Now, I’ve done it. I’VE BLEACHED MY HAIR!

See something new? YES.. I’ve bleached my hair – and I am currently looking like a total idiot because of it. I’ve been thinking about this for many months – I want to dye my hair. I want to bleach it. I’ve always thought about it – but never did it. It was just few days ago, I was talking with my boyfriend about how I wanted to have a new look and all that – then it hit me – I’M DEFINITELY DOING THIS! And so, I decided to bleach my hair first…

I honestly don’t like the result of my bleached hair but at the moment, all I can do is to let it be, take care of it – give it some love and more hair conditioning treatments. I actually found myself lucky because the bleaching didn’t totally made my hair utterly dry. It just feels so awkward whenever I go outdoors and to the mall.. EVERYONE WOULD GIVE ME A STARE, LOL! Some sales lady would even ask me how I dyed my hair… and I would just tell them, “It’s just bleach!” HAHA! They keep telling me how it look so barbie-like. BUT PERSONALLY, I FIND IT DISGUSTING, EEW.

So, if you are interested with bleaching.. I’m telling you as early as now that it’s not the safest thing to do to your hair. It will definitely damage it – unless you are committed to regularly do a lot of deep hair conditioning treatments, then it’s fine. At first it will have the orange-looking effect. You may need to take a few days of hair wash and rest before the bleaching settles down to give you a golden to ash blonde hair color. So right now, I actually have no choice but to just embrace and get to love my new hair.

To be honest, this hair color is still just too shocking for me. I can’ find myself to get used to it but I just had to bleach my hair to achieve a different hair color. Sigh…

Anyway, what do you guys think?

September 19th, 2013
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43 Comments to Now, I’ve done it. I’VE BLEACHED MY HAIR!

  1. Gawd! You are so brave! Love it :))

  2. i think it looks good on you ^^ looks great with your skin color :)

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  3. Hee! Me likey you have curl like wavy. like ka Tricia G. Looks good at you naman kasi you have fair skin. :)

    • Really? I haven’t checked on Tricia for quite some time – I’m actually sort of not liking my hair, lol. Looks weird.. sa photo lang ata maayos haha!

  4. bagay sayo sis in my opinion. nagulat nga ako sa profile pic mo but in a good way! carry mo ;)

    • Kahit ako – nagulat sa sarili ko, lol!

      Pero ayun, sana nga.. lol. I have to stay like this for a week! >.< Thank you!

  5. Love what you did to your hair. I wish I had the same complexion as yours so I could bleach my hair too! The brightest I could go is bright brownish only ’cause I have a bit of dark complexion.

    Pauchee C

    • I totally made a risk here..

      If possible tlaga, I won’t be bleaching it – it’s damaging and scary lol.. but thank you for the compliment, sis! <3

  6. your hair looks amazing to you sis! specially it suits your colour! envy you for being brave bleaching your hair! I ‘ve wanted to colour my hair ombre in pink. but hairstylist always say that it would be a long process since i’ve never colour my hair before and they have never seen a super thick hair like mine. so i guess will be sticking ti jetbalck hair!

    • That’s exactly what I am going to do – (actually, haha!)

      but my hair is super thick, too.. SO BAHALA NA, HAHAHA!
      I think you can try pa din even if your hair is thick. Keri yan! <3

  7. It looks good on you! I’ve always wanted to bleach my hair too for the longest time now. But… I am not as brave as you.

  8. You are pretty brave! I don’t think I can do this hahaha but like what others said, it doesn’t look bad!

    • HAHA! Thank you.. hopefully the orange-y effects will start to fade sooner. It’s hard to get used to it talaga!

  9. Whoa, you have a lot of guts! The farthest I’ve gone to coloring my hair is just brown. And I don’t do it often since my hair is quite damaged already. Mukhang keri mo naman tong color na to, bagay sa skintone :)

  10. I was really shocked to see your picture on Facebook last time. Sabi ko, ah eto na, nag start kna pla mag bleach ng hair kasi dba you’re planning on dyeing your hair pink? In fairness ha, bagay na bagay sayo yung hair. Naalala ko tuloy si Tricia G. Haha. :))

    • HAHA! Oo, kaloka nga eh -.-” Ang dami nagssbi ng Tricia G.. di ko kasi naabutan na may hair color siya na ganito eh lol.. kya d ko magets, lol!

  11. Ohhh it’s okay, it looks good on you! I’ve been thinking of bleaching my hair too then put another color but it just doesn’t go well with my skin tone TAT. And yes, you do look like a barbie. Pero okay siya kasi di siya mukhang dry at all. parang wala lang! mostly kasi nag ddry ng bongga, good thing sayo hindi.

  12. HAHAHA!Wtf?! Ang adik lang! Anong kulay naman ang ilalagay mo dyan aber?! haha!

  13. I think its cute. But they do have bleaching kits that strip all the color out all the color then you color over it. Of course deep conditioning your hair is good anyways. Also lemon juice helps lighten your hair.

  14. i’m not really a fan of bleached hair but i salute you for your boldness and courage. in fairness, keri naman sis. :-)

  15. I always plan to have a bleach but but but.. haha! So afraid! I think bagay naman sya sayo kasi your so maputi girl! But maybe in person it is really shocking maybe have it a little darker? I guess! Nevertheless! I think carry mo parin yan eh :) Lakas maka-Kpop :)

  16. You are so brave to do it yourself, looks good.

  17. Oh wow! That’s amazing, I didn’t know that bleaching works for hair too. Looks neat!

  18. Ikaw lang nag bleach? Galing mo pantay na pantay! Ako nagpahelp pa kay Rhea and sobrang hapdi. :(

  19. Wow congrats! You look so stunning in your newly-bleached hair! I love it! ???

  20. Wow! Ikaw na. I can never do this to my hair. Sobrang takot. Hahaha. I’m not a fan of bleached hair. I found you very pretty sa black hair but I’ll look forward if may kulang na ang hair mo uli. :)

  21. It actually does look good on you though because you have the lovely skin to go with it. :) I wouldn’t do it on my hair though because I know I would look like a total Idiot! hahahaha.. But kudos to you and you look pretty. Rock on!

  22. whoa! the color is really strong but i think you look good with it though I can’t really see your whole face on the picture. What color are you planning to dye your hair with?

  23. Only few people could pull this look, and you did it. But then, do you have to get a brow liner to try to match your hair? Just wondering.

    Your hair looks good though… parang nasa Japanese movies. You just probably need to have a conditioning treatment more than your usual.

  24. i know how you feel, i have been on that same experience as yours, a guy friend told me that if i wanted to achieve the hair color i desire, i have to bleach my hair first and so i did it and i really look like someone from the province who was soaked in the sun for ages. It’s really annoying sometimes that i need to say that it’s not permanent and my hair color was because i bleached it and so on and on,

  25. You look good on that hair.

  26. Oh really cute your bleached hair!

  27. How did you bleach you hair? I mean, what did you use and how did you apply it? The first though that came to my mind was pouring Zonrox all over the hair. And that must have been like torture. :P I really have no idea how to bleach hair. :D

  28. Oh crap. I would NEVER bleach my hair again! You are lucky that you got a good bleached color and it didn’t ruin your hair. Mine was a year ago. It changed my life! I bleached my own hair and FUCK????? It became so dry and ugly looking that I had to resort to cutting it bob cut. I miss my hair. It’ll never be the same again. :(((

    Anyway, so true! You look like a real Barbie! Plus the dolly looking eye!!!

  29. I actually love your hair. I always want to be blonde but the hair stylist don’t want to do it on my hair because it is too damaged and that it will cause more problems. You do look like a Barbie Doll. ?

  30. that’s such a bold colour! looks good! But I’m not that brave though hehe

  31. You look like a Korean doll. Beautiful!

  32. ahhh pretty sis!!!!!
    it goes well!!! especially with your light complexion <3 though i suggest try toning it? so it's not so orange-y. it looks good now but when it starts fading.. hay… it's a headache lol

  33. Looks good on you! maybe you just need to apply toner to lessen the tinged of orange :)

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