The Perfect Jeans for your Body Type

In the world of fashion, jeans is the one type of clothing that will never be out of style.

You wear it, I wear it – even celebrities wears jeans! The only difference is makes is when one person really knows what jeans fits rightly for him or her. It doesn’t necessarily say that if you can wear it, it’s all good and okay. Wearing jeans perfectly is all about balance and proportion and this means that you should know what jeans to wear in your own body type.

Fact: Did you know that wearing the right jeans for your body type can actually hide and camouflage your minor figure problems? (For example: wide hips, flat butt and etc.)

Here’s an illustration of the following body shapes/types:

1. Diamond – If you have this body type, your main concern is your wide hips and thighs. What you should do is elongate and detract the attention from your waist area and put emphasis to your small bust and narrow shoulders.

What to do:
– A boot cut relaxed fit type of jeans is good for your body type.
– Wear jeans with larger pockets to make your butt look smaller.
– Use darker colors (ex. darker denim, dark shoes, dark top – makes you look slimmer).
– If you have a short waist, use a slightly low rise cut type of jeans to make your torso look longer
– Wearing same colors of outfit to your shoes will give an illusion of longer legs.

What you should not do:
– Avoid wearing capris or you will just give more emphasis to your body flaws figure a lot more.
– Avoid tapered or ultra-tapered legs to not bring attention to your legs
– Don’t wear jeans that has embellishments in the pocket area; they will attract attention to your butt.
– In any type of outfit, find a clothing that contours your body.

2. Triangle ,Pear, Bell & Spoon – Women who has these type of body has great hip measurement or you can say that they have well rounded hips than their bust, plus they have a defined waist and narrow shoulders. With that, you have to enhance your upper body part and detract the attention to your hips/lower body.

What to do:
– Wearing low rise jeans makes your rear end shorter and torso, longer.
– Wearing a boot cut and flare legs suits this body type better.
– This body type can wear almost all types of jeans, just make sure you wear it fit to your tummy size as well.

What you should not do:
– Avoid wearing tight jeans.
– No capris, please.
– Avoid wearing jeans with embellishment on the pocket area.
– Avoid jeans that has horizontal detailing on the hips area of the jeans, as well as bundled fabrics in the waist.

3. Hourglass – This type of body is like the perfect body – it has the balance of everything from curves, angles all in proper proportion. All you have to do is draw attention to your waist to look even better – yes, no questions ask – that’s the only slimmer part on your body anyway.

What to do:
– Jeans with a stretchy denims will hug your curves.
– Almost anything goes with this ideal figure just make sure you get the right size for you.

What you should not do:
– Avoid wearing tight jeans or baggy jeans – no oversize jeans please!
– Don’t hide your figure and conceal them – flaunt them! You have the ideal figure to wear these outfits anyway, lucky you!

4. Inverted Triangle – These type of women has broad shoulders, medium-full bust, normal waistline, narrow hips and a shapely longed legs. This is my body type and I used to have lots of trouble with it before, too. In this case, what you should do is divert attention from your shoulders and bust and bring more emphasis and attention focusing your narrow hips.

What to do:
– Wearing boot-cut and flared legs type of female’s jeans for a long and leaner look.
– Look for jeans that has patches and designs at the pocket area to give emphasis to your rear.
– Wearing low rise jeans with a contoured waistline will benefit these body type more.
– Jeans that has lighter washes/faded coloring along the legs and knees will add shape to your thighs.

What you should not do:
– Don’t use tapered jeans, especially those which are tight in the knee area.
– Avoid the following types of jeans: straight legged, jeans w/ big rear pockets or pocketless and jeans with small waistbands.
– Wearing darker denims will make your hips appear smaller.

5. Apple or Full Rounded – This type of body obviously has larger upper body than their bottom. They are quite similar to the Inverted Triangle but there are parts of their body that are a lot more rounder which makes all the difference. If you have this body type, you should take the attention away from the hips, thighs and bottom area.

What to do:
– Go for boot-cut jeans with darker colors.
– Find a jeans that is fit to your waist and makes your hips and thighs relaxed.
– Jeans that has a diagonal pockets in front can help giving you a slimmer illusion.
– Jeans with loose spaced pockets is your best bet.
– For a more slimmer illusion, use one color tone for your whole outfit; or monochromatic dressing.

What you should not do:
– Don’t use tapered jeans, especially those which are tight in the knee area.
– Don’t wear belts tightly.
– Wearing high-waist jeans will make your butt huge.
– No wearing of faded jeans – no matter what happens!
– Avoid wearing jeans that has pleats as they widen your hips and thighs.

11 Comments to The Perfect Jeans for your Body Type

  1. So helpful!!!! feeling ko pear shaped ako and now I know what are my do's and don'ts! thank you sis!

  2. wow i never knew this. thanks. di ko alam kung ano ako haha hourglass ata? lol. kasi maliit boobs ko eh. tapos waistlint ko maliit. hips mejo malaki. i dont know kung triangle ba o hourglass hehe. but i like tight jeans so i think sa hourglass ako.

  3. I think Hourglass ako but Im not sure.

  4. Maliit boobs, maliit waist, medyo malaki ang hips, sligh lng. Haha. If hourglass parang ang mali naman, pang sexy yun eh, eh d naman ako sexy. Haha! Ako feeling ko parang pear-shaped yung body frame ko. Haha! Tama ba? Kahit may illustration na, d ko pa din alam. Hahaha! :))))

  5. I agree. I love jeans and you can never go wrong in buying jeans.

  6. You’d look better if the jeans fits perfectly and comfortably.

  7. I usually buy whatever fits me and makes me feel comfy. Right now I don’t know what shape I am because of my pregnancy my body is all whacked ha ha. I will probably buy jeans when I lose my pregnancy fats and I will keep your tips in mind.

  8. I love the tips you have here, at least it gives me the information about what should i wear. thank you.

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