Product Review: Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

Yes and I have been busy due to personal reasons and because.. well, it’s summer. We all have our own times. I just still want to update my site and blog about this new found product I got from Watsons.

It’s quite a cheap product compared to other facial masks. If I remember it right, you can purchase one sachet of the Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask for around P83.00 – I can’t be too exact but it shouldn’t exceed P100.00. However, even though it’s a cheap buy, I would say not to ignore this product – it has quality and I think people shouldn’t just ignore the goodness this product has to offer. Plus, one sachet of this facial mask can be used for around 2-3 times, it will ofcourse depends how much application you put on to your face and neck. (I don’t know for some but it I didn’t really used a lot on my first try.)

Rating: ★★★★★

Another thing that I like about this product is – it’s dead sea + papaya + lavender, need I say more? All of these ingredients are vital for your skin’s maintenance. I have been in so much stress and I honestly have no time to visit a dermatologist for my monthly facial cleansing. There are times when 24 hours is not even enough for me, I tend to sleep around 3 to even 5 in the morning, too! Which is why I am very very pleased with this product – how it makes my skin feel fresh, clean and totally has gotten rid of the impurities. I also felt so relaxed after a 20 minutes of leaving them on my face.

Well, what do you think?

Yes, I have no make-up whatsoever on – that is how I look.

Oh and one last tip: don’t forget to apply a toner and a moisturizer to end your DIY facial mask treatment.

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  1. I’ve been contemplating if I was gonna try that out, so maybe now I will. Your skin looks so much brighter and… the only word I can’t think of right now is fluffy. ^^

  2. Ay. Mura lang sya eh. I love mask! Everytime gumamit ako ng mask, feeling ko ang kinis ng face ko :D

  3. I tried mask before but later I keep on sneezing I think it is really not for me because of my allergies.

  4. I am in love facial mask and I hope to try more products like this product that you have shared on this post. ;) You look great! Thank you for sharing your review.

  5. I like a face mud mask. I actually got one, but a different brand and I haven’t used it yet. It really does feel refreshing after using a facial mask. Thank you for sharing your review.

  6. You have flawless skin, I wish I mine is like yours hehehe

  7. thanks for the review! Badly need this! hehe.

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