Get Rid of Scars using Natural Remedies

Whether your scars are from acne, allergic reactions, physical activity bruises or keloids, different scars has its own treatment of their own. Sometimes, whether you get a laser or surgery treatment the scars won’t be able to completely fade.

The earlier you do something to treat your scars the better and faster it will be able to heal because once the scars has mature for many months or years in your skin, the harder it will be for you to get rid of it. The best alternative to get rid of a very old scar is to consult a professional dermatologist for a proper scar treatment.

It is also best to try using natural remedies for scar treatment as these are one of the most effective way to treat your skin problems.

Natural and Effective Remedies for Healing Scars:

Aloe Vera – is helpful in removing acne scars as it acts as an immune booster and an anti-inflammatory agent. It is used to reduce infections to regenerate skin which enable it to rebuild scarred areas.

Vitamin E – Studies shows that Vitamin E does not heal scars, but based from most personal experiences and with dermatologists recommendation, it shows how Vitamin E has become beneficial in skin lightening.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C in ascorbyl form has been proven to inhibit melanin production, giving your skin a brighter and lighter shade. It increases collagen production in the skin offering antioxidant protection as it regenerates Vitamin E, which suppresses the free radicals. Thus, if you want to lighten your skin and fix your skin’s discoloration, use Vitamin C!

Fish Oil – Have more Omega-3 Fatty Acids into your body as it helps heal and enhances the skin. It not just heals the skin, but it is very beneficial for your health as well. Try to eat more salmons for a more healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

Tretinoin (Retin-A) – Using tretinoin speeds up the skin’s rebuilding process and also helps in healing post inflammatory changes. It is a form of Vitamin A, which is commonly used to treat acne, keratosis pilaris and used for photo-aging treatments.

Laser Removal – This might be perhaps the most expensive way to treat your scars next to surgery. The exposure to infrared light has been demonstrated to regenerate collagen structure as it stimulate collagenase that does the breaking down the collagen.

Prevention to Skin Scars:

The best way to prevent skin scars is through how you cleanse and dressing of a skin wound. Make use of medication creams and natural remedies. Take note that the unprotected exposure of your skin to the sun would cause more skin damage and more delays with the skin’s healing.

So the bottom of it?

Don’t forget to wear your sunscreens before hitting the road or taking a walk outside of your own homes!

15 Comments to Get Rid of Scars using Natural Remedies

  1. Nice tips! :)

  2. Tretinoin, vitamin C and Laser removal at…. skin peeling, yan natry ko na yan before! ;)) Vitamin C nalang ung ginagamit ko ngayon, love love love it! fish oil ba sa mga century tuna yan? HAHAHA joke.

    anywhoo.. sige affies, kaw lang affies ko HAHAHA! o diba, bongga! :)) may 125×125 ka ba? :D Or mag sscreenshot nalang ako tapos resize ko and stuff.. :)

  3. I have a keloid on my right arm and it's not that small. I got it from a car accident 5 years ago. Plano ko laser removal, pero kapag may trabaho na ako. :P Sabi ni mama kung naniwala daw sana ako sa kanya na lagyan ng Vitamin E yung wound ko noon, hindi daw sana ganun kalala ang scar ko ngayon. Mahapdi kasi. Kasi yung sa papa ko, hindi halata masyado e.

    Anyway, di naman masyadong problema ang scar na yun, ang problema ko acne scars. :| So tama pala sabi ni mama na maganda raw ang fish oil. (Di talaga ako naniniwala sa sabi2 nya) .. Pero ngayon na nabasa ko sayo, i will try na. Kahit iba ang lasa nya. hehehe

    Thank you!

  4. hay naco scars? marami ako niyan. haha jk, pero cnu b nmng wla dba? d nmn nwwla yan, un nga lng sken, d q agd nggmot kea nga as u said mtgal nwawala, thanks for d tips anyway! =)

  5. In my nursing review before, Vitamin C is the most recommended. It heals the scar immediately. Kaya inom lang ng inom ng juice when you have lesion. :) This is really a must read for those having those problems. :)

  6. I use pure collagen and I love it!

  7. How about for stretch marks? Do these so called natural remedies work?

  8. I'm having trouble with acne scars… T_T yung aloe vera ba dyan sa article , pwedeng facial cleanser na may aloe vera?

  9. Cocoa butter helps for stretch marks, & regular massages with aromatherapy oil (not mineral oil, btw!) also work wonders! :D

  10. kim

    grrrr… i got my scar wen i was a kid,, badtrip nmn i really need dermatilogists pa,, its expensive >.<

  11. lliana

    nice tips!

  12. jinky

    i tried applying vit e directly on my face leaving it all night, it reaLLY works! or try oatmeal, add lemon juice and sugar scrub it all over your face. it will leave ur skin soft!

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