The right time to use an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

One of the best way for you to protect your skin from wrinkles and sunspots is by wearing a sunscreen (Re-applying of sunscreen for every 2 to 3 hours is a must to keep your skin well protected, too.) and not to forget to use a daily moisturizer with an SPF of 30 before going out and exposing your skin to the sun or any types of indoor radiation.

As recommended by most dermatologist, you should be start using an anti-wrinkle cream at the your early age of 20’s as most of fine lines, sun damage and visible signs of aging starts to appear mostly 25.

Before buying yourself any anti-aging cream do take note of certain type of ingredients that any anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cream should consist of. Well, it’s a given fact that it should have an SPF of 15 or more as sunlight exposure is one of the major causes of premature aging.

Here are 6 Common Ingredients an Anti-Wrinkle Cream should have:

Retinol – A Vitamin A compound and is the first antioxidant widely used in nonprescription wrinkle creams.

Hydroxy acids – This ingredient helps removes the upper layer of old, dead skin and stimulate the growth of smooth, evenly pigmented new skin.

Coenzyme Q10 – It is a nutrient that helps us in regulating energy production in our cells.

Copper peptides – When applied to the skin, it enhances would healing. It also stimulates the production of collagen and may enhance the way antioxidants take action.

Kinetin – It improves wrinkles and uneven pigmentation giving our skin minimal irritation.

Tea extracts – Commonly found in any Anti-Wrinkle creams

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  1. ow, dpt n pla tlga mg lgay n ng gnyan mama ko, ehe tgl n niang gsto mg lgay pro wla xa mhnap n mgndang cream eh.
    thnx fr d tips! :)

  2. Oh wow I didn't know wrinkles started that early!!! When I turn 20 I will start using anti-wrinkle cream lol….I have a year and a few months til then though.

  3. nako kelangan ko na pala mag ganyan! Feeling ko kasi pang super old people lang XD

    • @Mizuki, btw ano gamit mong shade dun sa super sunblock? =D

      • Haha Light shade lang for you, but.. wala naman yan eh :P Before, I actually use the darkest one for the morenas hahaha :) Pero, it will blend to your skin whatever ang gamitin mo.. so it's all the same thing :P

  4. yeah..we should use sunscreen. Especially the sun these days are very intense. :)) I feel like I'm getting freckles. :P

  5. K! Hahah :)

    Can a non-adult use anti-aging cream as well? Even for me? HAHA

    • Haha! I started using Night Repair Cream as young as 18. :P So, I guess pwede.. I don't look my age.. according to many of the people I meet, haha! :)

  6. my mom needs na to use anti wrinkle cream haha she's getting oldre na she need to look fresher LOL

  7. Aww, i would mention this sa mommy q thou may mga products din xang sinesell at msmo nyang gnagamit. Anyway, I saw your kutis sa youtube sis. Kainggit! Hahaha! ^.^

  8. Hi sis! I'm not used to this kind of products but… I think I should. Because of STRESS (due to heavy-studying routines everyday), my skin looks old! haha! I BADLY need this. hihihi :)

    btw, I'm back in blogging! please visit! thanks! mwah!

  9. I already have wrinkles and I'm just 19. I'm dead.. T_T It's probably because of me getting angry all the time back then. Sighs… thanks for sharing!!

  10. talaga? 20's I'm turning 20 na this June, pero sana talaga hindi muna mag start. thanks for the tips!!

  11. waa. meron akong ganyan. rofl! It irritates me so much! :(

  12. Wrinkles? I don't have yet wrinkles. But my boy classmates talks about it, and that's weird. Btw, thanks for sharing.

  13. and again K, thanks for sharing these.. now i look at my eyes if im starting to have one.. haha OMG< we should hangout again soon.. lets go to any salon or spa..

  14. siiiiiiiiiiis!!! :D miss you! :D

    woah.. buti nalang wala pa akong wrinkles sis.. O.o naku… pero im pretty sure na dadating at dadating din ako sa point na yan na magkaka wrinkles na din ako. waaaaaaaaaaa.. O.o

  15. Anti wrinkle as early as 20 years old? I'm 24 but my mom keeps telling me I'm too young to use those products and stick to moisturizer with sunscreen

  16. so far… la pa me wrinkles :D
    pero i need to know this, nang maiwasan ^__^

  17. Bookmark this, I actually sun exposure and your age is the real reasons talaga for wrinkles. I'm afraid to have it.. meron AGE MIRACLE Ang ponds, di ko lang alam kung effective..

  18. tss… Sabi ko na nga ba I need to use Olay na. LOL XD Anyway, do you have other moisturizer in mind that's effective pero not that pricey like Olay?

    • Haha! I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Pure Emu Oil as my moisturizer to keep things safe :D

  19. sis kahit ba as young as 18 pwede na magkawrinkles?
    worried kasi ako, sabi ng classmate ko may wrinkles na sya sa gilid ng mata. pag tingin ko saken, meron. wrinkles na ba yun?

    • Yes. It's called Eye Crow. :)

      Actually, when you make your eyes bigger.. by stretching it upward. When you see lines on your forehead. It's an early sign already.. Normally, if wrinkles doesn't show pa.. there should be no fine lines visible.

  20. I started using one during my late teens. I hope I didn't use it too early.

  21. TRUE! I noticed my face looking really stressed and also the lines started to appear. But when I started to use moisturizer, I looked 5 years younger again. =D

  22. Wish ko maaford yan pag 20's na ko . Mom told me na maaga tatanda muka ko kase babd ako sa makeup's . wheew :|

  23. ang aga naman! hahaha, in 2 months twenteen na ako eh =P
    i've tried Kate Jones Super Sun Block, kaso nagpuputik sa mukha ko kasi pawisin ako. Have you tried Olay sis?

    • Whoa? Putik? Haha! Can you explain that more?
      You have to put a powder on it after kasi lol.

      No sis, only their cleanser :)
      Only my mom uses the Olay creams here haha! :)

  24. This will be helpful in the future!

  25. shoot! as early as 25??? im already twenty… tsk! lagi kong iniisip na bumili na ng mga may spf na beauty products kahit sa face powder man lang… kaso… ewan ko ba… hindi natutuloy lagi. hehe

  26. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.
    Thank you for supplying this information.

  27. I guess there are so many ways of choosing for the right anti-wrinkle cream, but the best would go naturally so it won’t harm your sensitive skin more due to the chemicals being used.

  28. This helps in reducing wrinkles in the face.

  29. I always skin applying sunscreen. Thanks for the reminder.

  30. I have wrinkles all around my face its bothersome actually. Thanks for the tips.

  31. I have tried Kate Jones glycolic peels years before. I did a diy on my legs because I had an atopic dermatitis flare up and I ended up with spots

  32. Applying before going to bed, can be of great help to eliminate wrinkles. Also, proper care of body coincide with facial care.

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