Ponds Beauty Skin Care Products

Let’s admit.

Almost everyone was able to use Ponds as their first facial cleanser – ever. Even I would admit that it was the first product that was able to touch and cleanse my skin way back. As we all have grown, so does Ponds, that they were able to produce a number of skin care products that has different specialty of use in it.

Shall we see each of their difference?


1. Have you heard of Ponds Basic Care skin product?

Yes, this is actually their Heritage Product. In short, their first product released. They have the perfect care facial wash and cold cream. Personally, my favorite among all Ponds products. It gives basic cleaning, very mild and suited for those who have sensitive skin.

2. Ponds cold cream was said to be many of celebrities secret with their beautiful skin, is this true?

I’m not particularly sure about their beauty secret, but the product is a deep cleanser. It can remove even the most stubborn mascara. It gives your skin a blooming and radiant look as well. This is my current favorite as I have dry skin – yes, suitable for dry skin. I would highly recommend this product if you ask me.

3. Can Ponds really whiten our skin or is it just by the means of advertising?

I stopped using my usual products for a while and gave their products a shot. From those days of testing it out, I can see that it does give a whitening effect. As long as you are consistent using their products, ofcourse. I believe that Ponds secret relies with VAO-B3, an ingredient in their products that get rids of dark spots, blemishes, whitens the skin and can also inhibits the growth of melanin in our skin.

4. What is the difference between Ponds White Beauty and Ponds Flawless White?

Flawless White lightens your skin, getting rid of dark spots and blemishes in just 7 days. White Beauty on the other hand focuses on naturally lightening your skin giving you a pinkish effect. In case you want to know, White Beauty Detox focuses in getting rid of pimple marks.

5. What is more to know about Ponds Oil Control?

Well, it fights pimples, lifts away dirt, controls the oil of your skin and it’s very suitable for those who have oily skin. It has Anti-Oil Bio 5, which aids controlling the production of excess sebum that leads us to skin impurities.

6. How effective can the Ponds Age Miracle can really be?

Well, it has Retinol, which by the way is one of the best anti-aging ingredient there is. It should be able to fight the signs of aging within 7 days.

Oh, and have you all heard?

Ponds has partnered with Plaints & Prints for an outstanding beauty & fashion combination!

17 Comments to Ponds Beauty Skin Care Products

  1. I have been using ponds since nasa pinas ako.. since pinas ponds is really different from ponds here in the states the product mention obove is not available here that is why my lola sends me ponds detox the on in pink container and their pink and tan powder. since we move house i havent asked her to send me another box since im busy testing other products hehe but the cold cream blue and greena re available here.

  2. rose

    can u suggest what ponds product can i use in my oily face? i also have freckles,,,tnx…

  3. I love Pond's, especially the Detox because my dark spots disappeared. But recently, I've become conscious with the ingredients and only to find out some of their facial wash (I'm not sure with the Cold's Cream but I love that product too!) has comodogenic ingredients. :(


    Hi i've been using ponds flowless raidents for 6months and it hasn't help me can you help

  5. pamelazo

    Please help … I have a lot of small pigments on my face and body which my friends, and even I consider some of it as small moles and frickles. As what I have read on some online forums, this maybe due to genetics or due to excess exposure to sunlight. I want to use ponds because as I had knew it has UV protection. I just want to know if olay can help me to get ride out of this moles and frickles so it could be prevented from appearing on my face and maybe it could help to lighten the size. Thankyou..

  6. tisha

    hi! i love ponds pure wayt. ive been using it for a month. but i decided to switch on using other products, i have pimple marks and i really want to get rid of it! what is the best ponds product dat is suited for me? help!!

  7. louise

    wat product are best to use for my freaky pimple marks?

  8. Hi, I am 55 years of age and used ponds cold cream since my teens but now I cant find cold cream in South Africa anymore Ive been told it is discontinued lukily my daugther was living in the UK for seven years and she used to sent me a couple of cold cream bottles a year. But now she is bank in SA and I am without my cold cream. Please can you advise me where if it is still available in South Africa. I am lost without it because I have a very dry skin.
    Sonia Muller

  9. mubeena seedat

    Is ponds cold cream available in south africa? If not, what alternative product from the ponds range can I use?

  10. ive used ponds wite beauty fce wash it gives a great result i request the company to intro ponds soap too pls

  11. unathi

    I v bn usin Ponds long lasting oil control range to get rid of pimples but i saw no change ( is ponds cold cream available n SA)

  12. I just love pond's I've been using it since my early teenage years, I'm 19 now and I've never went wrong!

  13. Nonhlanhla

    I have a very oily skin, I would like to know that Ponds age miracle products are good for me or not, if are not good which one I can use for my very oily skin I'm not dark in completion. I'm medium can you please help me rght now I'm not using anything.

  14. nimeowzz

    what ponds product do i use in blackheads?

  15. Guys i just think its better to stop using dis creams first one dat damaged my face is gentle magic,extra clair,bio clair,cream5,ganier and lemon lite cream now my skin is scary bt now i use ponds just to reduce dark spots its better to accept our natural beauty we shouldn’t argue with our creator please if we keep using these creams we’ll end up having plastic surgeries on our faces which is also dangerous.For those who lyk usin dis creams continue but i think we are ruining our natural beauty

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