Go Glow!

Used to be just plain soap, and water to cleanse the face. Simple as that, women before, did not need to spend extra money to spend on facials, pricking, exfoliating, toning, rejuvenating and more. Yet, they had flawless skin. No cover ups, no makeup, just natural beautiful skin.


What happened? In an era of heavy makeup, pollution, sleepless nights, stress, social drinking… having a beautiful skin nowadays is a luxury. Spending for it has become a necessity. Is it really worth it? For some, no, for others, yes! Having a beautiful skin is synonymous to having a higher level of self confidence. A higher level of self confidence means a better chance at making it good in this life.

A typical woman’s overall outfit is comprised of having the right clothes, shoes, bag, accessories, and hairstyle and of course, having a beautiful skin. It may not be flawless, but it should be glowing. 


Make up alone does not give a glowing skin. It has to start with the skin. Washing with soap and water do not really cleanse the skin. What is essential is a good face cleanser, one that could, penetrate and remove the dirt from the pores. Using facial cleansers work to unclog the blocked pores on your face. You feel lighter afterwards. 

However, do all facial cleansers give you that feeling? Maybe not! You have to find one that suits your skin; does not give you allergies; and is easy on your pocket. Meaning, spending on it will not cut a big slice on your budget. With so many expenses, you feel guilty buying a sachet of facial cleanser.


Choose one that will work well on your skin. Just because it worked well with your friend does not mean it will work the same for you. Test it first. After finding one that works well with your skin, go! As the saying goes, when it comes to the skin, miracles do not happen overnight, right? It entails patience and consistency. You have to be patient enough to know that it will probably take a week or more to see the effect. You also have to be consistent in doing it.

Sometimes, the effects will not be noticeable to you. Others might suddenly tell you that you look different, or you are glowing! “Are you in love?” Friends usually tease when they see you glowing and blooming. Take it as a sign that your facial cleanser is working, among other things! 


But wait, Summer is here! Beach time and too much sun! The heat is on, as they say. This may have an effect on your skin, too. Make sure you have a sunblock on hand. Choose a sunblock with the right SPF for you. Whether you go to the beach or just take a stroll around the corner, make sure to apply sunblock. Put that step forward. Nice clothes, matching bag, accessories that enhance your outfit, manicured nails, lipstick, latest hairstyle, and a glowing skin! Go Glow Girl!

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  1. *Sigh* I am 23, and still occasionally get really bad break outs. I don’t wear a lot of make-up (more like special occasions) and I try not to use any products, and stick to soap and water. I am constantly experimenting though, every time I get break outs. Still haven’t found the right one!

  2. I don’t really use a facial cleanser, but I have been meaning to start to use one.

  3. Wow! I really enjoyed reading your post :)

  4. I really think the best thing is to stay away from the sun and keep yourself hydrated all the time.

  5. I don’t know about the commercial facial wash or cleansers… I have tried some before and I think they also worked their magic well, after weeks of application, that is. However, they have thinned the skin on my face. And when I stopped using them, the effect also went away. I’ve been planning to use guava leaves decoction because it has antiseptic effect and it’s natural. But it’s still just a “plan.” I’m good at planning! ^^ And it sometimes (really, most of the times) just stops there.

  6. We have tried to instill a facial cleansing routing into our young girls as they begin to break out. Hopefully it will lead to a lifetime of good habits.

  7. For me, it’s important to have a clear skin (of course we’ll still have the occasional break outs, but still) – it helps boost our confidence and of course it’s beneficial to ourselves as well

  8. I also try to avoid makeup and try to depend only on simple water and soap.

  9. yes that is true, before women are simpler yet beautiful without make-up. But now, there too many cosmetics available in the market that could harm our delicate skin. We should be very careful in choosing what product to use.

  10. I’m over 30 and still get horrible break outs. I find I have to change my skin care regime based on winter or summer. All due to differences in weather and humidity. But yes, if i’m consistent usually I can have much better skin in between the breakouts.

  11. I use 2 cleansers, one in the morning in the shower, and one in the evening. Both very different but both the ones that I like and feel better on my skin. I do find that other things have more of an impact for me though – eating more fruit and veg – it’s really noticeable when these slacken off.

  12. Glowing skin really is the best accessory.

  13. I need this. I miss the glow I had 10 years ago lol

  14. That’s one of the lessons that my mother taught me early on, the importance of taking care of my skin. I wash regularly to remove makeup and impurities.

  15. My wife uses something to take the makeup off.. Otherwise she gets breakouts..

  16. lawna

    I wear makeup atleast a few times a week so facial cleanser is a must! I totally agree, you need to find one that works best for you, not the next person!

  17. Wearing sunblock is important all year long! Not wearing it just because it’s winter is a poor reason – and can have a lasting negative impact on your skin!

  18. Oh how I miss the days of beautiful skin and youth!

  19. Another interesting read, another article that my wife will love! Really valuable information in here and very timely too!

  20. This looks like a good facial cleaner. I’d like to try it out!

  21. Luckily I do not get acne anymore, but a good cleansing and moisturizing routine is essential for me.

  22. I’m in my late 20s and I still get awful breakouts, I’ve had them for longer than I haven’t now, which is such a pain. x

  23. I use a face mask once a week and a facial cleanser every day.

  24. These are great tips, we all need that glow!

  25. I don’t spend a ton on my skin and actually think too much washing is bad. It dries skin out.

  26. It starts from the inside out, I have started paying closer attention to what I use for cleaning my face and removing make up.

  27. I wonder the same thing too about the way women cleansed their faces in times past. It is really the products we use that clog our pores. Thanks for the great tips

  28. It’s always nice to have the skin clean and fresh looking.

  29. Chasity Boatman

    I try to not wear makeup and always wash it off if I do before I go to sleep

  30. Proper skin and food can also make the skin be better.

  31. I noticed you mention the use of sunblock and that is something I don’t go without anymore. I have too many friends that have been diagnosed with melanoma.

  32. Better skin, better confidence, better life. It does make perfect sense.

  33. I used to get such bad breakouts when I was a teen. The thing I worry about most now is dryness and fine lines. It’s always something. ;)

  34. I hate break outs. They shouldn’t be happening past the teen years! Boo on that.

  35. It’s so important to wash your face every morning and night. I moisturize the heck out of my face too.

  36. You’re right. Taking care of one’s skin can be really expensive these days but I guess it really all boils down to the basics. I have yet to find the perfect cleanser for me. Hope I find it soon!

  37. My mother always stressed the importance of good face washing skills. I wash my face twice daily in the mooring and at night. I think that is very i important.

  38. I always admire people with flawless skin, wala ako nyan eh hehehe.

  39. I had really bad break outs after giving birth to my son and it really affected my self confidence in a negative way, but I’m glad there are some products out there that actually work, I found out that the secret to having good skin is getting to know what your specific skin type is, because then it will be easy to figure out what you need to keep it healthy, oh and of course, diet and exercise can improve it too. :)

  40. I always wanted skin like that – like the Korean women but I think it is really God given on what we have and what we can’t have so the best thing to do is appreciate and thank of what we have.

  41. That’s awesome that a facial cleanser could lend a happy glow like that one. I like it!

  42. I don’t wear makeup, I only used moisturizer daily. It really makes a huge difference on my skin.

  43. Great post! I’m definitely a user of facial cleanser…and I enjoy a good microdermabrasion, too!

  44. katherine

    I love having a glow. I don’t even wear makeup

  45. Am sure your skin is flawless sis, you seem to take care it so well.

  46. I never cared about facial cleanser when I was younger but now that I am getting older, it might be late but I started using them.

  47. That’s the thing, the reason I never really cared for any product to use in my skin because I always get reaction to what I use which I don’t like.

  48. I rarely use things on my skin, mostly because they do more bad than good. I think that if people before us survived without them, I think I could too.

  49. Attaining beautiful, glowing skin is really a challenge. We need to take care of it and find the right products that will help us do it.

  50. Your facial moisturizer should complement your skin type.

  51. When I’m at home I go on bare faced… Luckily, never had breakouts ever since. I get the occasional zit here and there. I live on moisturizer alone.

  52. I exfoliate regularly, other than that I am a soap and water kind of person.

  53. I need to find a better face cleanser. My skin is weird. It is oily yet dry, at the same time. Adult acne sucks!

  54. I believe the best way to get beautiful skin is to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruit and veg and cut down on sugar

  55. I’ve been struggling with finding a product to help my skin stay fabulous. I try to drink water and eat right… so, I guess I have those covered.

  56. I definitely want to have glowing skin. I try to make sure to take my makeup off everynight and cleanse my skin.

  57. You always give the best beauty tips!

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