Importance of Vitamin D towards Skin Care

We all know that getting the right vitamins and minerals to our body is very important and most of the time, what we feed ourselves shows up to our skin. Now, while all vitamins are important – I just want to address to everyone how Vitamin D is not just important but a “critical nutrient” for our body.


Truth be told, most people are Vitamin D-deficient. Especially those who tend to stay indoors and those who are in part of the world that doesn’t have too much sun exposure especially during winter time.

FACT: Vitamin D is a key ingredient for beautiful looking skin.


Having sufficient vitamin D in the skin will helps minimize our acne, boost skin’s elasticity, stimulate collagen production, enhance radiance and lessen fine lines and appearance of dark spots to our skin.

There were a lot of doctor debates and issues on how we can get the most of Vitamin D for our skin and body. Though we tend always get a skin care product filled with vitamin D – researches have mentioned that there is no sufficient fact and proof that it actually helps us get more vitamin D for our body. What doctors can assure us is that having Vitamin D supplements will definitely help us reach the standard level of Vitamin D that our body needs.

Just so you know, the skin’s ability to create vitamin D decreases up to 75% from ages 20 to 70 years old – thus it’s actually important to take vitamin D supplements for our body.


A lot of people have been neglecting this fact and this is one of the reasons why a lot of elderly are more likely to be diagnosed with osteoporosis. After all, Vitamin D has a crucial role in our bone’s health, too.

Thus, what is the bottomline then?


Don’t take for granted of your health while you are young. Take Vitamin D supplements while you can and feed your skin and body its standard level of Vitamin D for optimum health and to have a young, beautiful looking skin every day!

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March 28th, 2014
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46 Comments to Importance of Vitamin D towards Skin Care

  1. I do take vitamin D during the winter time. Once the summer hits and I am outside all the time, I stop.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Aisha! Last month I was buying my calcium supplement and I insisted that the pharmacist give me the one with the vitamin d!

  3. It is never too late to start taking care of your skin. I try to take my vitamins naturally but find certain ones I need to take more on their own. Great tips (Kim)

  4. I’ve become more proactive with my health in recent years and Vitamin D is one thing I try to focus on. I get out more and get more sunlight for natural creation of it and I try to add more D enriched foods to my diet plan. I have a really hard time remembering to take supplements but I’m working on that too and I have a huge bottle of Vitamin D just waiting for me.

  5. We too take D in the winter season. Still are since the season is so long this year…

  6. This was a very informative post! I’ve recently started researching ways to improve my health so I’m glad to have read this. I fear I don’t get as much vitamin D as I should! That’s going to change today.

  7. I have yet to include Vitamin D into my daily supplements, but since I’m certainly not getting any younger I think that it might be a great time to start. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. vitamin D took great importance for our body parts like both bone and skins.

  9. Vitamin D is among one of the many supplements I use. It is one of the first things I do in the morning.

  10. I didn’t know about it until I read this post. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  11. Living in Fl we get lots of Vitamin D just from being outside but I do tend to take a supplement if my levels dip.

  12. Great post! I sure don’t have enough Vitamin D, in me, I’m sure!

  13. I see. I guess I need more Vitamins D. I don’t go out much and since I work at home, going out is not my daily routine.

  14. I don’t get enough of any vitamins so I have to take supplements. I do love milk, so get some vitamin D that way.

  15. I am very Vitamin D deficient and have to take tablets from the doctors to try and get it up :) x

  16. Vitamin is also needed to boost our immune system :)

  17. Vitamin D is good for many things. I think I am having a deficiency.

  18. I was told to take Vitamin D to help with the adjustment to our new area. We are from Florida and moved to Idaho and the doctor actually said it would help with the mood adjustments to not having sun all the time. Vitamin D is good for so many things.

  19. I always feel better after a day in the sun. Vitamin D is so good for you!

  20. Maria

    We all can benefit form Vit D especially this time of year.

  21. There are a lot of products where we can get vitamin D but I really suggest that as we take supplements, we should also get it naturally from the sun.

  22. I don’t have great skin so I really have to be careful what products I use. I go for all natural stuff. Vitamin D is indeed good for the skin

  23. That is what I really need, a doze of Vitamin D! Haven’t taken one since! :D

  24. That’s my biggest mistake, I did not care about my skin when I was younger, now am trying to do it but it is kind of late already.

  25. Very informative post, im actually looking for a multivitamins that has vit d

  26. I’ve been trying to get it naturally by being outside a little bit each day. However there are days when that’s not possible. This would be a workaround.

  27. Vitamin D is a must for our skin and really helps.

  28. I get my vitamin D from the sun, I should buy supplements. Thanks for sharing this sis. I take kasi normally Vitamin C lang and E.

  29. Vitamin D is being proclaimed by many physicians and skin care experts as an impactful way to build your skin care business while making a profound difference in your clients’ health. It is a hormone manufactured in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. During the past decade, vitamin D has gone from being recognized primarily for its role in bone health to being investigated for its possible role in a wide range of body functions and in the prevention of diseases ranging from cancer and diabetes to multiple sclerosis and depression.

  30. Vitamin D can really help keep the skin from aging and adds protection to the skin.

  31. I’ve never taken Vitamin D. It could be a great idea living up north though, we don’t see the sun for a really good portion of the year.

  32. I actually didn’t know this fact. For some reason I thought it was Vitamin E.

  33. I am aware of Vitamin D’s impact not only on skin and bone but heart health also. My doctor checks my levels several times a year and I take supplements. Recently I had to increase the amount I take.

  34. I have been using vitamin C oil on my skin. It gives my skin a beautiful glow. I’m going to try both D & C.

  35. I take Vit. D with Calcium , so important to make sure you get all the minerals your body needs!

  36. OM Gosh I used vitamin D years and years ago I use to buy the pills pop them and rub them on my face!

  37. I am severely deficient in Vitamin D. Even in the summer when I spend a lot of time outside I have a difficult time maintaining healthy vitamin D levels.

  38. I really need to take a supplement of D. Lack of it could definitely explain why I’ve been having so many breakouts recently. Vitamin D is also essential for brain function and proper growth in children.

  39. I have never taken any Vitamin D pills. Somehow supplements don’t agree with me. But I agree Vitamin D is very important for our body.

  40. I could probably use vitamin D supplements right now, especially since I feel like I have been inside all winter. I’ll have to get some tomorrow.

  41. Our family doctor would always tell us the importance of each vitamins and yes, Vit. D is indeed important too – that’s why we always have to drink multi vitamins

  42. katherine

    I need to take some. I am always inside

  43. It would be nice to replace the Vitamin D we are losing in our system.

  44. Vitamin D is really important to our system! Continue sharing valuable articles like this. You’re helping a lot of people.

  45. Thanks for these important tips sis. I have to include Vit. D to my daily diet now.

  46. I take Vitamin E a lot and I probably should consider this as well. :)

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