will get back to it’s normal thickness, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ll make note of your tips!

  9. I don’t seem to have any hair loss. My stylist usually tells me it is too thick. My husband on the other hand….

  10. They make shampoo for everything these days! I like that it’s herbal

  11. I know a couple of ladies that could use this, I wills ahre it with them as they are really bothered by their hair loss.

  12. Great tips, I lose a lot of hair and it scares me – I imagine myself bald. I will follow your tips!

  13. These are some excellent tips! I don’t always take care of my hair =( which is why it doesnt grow as fast as my sister that does take care of hers…

  14. These look like great products. As I get older, I seem to loose more hair. It is very concerning.

  15. These are some great tips. I have very long hair and I notice that it causes me to lose a lot of hair when I am washing it and brushing it out.

  16. I don’t have any issues with hair loss and I am headed towards my 60s soon. Some of it is genetics but these are great tips and this looks like a great product for those who are not so fortunate.

  17. I feel like my hair has thinned a bit as I have aged. I need to try some of your great tips.

  18. I am constantly losing hair. I’m pretty sure I fall in that upper range of daily hair drop-off. Of course I have a habit of running my hands through my hair so I probably notice more of them. Good tip on not using hot water to shampoo (even though it feels good in the winter!)

  19. katherine

    I started losing hair when I straightened everyday so I stopped years ago

  20. Maria

    I love the tips on which healthy foods are good for our hair!! Great info!!

  21. Ileana

    Oops! I really do not eat any of the things that are good for the hair!!!
    Should add some to my everyday food ^^


  22. These are great tips. I have hormonal imbalance, so I suffer from hair loss a great deal. I try not to use a lot of hair care products. Other than the shampoo I like to use natural and organic products.

  23. Thanks for a great post.. I was just diagnosed with an illness and that caused me to lose almost all my hair.. luckily the hair loss has stopped and now I’m waiting for it to grow back; will have to check out these hair products and maybe they will work wonders for me, too … thanks for sharing

  24. Awesome tips!! I definitely need to start taking better care of my hair and scalp–especially during the colder and drier winter months!

  25. Great tips! Hair loss due to hair fall is a big issue for most women. I hope this product is available in my country.

  26. I don’t have a hair loss issue, yet. My problem is all the grey on the top of my head.

  27. Hair loss is something not talked about alot. Glad to see you posting about this topic with helpful tips

  28. Aww I missed this event because it’s in QC hehehe. But anyway, for me, a tip to prevent hair loss is to relax stop styling your hair and just let it flow naturally :)

  29. Great post! Thanks for sharing this useful information. GIGLOVE

  30. I’ve been stressed because of hair loss this past few weeks.
    And this really helps me a lot.
    I’ll follow the tips you say.
    Thanks for this.


  31. this is my all-time problem. i get a loooooot of hair loss.
    i will try your tips. thanks a lot, aisha.

  32. Great tips!! I guess the most discussed cause for hair loss is Stress. Atleast for me !!


  33. Being an Indian, I have my own traditional way of taking care of my hair. My Grandmother is 83 yrs old now and still have her hair thick nicely curly and 70% black. Same goes with my mom and other relatives. But stress and modern day lifestyle also plays a big part in hair loss. Thanks for your post though. It was quite interesting to read :)

  34. this is a very useful guide we should all read and think about.
    Have a fabulous Sunday.

  35. I experienced massive hair loss in the last year, and I managed to reduce my hairfall by switching my diet, and taking extra supplements =)

  36. priya

    Yes these are the truth information about hair loss but you have to give some treatment as well like bio hair treatment thanks for share with us

  37. Thanks for the tips. I haven’t tried using wooden comb, I guess I need to by one. ^_^ giglove

  38. this is such a great guide! the healthy lifestyle is something i need to improve on.

  39. wow thanks for the tips! I was just about to search for hair loss problem :D

  40. This is such an interesting, informative post. Not a topic I know much about so I’m thrilled to learn these tips & recommendations!! #GIGLove

  41. OMG I have a hugeeeee issue with my hair shedding… I eat well, I use all the products I should, but still, falls out like crazy. GIG

  42. I have never heard about the Novuhair. Their products look promising.

  43. Fantastic selection of tips.
    My Mum always reminds me to avoid plastic bristle brushes, she even bought me a nice wooden brush :-)

  44. Wow, really great tips! I never knew that all that can play a factor into hair loss. I will def be on aware of these tips so that I can help to prevent it from happening. gig

  45. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing them. I agree with them all, especially the idea of eating a healthy diet. It’s so good for your body, hair, skin…everything! GIG

  46. great tiups, i will have to share! thankfully so far i don not suffer from this..but im sure one day i might :P giglove

  47. ooo nice tips…whenever my scalp is oily i loose lots of hair!gig

  48. thanks for the tips.. my sister already tried novuhair and sadly it doesnt work for her.. the only thing i dont like in the product is probably the scent..

  49. I learnt a very expensive lesson,never bleach your hair.. i suffer hair loss for the past 3 yrs after bleaching.. now i cut all my damages hair away as it cannot be rescued anymore!

  50. This is really a helpful tips,loosing hair is a scary one.thanks for this.

  51. I have to invest on this type of product because the top of my head is getting so thin that you can almost see my scalp, ugh. Thanks for the tips.

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