Looking Great in Summer Heat

A big part of getting the right “look” for the summer is in your clothing and in the confidence you carry! Feel and look great this summer season without believing the myth that it take house to achieve the perfect look.

Consider some of these summer must-haves for your own wardrobe, and you’ll be sure to find the ease in looking absolutely fabulous!



Sarongs are beautifully designed accents, especially when you are poolside. Wrap your sarong around your torso for an impromptu cover-up and still look stylish amongst the rest. This is a fantastic chance for you to take it easy even when you want to look your best; the colors and patterns of a sarong are all you need to make sure that all eyes are on you.

Open-Toed Heels

Start from the ground up with imaging an outfit, because your shoes can change the entire flow of an outfit! Let you shoes speak volumes as to the statement you are trying to make! Dare to be bold, and don’t be afraid of patterns this summer season. Nude pumps will always be a go to classic, but a gold glittery pump can also take its place. Pair a floral printed wedge, with colored denim and a bold colored top for that summer red carpet look!


If you are ready to really tie your look together, take a moment to really consider how you are adorning yourself. Jewelry is a lovely way to bring your outfit together and you will find plenty of gorgeous options out there. If you want that warm and boho chic look, choose a string of amber beads or amber pendent. If you want to keep it cool this summer, dive into turquoise colors and accent pieces. Match the tone of the metals to the tone of your outfit. For cool colors, choose silver, and for warm colors, pick gold. That’s all it takes to keep things looking classy!

When you are tired of slumping around the house, consider how you can get the best look for yourself. Decide on your style and move forward from there. Dress yourself up stylishly for the summer in a matter of minutes; you won’t be sorry!

July 26th, 2012
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5 Comments to Looking Great in Summer Heat

  1. wow.. this is a nice post :) when I hear of sarongs si Gretchen Baretto naalala ko.. nyahahahaha.. she loves wearing em’ lalo na yung sa teleserye the princess and I. nyahahahaha :D and I love open toed heels too.. kaso paminsan nahihirapan ako sa ganyang klaseng sapatos. nyahahahaha :D

  2. great post! agree with sarong and open toe heels for a perfect summer get up :)

  3. I am not particularly a fan of open-toed heels but I don’t really mind wearing them. :)

    Sarongs are great add-on to make a simple outfit look fashionable and stylish!

  4. mel lee

    Open toed heels are sexy.. Particularly anything that has heels.. aside from making you look tall, it also helps you have butt and thighs.. Jewelry is like a frosting naman ng cake.. adds more glamour.. As for the sarong, sa beach applicable.. i dont wanna look like a native with a sarong not unless it’s really really sassy


  5. Twinkled Girl

    I’m in for the OPEN-TOED HEELS!<3

    My problem is that I need to work on my toe nails for now though (so I've been wearing a closed one). Rainy days are here anyway <3

    Great share bebs <3


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