How to Heal and Cure Eczema

One of the best way to heal and cure a skin disease is to first figure out what type of skin disease or skin condition you are currently encountering. You can’t just buy products and medications over the counter to treat your skin problems. It may prevent and lessen the itchiness or pain you are going through.. but it won’t necessarily heal and cure it.

Eczema is a kind of skin disease that affects people of all ages. If you have eczema, you might be struggling with redness, swelling, itchiness, drying, crusting, flaking and blistering. Sometimes the feeling would be tolerable but there would be times when it becomes very itchy and bothersome – it can even make you feel very uncomfortable or worst, it could make you lose your confidence as you try to hide away that part of your body which suffers from this type of skin condition. A lot of doctors would prescribe their clients with steroidal cream medications but it always doesn’t do the trick. We have been told there is no exact cure for this skin disease… (Yes, sad… but true.)

Again, they say that there is no exact treatment for this type of skin condition – but it is something that can be healed. Then again, it’s not easy and it does require a huge amount of patience and effort to remove eczema from your system.

Now, I won’t be going to the scientific reasonings.. but it does has a relation with our immune system. Thus, in treating Eczema – it all starts within. It starts with the food that we eat.


The following foods may worsen eczema because some people cannot properly digest the proteins, which causes an allergic reaction to our immune system: Cow’s milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat, Gluten, Corn and other grains.

1. Begin taking in Vitamin D
2. Drink aloe vera juice and licorice tea.
3. Apply coconut oil to the skin and make sure you’re eating plenty of good fats! Besides coconut oil, use olive oil, ghee, avocado, and eat omega 3-rich foods such as wild salmon and walnuts. Remember that good fats are essential for our skin’s health. (credits to for this information)

Not just with Eczema but did you know – with healing any kind of skin condition – even with acne, it’s always best to start within – which means, it’s all in the food. Now, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat this and we can’t eat that. Not really, but too much of one thing is never good – thus, we all just need a balance diet at the end of the day. Ofcourse, there will always be other alternatives… if you know what I mean. ;)


Drink lots of water and always make sure your skin stays moisturised at all times. Well, do not forget that proper hygiene is a necessity. When you are suffering from Eczema and you are at a point where in you have scratch your skin which suffers from eczema – the odds would be for you to open a wound – thus leads bacteria to easily enter your system. The more you prevent yourself from scratching the infected area of your skin – the better. Yet, it’s easily said than done. The only thing you can do now is to always make sure you clean the infected area of your skin – avoid any types of scented lotions, bubble baths as it could worsen the condition. Every night, you could also apply petroleum jelly all over your whole feet and top it off with a socks.

The main key here is to always remember to keep your feet clean. So always make sure to wash your feet before going to sleep – put some medications and go to sleep early. Remember, when we sleep – our cells heal our wounds by itself.

(PS. Since it’s already dry, make sure not to be so excessive with cleaning and water contact as that won’t help either – just make sure your skin area is hydrated as much as possible, that will be good enough!)


Eczema itself is not and never dangerous but it can be a problematic skin condition. It can be irritating, uncomfortable and it could affect your daily and social life as well. To make it all worst, did you know that studies shows that our stress levels, anxiety and emotions can even contribute to eczema – making it much worse than it already is?

Whether you are being stressed in your career or personal relationships – it all contributes to an eczema breakout. Especially to those people who are prone to have anxiety issues. Anxiety is also one of the main culprit in your lack of sleep. As you control your anxiety and negative emotions – you get to control your eczema, too.

It can also make you focus on the negative things in life – as you, who suffers in Eczema – might be focusing on the itching sensation you may be feeling – you’d likely tend to look for the negative aspect in your life – the pain and everything else.

So do make sure you try to live in a stress-free environment. Take exercise to release the toxins in your body. Remember to always use a lukewarm water in your baths and don’t use products that can be too dry for your skin and lastly, do make sure to get massages or do things that will make you feel relaxed at all times.


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  1. These are helpful. I battled with eczema before due to stress.

  2. Our family is pre-disposed to this. We all have our bouts with ezcema. Mine are usually triggered by changes in weather and food allergies. We take oral and topical medication for it.

  3. It does indeed has something to do with what we eat! I also try to stay away from fatty foods because they are one of the causes of my acne.

  4. I have never gone to a massage spa but hubby gives me massages once in a while hehehe.

  5. Thanks for all your tips. Right now, I’m experiencing itchiness on my palm I hope all my skin allergies will disappear.

  6. Any skin disease sound scary! Thanks for those helpful info.

  7. Very informative. Thanks for this tip. My daughter has eczema and now that winter is approaching it starts coming out.

  8. These are very helpful tips specially to those who has eczema…Thanks for sharing.

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