Review: My Benefit Brow Bar #BeneBrows Experience

I have always wanted to try the Benefit Brow Bar whenever I see them but I never got the chance to do. Last week, I was urging to have a brow shaping thus, I decided that – Hey, why not try Benefit Brow Bar?

At first, I was truly hesitant because I don’t have any idea how I would look like after the session – or is it even any good but since I am quite an impatient and impulsive person, I gave a try anyway, lol.


First, let’s get started on what Benefit Cosmetics is all about:

Benefit Cosmetics is a global beauty brand that started in San Francisco in 1976. The shop is known for delivering quick fixes for every gal’s peskiest beauty dilemmas. The brand now has over 2,600 counters in more than 30 countries serving women around the world!

I went to Benefit Brow Bar Trinoma branch here in the Philippines and decided to give the brow bar a try. They do not thread your brows like other brow boutiques – but they wax it. I am not really good with waxing thus at first, I was hesitant and scared to try it out – but again, I’ve pushed it through.


First, they have prepared the materials that they would be needed in the session. They also outlined my brows on what will be waxed out and how the shape would look like.


They also already gave me a heads up that I should expect “redness” especially because I have whiter skin, as they say.


Yikes with those redness and it was a bit painful for me since I am not really fond of waxing – so it might be different for you but I believe it’s worth it. After waxing the brows, they also plucked the remaining stray hair on my brows. I also like the fact they even showed me how they will be doing the brow makeup for a more enhance brow look.


Do I love it? You bet I do! It’s totally worth it and they are now my next favorite when it comes to brow fixes!

I took some photos using my phone’s camera (the quality of the photos my look crappy but I still love how the brow looks on me)

with Filter - photo taken after the brow session

with Filter – photo taken after the brow session.

No Filter on Camera - taken after a week after the brow session.

No Filter on Camera – taken after a week after the brow session.

Do I recommend the Brow Bar at Benefit Cosmetics? Yes! I do recommend everyone to try this at least once – you won’t regret it, promise!

Now, with all that said and done. Here’s a quick photo of their services and prices that they offer:


The brow wax costs P500 (that’s $12) – it is indeed pricier than other brow salons but if you are being beautified by brow experts – I believe that’s already worth it! I have tried other brow salons that asks for cheaper prices and I had bad experience with it. Our brows are something that people see almost immediately – so you really shouldn’t take it lightly.

Feel free to check out Benefit Cosmetics to know more!
Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco:
Benefit Cosmetics Philippines:

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  1. I know I said it last week, but you are so pretty. Your eyebrows came out great. I usually just pluck my own, but I could definitley benefit from having someone shape them for me a little.

  2. As far as I know, it’s a waxing technique for eliminating excess hairs; brow, armpits, legs, etc. But this one, is good for eyebrows. Nice look afterwards!

  3. looks lovely hun!!!!
    and the price isn’t bad too :) yayyy!!!
    i’m always so scared to get mine done by others, for last time the girl messed it up :( lol so now i just do it myself lol

  4. Eyebrows really provide a good frame to the entire face. I’ve never tried their service but basing on your outcome, it seems pretty good. :)

  5. I also get the redness thing whenever I undergo threading session. It’s pricier than other salon but the final result is priceless!

  6. I think they did an awesome job of shaping your brows! They look fantastic!

  7. Maria

    Looks cute!! I need to redo my eyebrows soon!!

  8. They came out great, I need to find a place to go in our new area. It is amazing what just a little bit if shaping can do for a beautiful softer look.

  9. Your eyebrows came out so amazing! That just reminds me that it’s time to get my eyebrows shaped out!

  10. Haven’t tried waxing my bows. It’s really good if it’s done by a pro noh. ;)

  11. This suits you well! :3 This is a reminder that I need to redo my brow by a pro soon! :)

  12. Well i can say they are really expert. Its cost higher than others but it good most especially a little bit of tutorial is given. Women should take care of their beauty to be impressive and presentable. Thanks for sharing!

  13. That is great how they let you know about everything right up front. Your new brows look great!

  14. i pluck my own eyebrows which sometimes i overdo it ahaha, i would like to try this one though it is a bit pricey :)

  15. wow your beautiful and I so happy this worked out for you.

  16. They turned out great; I am obsessed with plucking and shaping my eyebrows.

  17. I am obsessed with my eye brows. I have pale skin tone and pale eye brow color meaning my eyebrows look like they are not there unless I do something to them. I do love Benefit cosmetics. They make a blond brow powder kit and bad girl mascara that just makes my eye brows look natural and everyone says they would never have guessed as mine don’t look drawn on because I use the blending in the powder trick. I am awful at shaping my eye brows though and I prefer to use tweezers to waxing.
    I also use body-shop eye brow powder and love it in auburn. I go back n forth between red hair and blond hair.

  18. What beautiful brows! I have never plucked or trimmed my eyebrows ever! My family was blessed with perfect eyebrows. My daughter who is now 16 has a perfect arch. When she was a baby, people would ask me if I arch I eyebrows. Lol.

  19. I have never been to a Benefit brow bar but I have heard such good things about them. Your brows look great!

  20. Your eyebrows look great. I have very long eyebrow hairs so I need someone who is very skilled at shaping eyebrows to fix mine.

  21. Your eyebrows look great! I always sneeze when I pluck mine so I do not think I could do this myself (Kim)

  22. Looks good! I want my brow to stand up like that hehe I get my brows threaded. I have really tick eye brows and I have only gotten it done perfectly ONCE (in the 3 years that I have been getting them done).

  23. Your brows came out amazingly – sadly I don’t have a brow bar nearby I would have loved to have popped along to one especially as they are donating to charity this month when you have your brows done here.

  24. That’s pretty cool! I don’t know if we have anything like that near me, but I sure would try it!

  25. Wow, that is a big change and it looks great.

  26. Lovely eyebrows. They seem perfect. I have never had a problem with keeping my eyebrows under control but I know a few people who would probably love this service.

  27. I love Benefit, I buy several of their products they are excellent. Love their brow bar.

  28. looking nice with this new look of your,they indeed did a great job by shaping your brows

  29. You look really fresher after having your eyebrow fixed.

  30. I love benefit products. We don’t have any of their brow bars here, though, otherwise I would totally go. they did a great job!

  31. Ladies should undergone this technique to beautify themselves, if they think, their eyebrows are too broad or doesn’t fit for their facial features.

  32. They look great even one week later. Very pretty!

  33. You’re so gorgeous and your brows look great. I should try this, it’s been ages since a professional has helped my brows.

  34. Never tried a brow salon. Usually I pluck them myself at home.

  35. I have never gotten my brows done before. I am afraid what the outcome would be lol.

  36. My eyebrow is a mess lol. You have lovely brows sis.

  37. katherine

    I love getting my brows shaped. It’s well worth it

  38. That looks like a great place!! I am psycho about my eyebrows bc I am SO afraid of over waxing! i am deathly afraid of that little line at the top of my face. I wouldn’t leave my house if that happened to me.

  39. This looks fantastic. I wanted to try it too. :)

  40. I hate having my eyebrows done, I put it off until I absolutely can’t wait any more and have an event or function to get it done.

  41. My brows are a hot mess! I need to visit one of these places!

  42. Pansin ko lang sis, your skin is flawless!

  43. A great change! I like the outcome. Perfectly groomed (:

    gig love <3

  44. An eye brow experience must also feel good especially it makes the eye area better.

  45. The result is amazing! I like how it looked after, but I don’t know if keri ko to. Ayoko talga mag pa wax dahil nga masakit. LOL. :))

  46. The redness is totally worth it!! Your brow looks so pretty!! =) gig

  47. My dad told me to never have my brows touched-our genes have a weird way of growing when something is shaved/waxed!

  48. I think having perfectly shaped brows would lift your appearance even without makeup. I like how it was shaped, too. Did you use any brow tint after?

  49. your brows look great. I especially like the way they used make-up as well, makes a big difference. I also often wondered whether the Benefit Brow Bar was worth it. Thanks for the review.

  50. I hope I can visit a Brow Bar Branch soon :) Your brows look awesome!!! :))) Seriously! gig

  51. i want to try.. i am a little bit scared when other people thread or wax my brows, i dont want it to be thin.. but i like the result on you! pretty!

    – from gig

    • You should give it a try – they won’t make it thin or anything – just an eyebrow ideal for your face shape. ;)

  52. They really did well with your eyebrows. I knew that benefit did brows but I didn’t realise they were that good. Great review – I think I’ll be checking them out myself soon!

  53. That was some real transformation! Lovely girl! It really did change your face :)) And BTW, you have amazing skin! <3

  54. ive never tried benefits brow services because waxing my eyebrows seem a bit terrifying, but I always get them threaded, and the effect is just as good, and tonnes cheaper too =D

  55. I’ve heard such wonderful things about their brow bar – It’s fun to read a first hand experience. Glad you enjoyed yourself! <3 GIGLove

  56. I got it done mine last week and I love the results :-D I’m glad you found it amazing too :-D

  57. to start with u look cute and ur eyebrows looks filled and heavier after eye brow make up but i guess 12$ for eyebrow is expensive. but can give it a try once :)

  58. I love the shape of your brows! I will try that next time I get my brow clean up.

  59. Great tutorial. I think the result i s marvellous
    Gig love

  60. They did a great job! The result is so nice, I wanna try it too. *-*

  61. If you are pleased with the results a higher cost shouldn’t matter so much

  62. your eyebrows look absolutely fab, have always wanted to try this out as benefit are always praised for eyebrows

  63. i tried thi brow waxing many time but i still like tweesing more..because it gave more precise and neat shape..

  64. Your eye brow looks fabulous ! I shall go to benefit and get mine fixed too ! :D


  65. One fatal mistake some girls take especially when they dont know better is overpluck their brows! Second would be to ask someone who doesnt know better, and ends up ruining the natural shape of one’s brows! I think brows are really great when maintained well as it naturally dictates the overall feel of a face–young? Professional? Etcn it in the brow

  66. Looks fun! I haven’t tried Benefit’s brow bar before, but I might after reading your review. Nice one, Benebabe!

  67. A brow bar? Now that sounds interesting! I usually get my brows threaded and I love the final result!
    They made ur brows look so much more thicker and shapely! Loved the final outcome!

    Hugs N Kisses

  68. pretty! brows look so natural. i need to do mine lol

  69. Nice post. I haven’t tried Benefit’s brow bar. But it seems nice. I saw Benefit Indonesia has this service too. Love your brows.

    GIG Love

  70. your brows look great after getting them done at benefit!! ;) I think you made a good decision tryin their service out. giglove

  71. Eyebrows give frame to the face so it’s nice that you keep your brows well-groomed! :D

  72. I love how your brows looked after :)
    I also have my brows waxed ( at Max Wax in Alabang Town Center ). I have yet to try the service of Benefit coz the one nearest to my place is Makati. So, it has to be scheduled soon.

  73. Your brows look awesome!! I’m too afraid to have them plucked, lol!

  74. I never really mess with mine.. mostly because i could care less, but when i do, it always breaks out around my eyes, lol.. but yours look amazing!

  75. Thank you for the tutorial. Brows have always been difficult for me, and I have tried using pencil, and most of the time I don’t bother.

  76. I have never heard of this before, this is what I need. My eye brows need some trimming. You are very beautiful sis.

  77. So this is how you maintain nice eye brows.

  78. I have never had my brows waxed, but I really love the result! You look beautiful!

  79. Our Brows frames our face and also it affects the whole appearance of our face so if it is done wrong probably you will not look good even you have a beautiful facial structure, Thick and straight brows are great even for male because they give a younger look and also more natural.

  80. I am glad that they marked off your area to remove first so they had a guideline. I have gotten my eyebrows waxed by people who do it “by sight” and often it looks like they should have worn some glasses, lol.

  81. Bea

    May I know if you remember who exactly worked on your brows? :)

    • I am not familiar with her name, unfortunately.. but I do remember getting this done on their Greenbelt branch.

  82. That’s an awesome transformation. Prices are also reasonable. Good share. :)

  83. bev

    Good day .hi love you’re reviews especially this one .you’re brow came out really great and enhance you’re features.beautiful. also love your hair ? may i know what color did you use to achieve thatlook? thanks

  84. bev

    Good day .hi love you’re reviews especially this one .you’re brow came out really great and enhance you’re features.beautiful. also love your hair ? may i know what color did you use to achieve thatlook?thanks

  85. You look so pretty. I am really glad that I came across your blog and these brows looks really cool. I am surely gonna try this out.


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