Product Review: Missha Dolly Eyelash XL

I was honestly not a fan of wearing fake eyelashes because I find it hard to actually wear them.. (what if I make a mistake and do some complications in my eye – now that wouldn’t be funny, right?) but for the first time ever.. I am going to make an exemption with Missha Dolly Eyelash XL.

First of all, I was not paid to do this review and I am not blogging about this because of the brand either.. but I was really impress with this product!

I could still remember the time when Ms. Christine Dior was doing my makeup for a bridal photoshoot on Makeup Design Academy, she had to put fake eyelashes to make my eyes look bigger. I could still remember that it took me awhile to really open my eyes back again after the application because of the stinging sensation I had from the eyelash glue.

It may look picture perfect but it was a bit uncomfortable on my part. (Not to mentioned that.. all the fake eyelashes I bought years ago, never really stick to my lashes, lol! I don’t know if I was applying it the wrong way or anything but one thing is for sure – it’s not easy to apply them by myself alone.)

Then weeks ago, I was doing my normal shopping spree on Missha at SM Annex Store. The staff knew me as I regularly visit the them from time to time to re-stock my makeup, BBcreams and to check on their new products. They were assisting me as I stumbled on Missha Dolly Eyelash XL by a chance.. I told the staff that I am not really good with applying fake eyelashes.. and I find it uncomfortable to my eyes but they re-assured me that their product is different from any other store that sells fake eyelashes.

Anyway, to make the long story short.. they tried it on me.

They guided me with the process of using it and what do you know.. it was pretty easy!

You don’t need a certain amount of time to apply it on your lashes – you can apply it instantly after sliding some glue on. For some reason, it felt like I wasn’t wearing any lashes at all!

It fits my real lashes and it was so comfortable with my eyes that I actually almost forgot I was wearing one.

The best part is that I was able to really apply it by myself – didn’t even took me 3-5 mins to finish it.

Well, what do you think? I highly recommend them if you are someone who likes putting on fake eyelashes. It’s comfortable to the eyes and very easy to apply at the same time. It’s also not so hard to take them off.. plus, they are re-usable too!

If I remember correctly I have used mine… 4x already and it’s still in good shape!

You can purchase this any Missha store near you for only Php200.00+

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  1. I like it! Mas may buhay yung eyes but sometimes nakakatamad noh? Kaya sometimes nice ung extension nalang para hindi mahirapan ilagay at tanggalin. :)

  2. Nice to know they work. I have tried some and totally failed. I will definitely pick up these.

  3. adorable…. :D

  4. I struggle with fake eyelashes too – they never seem to stick, and I always have to cut them down as I have small-ish eyes
    I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this brand, thank you xxx

  5. I don’t use fake lashes either :)

  6. I recently started to wear eyeshadow, but the eyelashes I’m not there yet. It does look fairly easy.

  7. I will share this with my daughter

  8. Wow that’s a great result. I love fake eye lashes and tried putting them on myself once, I failed. Now I am wondering if it would work with these ones! They look so great on you!

  9. Never try any fake eyelashes because I always thought that it is always complicated. Now, I know that not all are the same.

  10. Im afraid to try fake lashes but I want to so bad! lol. If these come off easily, maybe I will have to check into them.

  11. oh wow those are some crazy nice eye lashes.

  12. Beautiful. I can’t wear eye makeup or lashes of any kind. too many issues with allergies and swelling. Glad you can wear them and they look very nice.

  13. I have wanted to try false eyelashes but was afraid it would be too hard. I will look for these now and give them a try.

  14. Great review and they make a bigger difference than I thought they would. I’ve never been able to put fake eyelashes on, maybe I could succeed with these

  15. Oh wow they look amazing on you what a difference they make! :) X

  16. I love those eyelashes! What a difference they make! I would love to try them out and see how I looked.

  17. Very pretty. I really want to try some more fake lashes. I have not liked the ones I’ve tried in the past but I think I just didn’t try the right ones. Maybe I will check these out!

  18. me and fake eyelashes do not go together lol

  19. Dramatic difference. I’ve never used fake eyelashes outside of doing theater but they seem cool if you want to jazz up your look a bit.

  20. They look awesome! I’ll definitely try those out! Thanks!

  21. It does make a big difference. I bet this would be great w/the colored contacts my daughter loves so much too. :)

  22. My daughter loves to watch makeup videos on YouTube and it is amazing to me what a difference false lashes can make to your look. I haven’t tried them yet, but I am very tempted. Glad to know which brand to try when I decide to do it!

  23. I love them! They really transformed your face. I used to wear fake eyelashes because mine is barely non-existent. I wonder if I’ll be able to find these. I love the way they look.

  24. When I was younger I tried using false eyelashes. I never could get them right. These look really good, glad you are happy with them.

  25. I don’t do make up or anything but I know someone who would like this

  26. Wow, they look really nice. I’ve always been afraid of applying false eyelashes because I didn’t think I would do it right. They really do have a dramatic effect.

  27. What a huge difference from the before and after photo. I haven’t tried putting eyelashes extension yet, i’d like to try it just for fun and see how I look.

  28. Things like this are big in the BJD community if you can’t get BJD lashes. So they get people ones and just cut them down xD It works too. My one girl seriously needs new lashes her’s are so… abnormal looking… Maybe I’ll try these on her.

  29. I have never ever used fake eyelashes before and I am actually considering getting some. Hmmm… I think I might just have to get some and try them on. You look gorge! :)

  30. I have been afraid to try fakes as I am sure I would botch them completely. IF these are as easy as you say, and look that good, maybe I can risk it!

  31. I love fake lashes, but I suck at applying them.

  32. Fake lashes are indeed pretty but I never tried it yet

  33. I use fake lashes when there’s a need for it, like a special occasion :D

  34. That change is dramatic! It’s really good on you. I really want to try fake eyelashes but I don’t know where to start. Is it okay even if I have long lashes, but mine is not curly.

  35. long lashes do look good on you. they sure work wonders in improving one’s look. wow! maybe i should try those, but it will really be such a hassle putting them on before leaving the house and removing them before going to bed! haha! one lazy gal :)

  36. Elle

    Your eyes are pretty without them but they really pop with the falsies on. WOW!

  37. You look beautiful either way, dearie! Although i must say, the fake eyelashes do make your eyes look more dramatic. :-)

  38. You look lovely sis, I’d love to have a long eyelashes hehehe.

  39. fake lashes are nice for those who have short lashes but i’m not really comfortable of it

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