Lip Care and Exfoliation

School is definitely around the corner! Get ready to say BYE BYE to the Summer Season!.

A man won’t take the like of kissing you when you have chapped, and dark lips. Well, whether your man tells you that he loves you unconditionally whether what and how you look like, don’t you think prettifying yourself for that man gives him a bonus he deserves?

GUYS POINT OF VIEW: As to what my ex-boyfriend told me before. One thing that made him so into me is because he finds me attractive, mainly because of my eyes and lips – – LOL. Let’s focus more on the lips, as he says, my lips is pinkish, and very innocent like to the fact he wants to kiss it, haha!

Let’s Start!!

First. Do know that a Lip balm is very essential for an everyday use. You can try to use petroleum jelly or a lip balm with a petroleum jelly content, or a lip balm that has a content of beeswax is preferred. A lip balm that has a vitamins and minerals is good because it takes care of the health of our lips. A lip balm with SPF for me is a must for sun protection.

There are 3 Lip Balms that I really love:
1. ChapStick Lip Balm – should be available in your local drugstore
2. Mistine White Spa Lip Care – It’s actually available in Watsons, but it’s hard to find it and most of the time sold out. There are also online sellers who sell this, but it’s more of their whitening products, but Mistine Products are one of the bests I really like, it works for me!
3. Propolis and Beeswax Lip Balm bought in ilogMaria – Again, I want to give my thanks to Krisel for introducing me this lip balm, it does wonders!!

Second If you have dark lips, then you better not miss this out!

* You better stop smoking or it would be wiser for you to not even start smoking at all! Also, it can be caused by too much drinking of tea and coffee.
* Eat healthy, more fruits and vegetables would be really great.
* Please avoid wearing lipstick, if you cannot avoid that, you may want to try looking for a lipstick that has a sunscreen protection. The Cover Girl Triple Lipstick will do, it has 15 SPF
* Do apply some lemon juice on your lips, this will help to lighten it a bit.

Third Resolving your CHAPPED LIPS

I think this is most common problem that most girls especially on their teen years deals with. Our lips doesn’t have any oil glands which would mean that our lips doesn’t moisturize unlike our skin. Which is why I feel that our lips is something so hard to take care of.

Most common problem why you have cracked or chapped lips – If it is not because of the weather, it must be because YOU KEPT LICKING ON YOUR LIPS! Actually, it may look like you are moisturizing your lips but you are making it worst and irritating it more. Remember, only by applying a lip balm is the only way for you to protect your lips and give it the moisture that it needs. Also, by munching junk foods, when the flavors are stuck in your lips, this is also another reason of drying them out.

Fourth Exfoliate your LIPS! It’s not only our skin and body who needs TENDER LOVING CARE, right?

Here is a trick that works well!

What you would need: Toothbrush, and a lip moisturizer (using petroleum jelly is good,too)

STEP 1. Put your lip moisturizer on the toothbrush
STEP 2. Brush your lips like you are just brushing your teeth to brush off the dead skin. Be sure to do this gently, as our lips are sensitive.
STEP 3. Don’t wash it off, instead – – sleep on it. This will moisturize your lips and would be looking look much better smoother and healthier!

I just discovered an Easy Lip Exfoliant Method which I just cannot just keep it to myself! What I like about it is because you are going to use an Olive Oil, which I know everyone already knows about the wonders it can really give.

METHOD: A teaspoon of Olive Oil and honey + 2 teaspoon of white sugar (granulated) + lemon juice. You mix it up and make a sugary paste. Use your finger or toothbrush and apply the mixture on your lips!

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  1. Summer just happened so quickly, so it's goodbye to your sun block lotion as well. I think that girls should not forget to have a tube of light lipstick in her bag for retouches after eating or having a drink.

  2. I think I like this part more than the tips you've given "my lips is pinkish, and very innocent like to the fact he wants to kiss it," HAHAH.. BONGGA aa! =]
    I read that part more than 3x I guess :D harhar..
    btw, which is the best lipbalm from the 3 you've given above?

  3. I have a CHAPPED LIPS. sobrang panget tignan.. I dunno why. I don't lick my lips too. nako!! minsan nga nagsusugat pa. bwahahaha!!

    wow! ang pretty ha. :D

  4. first of all, congrats sa hosting plan!! :-)
    been looking for that mistine white spa, but the watsons people just dont know what it is. hmph! >.<
    whoa! i never knew that licking your lips can get it dry. i always do that, and maybe that's the reason why ang dry ng lips ko. i better stop that habit.
    will try that exfoliating thing.. thanks sis!!

  5. Multiply really terminates online shops?? Is it true? Waaahhh..

    Anyway, I think I really need these tips girl, I do have chapped lips and I hate it! Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  6. I try to use lip balms… try to care mi lips :P btw , u look so cute in ur pic^^

  7. nice cover pic.
    nice video.
    nice tip!

    now, request!

    *whispers to aisha, my beloved ally* uuy, bigyan mo naman ako nung exact brand ng lipgloss or lipstick na pwede kong bilhin for my sister. hehehe, im not inclined sa mga girl stuffs talaga. hahaha! pm mo na lang me YM ^^

  8. awesome!

    i always use Chapsticks. And it really works.

  9. Yeah it's a common misconception that if you lick your lips you're making it less dry but in reality it's the other way around. Thanks for the tips. I didn't know that little fact about using a toothbrush to brush away the dead skin. Cool.

  10. yes. i really want the summer to end already. I wanna start my junior years. err, wow sis, you look so pretty and your skin is so soft and without acne. I envy you for that. I have white heads. grr. :)
    back to the topic.. thanks for sharing. I'll try the petroleum thingy. Thanks!

  11. akala ko sa weather talaga kaya nagbabalat ang lips o_o thanks for this bebi! aba matry nga yang mga sinsabi mo..

  12. Thanks for sharing this! Coffee can make your lips dark pala. I didn't know that. Ugh! Ginagawa ko ung method na yan. Pero I don't sleep on it. I don't feel comfy eh. Pero ittry ko. Hehe! :)

    Ang purty mo sis! Swear. Hehe! Happy Birthday to her! YAAAY!

  13. Is this the start of your Vloging?ü

  14. SIS! hahaha. i actually agree with everything you said here iny our entry. i have this beeswax lipbalm too, from my sister. and it really works. i prefer it o kaya yung petroleum jelly. :) nice! anyways, cute video for babyjen a! hahaha

  15. chapped and dark lips, tama tama, mahilig akong i-lick ung lips ko,i thought it was right because namomoistrize ung lips ko, hindi pala XP

    ang cute ni ate, alo na dn sa video, sana gann din skin ko sau XD

  16. Chapped lips has been my problem for the longest time! I thought licking lips would make my chapped lips better. haha!

  17. hi sissy!..thanks so much for sharing these..
    happy bithday to jen of pinkbliss :D
    oh ya.. ur face is much alike my niece..pretty!

  18. ai ganun, sayang naman kung teterminate na nila pagbebenta.. awts.. nagbabalak pa naman ako in the near future.. sayang :(

    I seldom used lipstick, but I need it whenever I go to some occasions.. tapos di ako gumagamit ng chapstick.. mga classmates ko dati gumagamit..ako lang hinde.. thank you ah.. now I know how to take care my lips :)

  19. i will really miss summer and yeah schook is really in, i hope i can get tips for men too, for some skin care, but its fine if men are not included for your tips,

  20. hindi ako babae pero napapadaan ako dito ah, pwede ba sa mga boys toh, hehe, idol talaga pagdating sa blogs toh :D

  21. cute eyes! cute voice! ahahaha..

    I think my lips are chapped every month due to the weather and lip balm is such a great warrior.

  22. Thanks for all your tips again:) I'm definitely going to try and exfoliate my lips very soon:)

  23. Oh gosh! thanks for posting this, so that's what causing my lips to chap… amf… well, good thing petroleum jelly comes to the rescue. I put some on my lips every night before going to bed and it doesn't make my lips dry the next morning. I also use it as my lipstick base for that added shimmer and moisture :)

  24. I use vaselin petroleom jelly for my lips ahaha they make it super soft i use it before I go o sleep :) hahah

    anyways sis after all this time ngayon ko lang nakinig ang voice mo ehehe ..

    anyways tcxxo

  25. Imma try this thank you very mucu ate aisha for sharing this. Actually i've been searching on how to make my lips beautiful because it look really choppy and i hate it. Really great ate. and you looks so pretty sa video po.

  26. thanks for the tips… ^^ my lips chaps also especially during cold days… this article helps a lot! thanks! :)

  27. oh my.. girly stuffs.. hehe.. Just want to say that girls must really take good care of their lips.. Nuf said.. hehehe..

  28. aiji

    te sana sa Video Camera ka nakatingin..
    nice blog.

  29. Oh thanks, haha. Can't wait to see you there!

  30. yeah!…goodbye summer!..:D…thnx to ur tips!!..grabeeehh!.ang ganda ng tips mO ate!

  31. i think its pretty cool that you're being hosted for free :D

  32. wow naman namention pa ako sa post mo sis, thanks thanks! :)
    it does wonders talaga, kaya love na love ko ilog maria lip balm.

    anyways, nice pic sis ah! love your pinkish lips! ^__^ and thanks for sharing your wonderful tips, may natutunan na naman ako hehehe! dati kasi tooth brush ko lang lips ko eh, need pa pala ng moisturizer. thanks thanks sis! :) miss yah!

  33. LOL i hate my lips! walang shape as in full siya bwahaha .. may problem lang ako sa lips ko kasi nagkakaron ng white lining minsan pag walang lip balm or lip gloss ehrrr…

  34. I love Chapsticks ate. Boyf told me I have the prettiest lips among his (ex)girlfriends. Okay din yung petroleum before matulog. ;)

  35. wow this is a nice entry. dry din lips ko, my mom keeps on telling me to apply lip balm but i always forget it. also drinking water din daw will help. no i know na licking your lips can worst it. haha! thanks for sharing this. X) and congrats for the free plan. wow bait naman.

  36. I use Chapsticks or some other lip balm in the winter when it gets really cold and snows but in the summer i use lip gloss and both work for my lips. Especially when the weather changes every 2 or 3 months.. :D

  37. waaa..ganun sis? tineterminate na ng multiply yung mga online shops..omg! paano na yan?LOL..:))

    uu nga sis.. salamat tlaga sa video..huhuhuh..touch na touch tlaga ako! hhuhuhuhuh..*hugs*

  38. ganon? terminating multiply account? nasa TOS ba nila na bawal ang online shop? kaya nga sila sumikat dahil sa online shop accounts..

    I use lip balm too to prevent chapped lips.. and yeah, toothbrush trick is very useful talaga. I do that after I brush my teeth..

  39. yer i have got a lot of plans but i hope i can get them all done
    these are some good tips here I always use lipbalm, i use 3 different ones and I never wear lipstick I can't stand it on my lips haha

  40. I used to use Chapstick but it didn't solved my chapped lips. :( In fact kung chapped na ung lips, mahapdi.. So I went to petroleum jelly. Hehe.

    Sis, you should feature a tutorial how to make flavored tutorial! Haha! I'll be happy to make one for you if you're too busy. :)

  41. Whoa, thanks for the wonderful tips again. I’ve always have dry, cracked lips which really bug me when the weather is hot and when I lack water. Lip balm is a daily essential for me but I never pay much attention about the SPF protection, I’m not sure if mine got SPF or not.

    I think this is a very thoughtful and lovely way of expressing birthday greeting to your friends through video message.

  42. you're so pretty in that video.. haha! i would love to to a vid for her too for her bday but then, my cam has low reso.. so i think i better not.. haha!

    oh, now i know that licking my lips won't do any better. it will just keep it dry,, so for the guys, they also have to use lip balm or any sort? hehe! Ü

  43. I already know the 4th one and I'm doing it at least twice a week only. I have a bit dark lips but I don't smoke, I don't know what caused it.. I might try your tips about dark lips.

  44. i always do the exfolation part with toothbrush. im following it with petroleum jelly. as to your choices of lip balms, which would be the best? ive tried chapstick already.

    i think i might suggest blistex lip has a higher spf than chapstick.

  45. I always use petroleum jelly now! haha am not a fan of lip balms kasi. lolz!

  46. Eunice

    i have the same problem–chapped lips..then i discovered ellana lip scrub and their lip far so good..i love it!

  47. being the organic mom that i am, i'd like to recomment exfoliating with brown sugar mixed with olive oil or virgin coconut…or make your own delicious pot of lip scrub, see :

  48. Thanks for sharing :)

  49. Lipbalm is a must have for us. Our lips get cracked during winter and it’s the best lip care we could ever have.

  50. It’s wonderful that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our dialogue made at this time.

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