Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight SPF 50+

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water Light is the newest product released by Neutrogena. It’s a sunblock with a superior facial lotion that provides complete, long-lasting protection against UV rays and this assures women that their daily facial sunscreen is stable and protects them from both UVA rays, which cause premature skin aging, and UVB rays that burns the skin.

Even if the Summer Season is over, that is not enough reason for you to stop putting sunblock. Sunblock application is something that should be in our daily habit when applying our beauty regimen. It protects our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, plus applying sunblock can gradually heal acne scars and pimples.

With Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight SPF 50+, it has a boasts of an ultra-lightweight feel that does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling. Its fluid texture also allows one to spread the lotion smoothly onto the face, leaving a clean, non-shiny and velvety finish, perfect for everyday use. What is amazing here is that it is so light, when the sun screen is absorbed, it feels like there you have nothing on. I actually have forgotten the fact that I even applied a sunscreen. Yes, I’ve tried and tested out this product. It’s really nice and worth to be used daily. Plus, I didn’t had any break outs at all!

Fact: With it’s SPF 50+ shielding skin from 90%-95% of UVA/UVB rays.

With a combination of anti-oxidants, including Vitamins C and E, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight SPF 50+ also protects skin against free radicals and oxidation that are induced by exposure to the environment. It is the perfect everyday shield, and women will not even feel it’s there. Neutrogena’s newest facial sunscreen is also oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it will not clog pores or cause breakouts.

The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight SPF 50+ is available in leading beauty and personal care stores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide, with a suggested retail price of PhP 460.00.

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  1. penge din ako. lol. joke bebi ahaha mukang maganda yan neutrogena ah:)

  2. ang ganda nito ate ahh… i really want to have this product so here's my entry for your small contest.. hehehe

  3. With Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight SPF 50+, it has a boasts of an ultra-lightweight feel that does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling.<— huwaw.. great great! galing! lol..:))) another product that will lessen one of the irritating feelings we encounter =]


  4. docblueangel

    i live in a tropical country where you can't escape the sun.. literally. so putting on sunblock is a must. and it's so hard to find a sunblock that doesn't leave my face looking like such an oil. i'm hoping this one is THE ONE. *crosses fingers*

  5. Grabe ate, you're so generous. Andaming pinapamigay ha. hehe. :D Akin na lang yan ^o^

  6. yes naman! alam ko yan yung regalo mo saken! wahahaha.. dba dba, dun sa video! lol. anyway, gusto ko nyan. haha. di ako naglalagay nang sunblock eh, kaya ako umiitim. :))

  7. I heard nga na it's a must to wear sunblock… nice! penge din akooo… lol

  8. It's kinda pricey, but From what I read on this article of yours, I think it's worth a try. :)

  9. Oh, sunblock, I am in need of those since I'm on a job hunt, I'm always under the sun, and the heat kills. But no moolaaah for that right now, so I'll just bear with the sun then. Hahahaha. ^_^ Congrats to the lucky winners who'll be receiving that sunblock!

  10. yea I know it's so annoying.
    nice site! it's so helpful :)

  11. Oh, I really need a facial cream with sunblock, I always forget to buy one.. and buy a regular one. I don't think we have Neutrogena here.
    Too bad i came to your blog just after I updated my site, or I'd make an entry of why I need it. Good luck to everyone anyway! (:

  12. Sounds wonderful! I think me and everyone else needs sunblock to protect our skin because skin cancer is such a danger, we all should be aware! And our skin is what everyone notices, so why not take care of it while we can? :)

  13. Wow, you have such a busy site. When I came here I didn't know what to look at first. Haha. :P

    I seriously don't think sunscreen works for me. :(( I went on plenty of vacay's and wore sunscreen and I still came back with a tan. I never get a tan when I'm not home though. I guess the UVA Rays aren't that strong where I live. *Shrugs*

  14. SPF 50 wow, that's amazing. I'll try it. :)

  15. wow! ang nice mo talaga sis! Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight SPF 50+ is kinda pricey pa naman!

  16. I use Neutrogena sis…and maganda nga sya sa mukha. hanggang leeg gamit ko para wala sunspots hahaha

  17. i never use neutrogena, hehehe napadaan lang po to say thank you for dropping by sa blog ko. love ko ung site owner n to hehehee

  18. parang gusto ko din itry ang products ng neutrogena, mukha kasing maganda.. ma try nga minsan. :)

  19. Miss Candy Blush

    Well, you can join and try your luck :) Malay mo manalo ka, and you can get their product from me for free :)

  20. haay, i wish i can win too! but I guess it's tough luck.
    ang taas ng SPF nya.. 50? OMG!
    gudlak sa mapi2li.

  21. Miss Candy Blush

    Hehe, you can try your luck, no harm in trying :) Yes, mataas ang SPF niya it protects your skin mga 98% :) Higher SPF counts talaga.

  22. WOW BEBI thank you for this one muah~!!..nakuh alam u ba bebi dati gustong gusto ko nito pero…I AM A FAIL lol…never ever ako makabili kahit meron ako datung huhuhu..weeee excited n ako bebi woah!! ty bebi ..lab yuh!

  23. this is very helpful sis.
    Once again, thanks for sharing this with us.. ;)
    Here in canada, we really do need to use sunblock during summer months.. this is because people tend to like going outside for almost 24 hours a day. and for me, it's just a matter of taking care of our skin, right? :D

    and I agree, that this kind of sunblocks do protect our skin from UVA rays that may lead us to skin cancer. ..

    This is in fact, my habit everyday to out some sunblock every each part of my body, ( during summer ) :P

    Takecare sis!

  24. JB

    I want to try this one though its a bit pricey for me, its a must-try because sunblock is so important especially for people who uses whitening products like me. :) Yeah, they're right sis. You're too generous. Thank you! Goodluck to everyone.

  25. haven't heard of this neutrogena kasi mostly puro sunblock lang ang nakikita ko.. although im not a geek in this field kaya wla akong masyadong alam hahaha.. and congrats sa 2 na nakatanggap din nung neutrogena.. u really deserve it girls :)

  26. i think I need that. I'm getting freckles because of the UV rays of the sun!

  27. i wanna try.. hmm. ipon muna ako. haha! =]
    i'm using maxi peel sunblock! annoying kasi greasy siya.
    amfufu. thanks for this sis aisha. =]

  28. wow i thinks this is so so great.

  29. i heard that neutrogena products work well. i guess it's worth trying. :P

  30. Eeep I think I need this!! I have neutrogena hand lotion and it works great! Now sunblock… I think i need this coz tennis PE ko ngayon! Grar i don't wanna turn dark :( Thanks for sharing sis! Pero Coppertone kami palagi eh pagsunblock but I'll ask my mum

  31. Eunice

    hi!i'm browsing in the net, looking for any feedbacks on Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Waterlight Spf50, and the search engine brought me to your page! i really want to try this product and when i found out that you're giving it free, i made a blog about it is..

  32. Nuetrogena is really one of the leading brands for our skin. I think I'll be needing this… plus its price is reasonable naman! ;)

  33. That sounds like a great sunblock:)

  34. super cool! bagay yan kase super init ng panahon ngayon. kahit tag-ulan ang lakas ng sinag ng araw! eerr.. hope i'll be the lucky one! lol!

  35. Miss Candy Blush

    Hehe, did you send your blog entry yet? I can't wait for this na nga ng mpadala ko na :D

  36. That sunblock is what I need right now… AND it's summer here. Miami tends to get so hot during summer. now, it's 90 degrees F.
    the sunblock I use is a Copperstone (sport) sunblock with SPF 70+
    It's really good… but it gets greasy and creates flakes.. but still, i wanna try Neutrogena

  37. di ko pa na try tong neutrogena na to ah :D ma try nga :D

  38. A bit heavy for the pocket but a good investment naman. Can I apply it after my moisturizer or this one will act as a moisturizer as well? Just curious. :)

  39. hanni

    I have been using sunblockfor like 10 years but the ones I used is not strong enough because of that I still had age spots. The higher the SPF the higher protection you get. Neutrogena is a good brand and I would like to try this product.

  40. Eunice

    hi miss candy blush, i can't send you my contact details thru your contact form because the page fails to load, so this is my email ad

  41. Eunice

    hi miss candy blush..i have received the sunblock yesterday, and today i used it…my initial reaction is "wow, parang wala lang"…haha..i can't feel the sunblock on my skin and i'm loving it, but i'm still watching out for any bad reactions..thanks miss aisha!

  42. Hey, I read all your posts, keep them coming.

  43. I appreciate, cause I came across just things i wanted. You've ended my four day long hunt! God Thank you man. Have a nice great day. Bye

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