Jolly Chic’s Year End Giveaway – $100 Bonus to Shop All You Want!

You have to agree with me, it has been a challenging year this 2013. Everyone of us, especially you ladies deserves a break. You all deserve to be pampered and you all deserve to end this year with a blast! In this last few remaining weeks of December 2013, Jolly Chic has collaborated with my blog for a $100 Bonus Year End Giveaway for everyone and I mean, EVERYONE! All you really needed to do is to join up – no strings attached!

There is no need for you to pay anything to claim this – just join and if you’re the lucky winner – then you get to spend $100 bonus for a shopping spree on Jolly Chic!

Now, how cool is that? I myself would love to do some shopping spree on Jolly Chic to end this 2013 with a blast!

Jolly Chic's Year End Giveaway!

My Jolly Chic Wishlist Favorites:

Seriously, I love their collections! I have been doing online shopping since forever and rarely do I see online shops that really interests me. Jolly Chic is one of the online shops that really got my attention because of the various product lines they offer. Let me share you some of my top favorites and wishlist!

Why I’ve pick this: I might as well have a new set of make up brushes to start the new year, right? Plus, it’s not just in pink, but baby pink and that’s my favorite color, HAHA!

Why I’ve pick this: If you have been reading my blog entries before – then you should know I have been really looking for choker type of necklaces and this is really cute! I’d love to see how this will look on my outfits!

Why I’ve pick this: I have been looking for Knit Sweaters for the longest time. Trust me, I rarely see this in our country – or maybe I just wasn’t looking enough? Either way, I have been trying to look for it and it’s so tempting when you see something you have been searching for a long time – suddenly pops in front of you.

Why I’ve pick this: I believe that a scarf is one of the sexiest accessory every woman should have in their closet. Ofcourse, do take note that the scarf should compliment your outfit, too. It can be really elegant and thinning once you wear it right.

These are one of the few collections that I like on their online shop. They have more lovely goodies, too. What I really like about their shop is the uniqueness, style and variety of their products. Plus, the quality is really good, too! What are you waiting for then? Join the giveaway now and have a try of their products for yourself!

How to participate on Jolly Chic’s $100 Bonus Year End Giveaway?

It’s very easy and simple to join in this giveaway. Just fill in the Rafflecopter below and do the mandatory task to make your entry valid. You will need to also register on their website and pick your favorite products, leaving a comment on this post. All instructions will be on the Rafflecopter. It’s very easy – so do join. Share this with you family and friends, too!

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91 Comments to Jolly Chic’s Year End Giveaway – $100 Bonus to Shop All You Want!

  1. Teh Doll

    I love their great selection of skull leggings. I am a legging addict!

  2. courtney b
  3. Ramya

    Elegant OL Rhinestone Necklace Light Coffee – this piece is indeed elegant! Also liked all Rhinestone collecions

  4. I love all there products! Specially the dresses. Yes, I’m totally obsessed with dresses.

  5. I like the cosmetic brushes, they look so soft and great to use

  6. I love the chunky necklace, & the makeup brushes, you have some great products here

  7. I’ve never heard of this site, but based on the pictures here in your post, I MUST go over and check them out. It looks like their stuff is right up my alley!

  8. This is a great giveaway. A lot of people will need the extra money after what they spent on gifts during the holidays.

  9. I love that jacket in the ad pic!! The one with the fur lined hood–it looks so warm and chic. Think I’d better go in and check this site out a bit.

  10. That would provide a nice little shopping spree! I love that red sweater, know exactly what I would wear it with.

  11. The Sweet Embroidered Hollow Flower Neck Pullover Sweater is my favorite item.

  12. I love their unique selection of stylish apparel!

  13. You said it right when you say that we need a break after all the challenges we faced this year. A small reward for one’s self is in order.

  14. Sweet! I actually joined the give away. I hope I win

  15. The Yellow Coat with the hood is my favorite. I bet I would stay warm in that!

  16. This is a new online brand which looks like they have great clothes in line.

  17. I am totally diggin’ that yellow jacket in the first image, love!

  18. Awesome giveaway! I really love the chunky necklace.

  19. They do have a lot of fashionable choices for ladies.

  20. Love the shoulder bag and the set of necklace and bracelet.

  21. A $100 bonus giveaway will surely make the winner happy. ^_^ That’s a very nice and generous gift.

  22. katherine

    Great giveaway! I love clothes so this is perfect for me

  23. Another great giveaway you hold here. I might join after holidays. ehehe

  24. You have featured some really cut items here. I love the Western Long Sleeve Round Collar Thicken Knit Sweater! The red really pops and would be great to wear over the holidays and after.

  25. i can’t get enough of the free No Zipper Slim Jean Legging Ninth Legging Pants Deep Blue i get from them! I wear it almost everyday:) it’s here:

  26. Entered :D hoping to win. I love everything in it, prizes are cool.

  27. Fun choices. That makeup brush kit looks like so much fun. I’d be way over-done because I’d want to use every one!

  28. They have really great fashion items an terrific color combos. Love the bags and shoes. :-)

  29. They seem to have a nice variety of fine looking clothes. I would have to check the prices though.

  30. Amanda S.

    Love Jollychic’s Delicate Point Toe Short Boots in BRIGHT blue. Super cute and funky, love it!

  31. I love the brush set! I need those!

  32. really like their accessories!!

  33. Lovely joy merced
  34. I love High Quality Eighteen Makeup Brushes Suit in Pink

  35. Vale

    They have really great fashion items an terrific color combos. Love the bags and shoes. :-)

  36. Mikee Garcia

    I was browsing the website until I found this lovely black boots . I fell in love with it and now I really wish to win to have it! I haven’t owned any boots ever in my life.. A Christmas wish it is.

  37. Wilma Garcia

    I have been collecting handbags since I was married but I haven’t owned something with a color white/beige yet. This is my 2014 must have!

  38. Joana Santos
  39. Patricia de la Torre Díaz
  40. Thank you very much for hosting this giveaway! Such a great opportunity! :)
    They have so many great items, but I would surely love to buy a coat!
    My favorite item:

  41. Francesca
  42. Florinda

    Entered! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

    I like this coat:

    e-mail: floryfrancy(at)inwind(dot)it

    Finger crossed! ;)

  43. I’d give JollyChic’s service zero stars if I could. They promised 3-7 days shipping, but it took 12 days for them to package it and 8 days for it to ship. That’s 20 days total. Even after contacting them the first time, they said the order would be in within 9 days (4 days packaging, 5 days shipping). When requesting some sort of explanation and compensation for the inconvenience, their only reply was “it’s the holidays, sorry” and offers to provide coupons on further orders (which will never be coming). I wish there had been more reviews up before I placed my order, but it looks like we were all suckered at the same time. Highly disappointed in my experience with them.

  44. brittany k

    I love the sweet round neck hand beading stitching hollow lace dress!

  45. Melissa M

    I like Winter Women Newly Oxford Sole Cowhide High Knee Boots

  46. Christina Swenson

    I love the Summer Pattern Short Sleeve Long Floral Dresses.

  47. michele l

    will if i win this it will go to my daughter! it will be here 21 bdays in one mth form today so idk what she would pick?

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