Give your Hair Sexy Curls

Have you found yourself looking in front of the mirror and start hating what you see?

Sometimes you feel ugly and dull, but did you know that just by tweaking with your hair can already give you a whole make-over?

The next time you get bored, why not try to give your hair some sexy curls. You don’t really need to get a perm, or damage your hair using a curling iron to curl your hair, just a hair rollers are enough – and it’s cheap, too!

I don’t get it why women kept going to salons to straighten their hairs when they can just enjoy their waves and be blessed enough to have natural sexy curls. For me, it’s just a matter of knowing how to take care of it.

Always use a heat protection for your hair before doing anything else. It’s always best to know how you will be able to take care of them and not just care how would they look like after.

Since I know most of my readers are a fan of Japanese and Korean Beauty, here is a tutorial video in making Japanese and Korean Curls for your hair using hot rollers:

PS. Big thanks to Ayei Bithao for being my model for this entry. That korean looking curls suits her best, doesn’t? =]

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  1. OMG! I love this post! haha. Actually, I've been wanting to curl my hair. But I do not have the time to go to the salon. Thanks bebi :D and of course, I like the model!! NYAHAHA the best >:D I'll try this soon <3

  2. woah~!! so alyssa talaga ahahaha~!! anyway yeah I agree :)) omg~!! thank you bebs _< para nmn wholesome n image ko… PURFFFFFFFFECCCT~!! <3

    • parang putol ata comment ko :)) :)) :))

      wait here ulitin ko ulit lol!!!

      thank you bebs~!!!! magdidiet na ako den try ko ung suggestion para nmn wholesome na pagkakoreana ko ahahahaha~!!! ROFL~!! C: PURFECT~!!

  3. weee thanks for this entry and for the vid sis.. im dying to learn how to curl my hair..para naman hindi lage straight.. pag aaralan ko tong mbuti nyahaha.. thanks sis! <3

  4. weee. i'm so gonna try this!! :D kaso I don't know how to use that hair rollers. haha!

  5. Wow i like this post sis! :)

    Usong uso kasi kulot ngayon :D

    Magkano kaya yung hot curler?

  6. Nice. Will try this sometime when I'm bored, hahaha. Now the only thing I need is that heat protectant. Tsk!!
    Thanks sis!!

    And yep, bagay ang curls kai ayei!!

  7. Great post:) Even though my hair is too short to curl:P

  8. ooohh! thanks sa vid. will try that soon. problema kasi sa hair ko, once may ginawa ako (ex. ponytail etc) ang bilis mag shape gets? haha! pero ang hirap gawin straight ulit. Ayun. Hehe. thanks ulit.

  9. really?! as in?! sa hair rollers lang pwede ng maging curly ang hair ko ng ganyan? naku, hahanapin ko talaga rollers ng nanay ko at itatry ko to..thanks for sharing sis ah! and btw, ang cute ni sis ayie dyan..hehehe!

  10. Love this post! <3
    Thanks for sharing sis!
    Love the model too. <3

  11. that's nice. :) I love it. haha agree! this is very cheap yet the best! LOL

  12. need-to-get-rollers-to-curl-hair
    Haha, I'm waiting my hair to grow even longer before I start curling them. :)
    I want those asian, japanese looking curls.

  13. Love this post! I've been thinking of having my hair permed but this is better! :)

  14. I want to try this one! I always wanted to curl my hair but nothing seems to work because my hair is too bagsak. :( Even some salons gave up on styling it curly. T.T

  15. I’m using curling iron, but not that always.. My hair is already curly. Kinda like the result when you use those curls.. :D hehe
    I have never gone to the salon in many years now. I let my mom’s friend cut my hair. :) so, it’s pretty cheap.

    still, thanks for sharing sis.

  16. wow! si sis ayei! hehehe! model! sikat!

    nagpakulot ako minsan sa salon. it lasted for a year. then, i got bored. went to a salon again at pinastraight ko siya. hehehe! ang gulo ko talaga when it comes to styling my hair. but yeah, i love natural curls.

  17. Before reading this entry, I was thinkng about rebonding my hair at the end of the month but now, I want some curls! hahah. :p

  18. you know what sis. haha. yung kapatid ko ang magaling dyan. lalo pag bored siya, pinag-e-eksperimentan nya ako and it really works. lol. :)

  19. so alyssa pala name ni ate ayei. hehe. mas cute yung ayei. haha.

    ive always wanted to have curls. di ko rin alam kung bat nauso yung rebond. i like my hair to be curled but everytime i go to salon and tell them that i want permanent curls, they always discourage me. makapal daw kasi hair ko so di daw bagay ang curls. iparebond ko nalang daw. ayoko nga. i really want curls. i wanna give it a try using that video.. if ever i have time. hehe.

    • Haha before ka mag pa curls from salon.. try mo muna using curlers para may idea ka how it will look on you :)

  20. thanks for the info sis! mhahugs! more power to your blog!

  21. Si Ate Ayei ba yung model? :))
    Kaya pala parang familiar? Hahaha.

    THis post is sooooo useful, yung mga girls na taghirap, makakapag-DIY. :D

  22. ang cute ng pagkakakulot kay alyssa, hmmmm mga pinoy nga naman, napansin ko nga din, mahilig sila magpaplantsa o relax at straight, eh bagay naman pala kulot at simpleng ayos lang at pangangalaga eh malaking pagbabago nga talaga sa itsura. madami talagang magagandang payo ang mapupulot dito sa candy-blush, and before i end up, i love the looks of bubz beauty too, hehehe, and cute cute cute cute, swerte ng bf nya *totoinks XD

  23. Ang cute ni sis ayei! ü Namimiz qo naman ang curly hair q. huhuhu +.+ try ko minsan ang tutorial mo sis! gusto q big curls! waha! :)

  24. nice i love ate alyssa's sexy curls hahahahaha nice one LOL
    OMG ganda @.@ :D gusto ko rin =))
    kaso my hair does not suits for that kind of curls kasi mejo dry LOL :D waaa but i really want this, anyway thank youf or this :D

    woot new post :D

  25. I wanted to try that too, I watch the video and been inspired to curl my hair =)) nextime , nextime… Ate ayei looks gorgeous :D

  26. My hair is naturally curly and wavy :D I'm so luckies. But I straighten it alot or put it up in a clip.

  27. I sometimes want to have my hair curled. :D haha. But I guess I won't be able to that, because my hair is rebonded. AWW, for sure madadamage lng sya ;) pero iniisip ko din if bagay ko ang kulot :D

  28. I curled my hair using my HANDS only! cheap much! :)

  29. Cheers for the fantastic post – I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy browsing your blog. :)

  30. Thanks for the informative article – I had fun reading it! I always love your blog. :)

  31. I have a natural straight hair but I hate it… makes me feel ordinary.. I always have my hair permed once a year, that way, it does not damage my hair.

  32. Wow, found your post on Yahoo!.Glad I finally tried it out. Not sure if its my Chrome browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? However, love your webpage and will return.Bye

  33. Did you know if this is something that works over night or does it take a while for it to work?

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