Hair loss and Hair damage

If it’s not our skin, or our body that we are concern about, it would probably be our hair. For the women, to have a nice, healthy and silky smooth hair is really something to be proud of. It could either make you gain or lose confidence about yourself.

To make this clear,hair loss or hair damage can not only be a cause of heredity or improper caring of their hair, but stress could be one of the biggest factor and reasons why you could have excessive hair loss.

Hair loss is very normal to everyone. In fact, we can lose up to 100 hair strands everyday, and this is because our hair has a life span. Our hair life span could last for 4 to 6 years before it could be replace by a newer one.

We should be noted of how we should be taking care of our hair, because it might lead you to hair damage or hair loss. Remember, too much of using hair styling products, blow drying, straightening of our hairs in the salons and more hair treatments can damage our hair. And Yes, pigtails can be stylish as times, but it can damage your hair, and it is possible for a permanent hair loss in the future.

Some reasons why you might be suffering from hair loss could be surgeries, preganacy, birth control pills or any medication, and illness. Any physical and emotional stress adds to the problem of hair loss.

Remember!! – – Lack of sleep contributes to hair loss as well! If you are still awake at 4am in the morning, then you should already know why you are suffering from hair loss.

June 21st, 2009
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  1. Ouch! That part "if your still awake until 4am" hit me hard D: Although I'm back at sleeping early cuz of school. Thanks for the info. But I have a prob, we need to tie our hair always at school (even wear hair nets), how am I going to lessen damaging the hair?

  2. woot. sino ba yung lagi puyat! nasapul ako. waaa XD isa pala sa causes. nako dapat matulog na ng maaga !!! nice post bebi :)

  3. Dang I do have some hair problems graar. Especially ung rebonding. Mum wanted to have my hair straightened coz it's soo unmanageable. But I want to go back to curly again. :(

  4. Miss Candy Blush

    Matapang kasi ang rebond sis, too much chemical yikes.

  5. "If you are still awake at 4am in the morning….." this might be the reason of my hair fall. Yikes. :) And about pigtails.. No, not really pig tails, but ponying my hair, I always do that specially when I'm staying at home the whole day. Maybe, I will just loosen it. Thanks for posting this Ate Aisha.

  6. Hala!! Tama ako sa 100 hair strands a day thing. Hahaa. Yung isang article kasi una kong binasa eh. Hahaha.. Sorry po ^^
    Ahhh.. Kaya pala super damage (damage lang, lol) buhok ko. parati kasi akong nagpoponytail eh. Hehe.

  7. ms,akira

    omg.. nakaka hair loss ba talaga birth conrtoll pills? kaya pala nipis ng buhok ko im taking pills kasi tas nastress minsan and depressed..ngayon palang sya ulit nakapal.. hai pano kaya yun.. T_T thanks for the tip cz =]

  8. hi aisha :)

    sorry if this is too imposing, but can you please make a post on tips on how to properly do hair care :) excluding having a trim every 2-3 months :( and prolly how to do proper hair spa at home? hehe :D thanks love, wish you all the best :D im really sorry for requesting. yikes!

  9. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha, sis ano ka ba, I like it nga when there are people who make requests eh :) hehe, dibale sis, I will post one of those really soon. hehe, :) Thanks, if may request ka pa, sabihin mo lang :D

  10. carmzy

    hi, Aloevera leaves is also usefull for hair loss. nag research din ako tungkol diyan ahahaha…

    it is good for your skin, sunburn and OMG i can't believe you can actually drink it? or make it into juice? pero siguru naman may mga process pa.

    Pero alam ko lang talaga na Aloevera is good for hair.

    I tried it before eh ahaha

  11. OMG! now i know why i'm experiencing excessive hair loss *bites nails* so my being an all-nighter/nocturnal/night-crawler is very much contributing to it, my bad… I should be sleeping early but it's hard…sleeping really late has become a habit hmm but because i know now i should be sleeping earlier. thank you for this info. God Bless you!

  12. Super-Duper site! I am adoring it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  13. Hair loss is very normal to everyone. In fact, we can lose up to 100 hair strands everyday, and this is because our hair has a life span. Our hair life span could last for 4 to 6 years before it could be replace by a newer one.

  14. Jelayyy

    Hi. 19 years old po ako, and ang nipis na ng buhok ko medyo napapanot na ko. Pero wala pa rin akong ginagawa, regular pa rin ako nagshashampoo at conditioner, I think kaya ako nagkahair loss kasi every year ako nagpaparebond. Effective po ba yong aloe vera? May solusyon pa kaya sa hairloss ko? Tips naman po. Thank you!

  15. joe

    Try bio hair treatment and get rescue your hair from hair loss

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