How to Instantly Bring Life and Beauty to your #HAIR

There is no woman in the world who doesn’t love their hair. Just by fixing and styling your hair can change your whole look. Then again, it’s always tricky to achieve a luscious and great looking hair as it takes a lot of time, hair care maintenance and hair products which might take up a lot of our time. It’s not very practical to put too much time styling our hair, especially when we have a hectic schedule ahead of us.


Still, it doesn’t mean we should not give any priority with how our hair look just because we have a busy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself is always an act of self love and this is very important and should never be neglected. One of the few ways to make your hair instantly beautiful is by adding hair extensions. It’s one of my favorite thing to do especially when I have an important event or when I have bad hair days but still want to look my best. I like the fact that it can make you really cute, too!


Hair extensions can be used by anyone no matter what your age. No matter if you have thin or thick hair. It is also very flexible to use and you can always pair it up with your own hair color.


It brings life to your dull, lifeless hair and adds volume to your hair instantly! We all want that, do we? Sometimes, without even trying to dress up too much, just by having a great looking hair, would make you still look presentable and really cute, too! You can also style your hair extensions by curling them or coloring them yourself.


If you are interested to find high quality hair extensions that you can use for a long time, find REMY hair extensions – they have a lot of good quality hair extensions that you can use!

FACT: Did you know that most (local or Hollywood) celebrities use hair extensions to make their hair look volumized and fuller? It’s a simple trick even a lot of models do during a photoshoot, too!

September 28th, 2014
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46 Comments to How to Instantly Bring Life and Beauty to your #HAIR

  1. WOW! Your hair looks a lot better! I like the wave, it makes it appear much thicker and voluminous.

    • Haha! This is not my hair but it’s a sample of how things are going to be once you wear a before and after transformation of a hair extensions. My own transformation with hair extensions is on a different blog post. ;)

  2. I love it! I just recently cut my hair short and I miss my long hair badly. This is certainly an option for me.

  3. Chrissy

    These look so cool, I really have always wanted to try hair extensions!

  4. My hair is so thick so I always have it layered. I have tried almost all hairstyle too even the boy cut! I colour my hair too once a year. I haven’t tried hair extensions though, maybe soon.

  5. Hair extension is a must for modern women. It adds to their looks and give confidence.

  6. dyeing my hair blue recently was really troublesome because it started drying up. my way of bringing it back to life is by applying sunflower oil.

  7. Rebecca Swenor

    I have never tried hair extensions before. I have been seriously thinking about it since my hair is thinning. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I own a bunch of hair extension, I love wearing them because it gives my hair more volume and it is easy to style.

  9. As a guy, I feel like I should not be learning your secrets. It is best if we do not know…

  10. I can definitely see a difference. Very familiar with this company.

  11. I like the look. I would totally wear thee extension especially if I could get more curl.

  12. I have never tried hair extensions before but I will admit that I very curious. I will have to check out Remy.

  13. I have never considered hair extensions myself but they sure look nice in your examples! I do know that a lot of people use them now.

  14. I never saw het point of hair extensions. Now I do. I really want ot take better care of my hair now.

  15. Pam

    My daughter has been toying with the idea of buying hair extensions. Her hair is short right now and she thinks it would be fun to be able to add more variety to her style.

  16. This is some great information because styling and hair products can make hair limp and not full of body. I need to give my hair a little tender loving care soon.

  17. Hair extensions have come such a long way. Those all look great, and hurrah that they can be curled.

  18. I never had hair extensions. After seeing these photos I am reconsidering it looks amazing

  19. I have always thought hair extensions would be so fun! One of these days I am going to take the leap and try them.

  20. I had no idea that so many people used hair extensions or that they were so easy to use. I’m more of a simple person with my hair but it would be fun to use them sometimes.

  21. michele d

    Hair extensions are great when you need a little extra body. My hair is super long but when it was shorter years ago I would of loved to try these out.

  22. Ronda

    I have never tried extensions, but have always wanted to!

  23. I don’t think every age group can wear hair extensions. I will not put extension on my daughter’s hair because their strands are not strong enough to wear them. I like how the hair extensions add extra length to my hair as well. Thanks for the post.

  24. My hair is very long, but it is thin. I would like hair extensions just to make my hair look fuller. Love this Post you did a great job with the pics! :)

  25. I’ve always been intimidated by hair extensions. I guess I’d brave it out and try this on my next party

  26. I really wish I could get my hair to look like these photos. Their hair is gorgeous.

  27. It is amazing the difference hair extensions can make to a persons hair :) x

  28. Hair extension really makes your hair better. It’s easier to style your hair with extensions.

  29. Wow! I can`t believe how beautiful your hair looks, it`s amazing!

  30. I am always so intrigued when people say they have extensions in! I have very short hair so they wouldn’t work for me but they are really so great for those that want some volume!

  31. Those are some really good looking hair extensions. I may have to look into those.

  32. I have never tried hair extensions! I would love to see how I’ll look with them. :D

  33. I have sme great extensions. Love them.

  34. I’ve never used extensions but I’ve seen how much of a difference they can make for people with thin or short hair. There are so many color options these days too.

  35. Pam

    I have seen how hair extensions have really added to a person’s appearance. They can be subtle or they can have that ‘wow’ impact. I have really thick and slightly wavy hair and have never really felt like i needed them.

  36. I’ve always wanted to try extensions, one day!

  37. I’m not sure I’d ever want to do extensions but I’ve seen some and they are hardly noticeable.

  38. Great tips! I wish my hair was long like that! Would curl it and dye it bright red. I wonder if they make extensions for my type of hair.

  39. wow this look cool! hair extensions have been so popular to most ladies who wants to make their hair look long.

  40. Amazing tips, my wife usually use curly then the next month back to straight. It’s just the girl thing ;)

  41. I have hair extensions and yes it can make hair beautiful in no time. Thinking of bringing it out of my closet soon and using it again.

  42. As a personal stylist and former hair dresser I wholeheartedly believe that one should always take the best care that they can on their outward appearance. That is your first impression.

  43. Close to Home

    I would love to get hair extensions. I love how lush and thick it makes your hair.

  44. Alexandra Young

    These hair extensions are really nice! With a lot of them you can tell that there are extensions in and these blend very well.

  45. I want to color my hair but am afraid hehehe. Wish I am as courageous as you!

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