The Different Types of Fragrances

There has been too many scents available by the counter and sometimes, it’s just so confusing which is better. We mostly rely on our sense of smell but sometimes, just getting to know the different types of fragrance is very helpful. After all, though it is never a requirement, there are suggestive ways where to use certain fragrance and what kind of fragrance we use, actually says a lot about our mood, too!


1. Citrus Fragrance – Citrus Fragrance are known for their tangy essence that gives a lively and energetic feeling. Mostly being used for daytime activities like going to school or work as it helps you get more energized throughout the day. Wearing a citrus fragrance is also good for meeting up with your friends – anything that has to do with fun and laughter. It has a sharp and tangy aroma which is refreshing and uplifting at the same time. It blends well with people who doesn’t want to wear an overpowering fragrance to their body.


2. Floral Fragrance – Floral Fragrances are combined with various type of flowers that gives that feminine appeal to the user. It’s sweet and romantic. Perfect to bring out your sweet and darling side to your personality. It’s also one of the most popular fragrance most women tend to use to their day to day activities.


3. Fruity Fragrance – Fruity fragrances are one that is ideal type of perfumes to use for summer. It’s pleases the nose with a fruity fragrance of apples, peach, berries, mango and many other juicy fruits. Not my favorite as sometimes, I feel fruity ones are too strong for me – it depends to your kind of taste. So make sure you shop for your type of fragrance that suits your personality and makes you feel fresh and comfortable all day.


3. Woody Fragrance – These type of scents are based on bark, moss and conjuring winding forest paths. It is more of a unisex kind of fragrance and my top favorite, too. It has a strong and classic appeal which you can use when in a corporate office or any night time events. It’s has the feeling of sophisticated kind of style that catches the attention of both men and women.


4. Green Fragrance – Green fragrances is all about the natural smell of fresh leaves. These type of scents are being used by both men and women. Perfect for those events which you dress to impress. It’s also perfect for any kind of outdoor activities. I believed.. when I was in college it was something I have used almost everyday!


5. Oceanic Fragrance – Oceanic fragrances are those which are bound to natural aromas of the air, mountain and the ocean. It’s very natural, clean and fresh. Mostly being used by men because of the masculine kind of feel with a hint of spice and citrus to it. Most of what I give to my boyfriend are more into this category to and he loves it!


It was not until last year when I realized the importance of really knowing the different type of fragrance. It also helps not to get confused on which is which though, I believe at the end of the day.. what type of scent you like most is one which will truly matter. As for me, I like the scent of woody more than floral or fruity. It’s weird but I like that intense type of feeling as it defines my personality much more. How about you?

March 3rd, 2014
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44 Comments to The Different Types of Fragrances

  1. I always love a floral or fruity scent. I have used the Juicy Couture myself and loved it

  2. I usually have floral and fruity scents but would love to try oceanic fragrance. Parang ang cool and fresh lng ng dating kasi. At ayaw na ayaw ko naman ang citrus, parang ang sakit sa ilong. Hehe. :)

  3. Thanks for this! I honestly don’t know what are the types of fragrances til I read this. I like Floral, Fruity and Oceanic. :)

  4. I think when it comes to fragrances, I am more a fruity fragrance lover. I do change it up from time to time, though :)

  5. I prefer fruity or light floral scents as long as they aren’t too overwhelming. I think it really comes down to what works best with your body chemistry.

  6. I don’t like floral scents either, I am more into the fruity and woody scents. I wear a fragrance to suit my moods.

  7. Alma

    When I choose a fragrance I always pick the one with fruity scent.. just love the smell of it, so refreshing!

  8. I lean more toward the sweeter smells… Its crazy how much your mood can force you to wear certain scents!

  9. Citrus Fragrance are my favorite. My husband love the woodsy type on him but on me he like the green fragrances.

  10. I love the smell of baby powder so I wear Love’s baby soft so good.

  11. My signature fragrance is Amazing Grace by Philosophy- it makes me smell like I just stepped out of the shower- all day long. It’s so subtle but very very enticing. I also love Burberry Brit.

  12. I love a nice citrus scent for the daytime, especially something that has grapefruit notes. Thank you for the info. on the differences between fragrance types.

  13. This explains why I like citrus based fragrances. Flowery ones give me headaches. :(

  14. I love all these different types of fragrances. It’s good to have a variety for different occasions and moods. I’m feeling the Woody Fragrance today. However I probably need the Citrus to perk up a bit.

  15. I tend to go for the floral scents. When it comes to buying for my hubby, I tend to go for the citrus scents because it goes well with him!

  16. I don’t wear perfumes often, but when I do I prefer the citrusy scents.

  17. I think I’m more of a fruity fragrance kinda girl! But I don’t buy perfume, per se, I like the sprays like you can get at Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works. Easier for my allergies :)

  18. I often do well with citrus fragrances. I like the floral ones, and the fruity ones, but often they make me sick after I wear them too long. But I do well with citrus. it is really good to know more about them so I can pick out better fragrances.

  19. I usually get a fruity scent. I guess I tend to wear them depending on my mood.

  20. I have tried one of Kylie Minogues fragrances and loved it!

  21. I really need to get back wearing perfume. I love a good vanilla scent.

  22. I have always been partial to citrus scents. They are just so uplifting.

  23. Personally I am always a floral girl, though sometimes I do like a bit of a fruity twist :) x

  24. I really have been preferring the citrus scent lately although for years I was all about the floral scent. I wear perfume sparingly so it really lasts a long time with me.

  25. truth be told is that I haven’t paid any attention to perfume/cologne lately :< I just use whatever my mom gives lol (usually) and it lasts for about 2 years for me haha! K. I suppose I need to apply this in buying my own one soon <3 Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. I had no idea that there is so much to learn about fragrances.

  27. I am not big on fragrance, but I do love a sweet scent. I sometimes use a cotton candy scented hair fragrance called Pink Sugar that I love!

  28. I just love to have floral and fruity scents,I like it very much.

  29. I love Fruity Fragrances more.I have a big collection of different perfumes because i like a wide choice for whichever one i decide i like that day lol.

  30. You can switch between fragrances depending on the occasion.

  31. We also have different fragrances to choose from for any occasion.

  32. mel

    What great floral scents. I love so many different fragrances and this helps me narrow it down.

  33. I am more drawn to floral scents than citrus ones.

  34. I love citrus-y scent. It gives me that energized mood if I wear it on.

  35. I like floral fragrances. I cannot use any fragrance with strong smell as it gives me a headache.

  36. I don’t do fragrances much they always seem overpowering but I some of these sound wonderful

  37. I have go to fragrances for daily, summer, and winter – and none of them are alike!

  38. I’m an addict of perfume smell especially the fruity ones. Also, I liked the ocean and forest fragrances.

  39. Eliz Frank

    I’ve always loved experimenting with fragrances and have tried/used at least a hundred in my life time. I tend to go for limited editions and french fragrances but I’ve tried across the board too.

  40. I think that a Fruity Fragrance is probably more of my type!

  41. This is a good breakdown. I almost always wear citris or fruit scents but that’s because the majority of my life is lived during the day. I’m not a night person. I don’t like to go out, etc.

  42. I have always loved a woody scent because it really smells organic and natural. But for freshness, citrus is perfect! I never knew these sorts of classifications of fragrances. Now I know what to look for :)

  43. I think I’m an Oceanic fan. Either that or a floral fragrance. My sister loves more “musky” scents and I’m not crazy about the way those smell.

  44. I usually stick with a fruity smell but I do love trying new ones every once and a while!

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