Get Glowing Skin – Without a Photo Filter!

Let’s get real here, ladies. Everyone takes a photo and we want to look good in each of those photos. If you are an instagram user, you could have even develop a habit on applying photo filter, FIRST, before even uploading the photo – for the very reason that it instantly fixes your skin condition most of the times and makes you awesomely beautiful. Some would even use a Camera 360 app to enhance the photo itself before uploading it just to have whiter, fairer good looking skin. The bottom line? No matter how much you deny it, a part of you will always want to look good. You would want to present yourself better in public for whatever reason may it be – whether for the sake of your own confidence, for publicity, or just to get attention.. there will always be a part of each of us who wants to look their best!


If you have been following my blog all these years, you would know that my term of beauty blogging is not about using makeup to enhance your features. It has always been about skin care, about having that natural beauty within, skin maintenance that brings out the beauty within you with or without any makeup. I do believe makeup does wonders but I just know that sometimes, having no makeup yet to feel good in our own skin is the most awesome thing every girl would ever dream for. Since I was 13, I have focused on skin care like no one else until today. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve figured the secret out!

We all know that the secret to have beautiful looking skin is taking care of your skin. Like duh. Pretty obvious.

Nowadays, just taking care of our skin seems so hard to do. A lot of cosmetics are being shown to us through media. Celebrities, models and fashion icon changes our perspective of what is real beauty, too. Thus, most women indulge themselves to applying makeup on a daily basis because of that just to look fabulous. Don’t get me wrong. I love makeup and I use it. I do believe it helps to enhance our features and hide our flaws most of the time – it’s great!

I just think one thing of too much isn’t as healthy as we may think it is as we have become dependent of those products that are actually filled mostly by chemicals.

No filter photo - months ago!

Photo of Myself – No filter – Months Ago!

Just try one day. One day of taking a photo, without any makeup on and take a photo of yourself, see if you’ll love it!

I think it was this year that I suddenly had no interest in makeup anymore. I don’t know. I would often go to work without applying anything on my face – except for a sunblock. Sometimes, I would just apply a BB Cream and I’m all set! Normally, I’m not satisfied with just those – I had to apply pressed powder and blush on and everything else. I would even spend a bit of time to contour and highlight my makeup from time to time.


I think it was months ago that I discovered a secret to have glowing skin. It’s true! You got to trust me on this, I have completely given up makeup because of it! Well, using the word completely might be an exaggeration but I was fine not using makeup even when I’m going out and that comes rarely for me! When I go out, I always want to look my best, thus, even when I feel lazy – I would still apply a bit of makeup even just a powder or BB Cream to cover up a flaw or two. But few months ago, after discovering this secret.. I would only wash face with water daily – nothing else. I would wake up – have a chat with my boyfriend through Skype and not to worry about what he’ll see in my face!

Just woke up photo - no filter!

Just woke up photo – no filter!

One day, I sent him a video clip of myself sweet talking him..

Guess what he said?
Did you apply makeup? You look wonderful and I love the video, too!

He said it was cute of me to even prepare for the video by putting makeup on. Honestly, I don’t know what to feel. To feel bad that I actually didn’t prepare for anything since I recorded myself once and didn’t even tried to check if there is anything to edit on it or to feel awesome because he actually thinks I had makeup on when I didn’t even put anything on my face at all!

So anyway – I won’t keep you guys waiting for too long.

No makeup - No filter  with eyelash extension - been a haggard day!

No makeup – No filter with eyelash extension – been a haggard day!

My Secret? The secret that I have found out to glowing skin? It’s actually very simple. I just added health supplements and vitamins to my body system, daily! Eating the right kind of food is good, too. I just think at at these time and age, it’s quite hard to focus ourselves with completely good and healthy food. Thus, during these times, adding some supplements to our daily regimen helps us stay healthy and look our best, too! I have focused myself to having Vitamin C and Collagen Health Supplements. My primary focus was actually for my health to be more energized, healthy, for my bones, cells and all that. I was quite surprised when I even saw the result on my skin – my hair, my nails and everything else. It did wonders as long as you are consistent with it! So the next time you see a health store, don’t take it lightly – shop for natural health supplements today and see how your overall health and skin blooms as you see the effect of it after few months of taking these supplements. Goodbye Photo Filter and Hello to the Natural Beauty of My Own Skin!

54 Comments to Get Glowing Skin – Without a Photo Filter!

  1. I do take vitamin C but have never tried collagen supplements. Something to think about.

  2. You do have nice skin and that’s from maintaining a good eating and cleaning habit.

  3. I take some supplements, but not collagen specifically. I’ll have to look into it!

  4. Wow, you have such beautiful skin! I still suffer from break outs :(

  5. You have very nice skin.. my kids are at the age that their skin is not so great, so maybe this will work for them.

  6. Drinking actual water is important too. I found that when I gave up sugar loaded drinks my pores shrank and my skin looked completely different as well. We’re simply not kind enough to our bodies and our faces tell on us.

  7. you have such beautiful skin.Not everyone got that

  8. Your skin looks radiant and healthy! I take a vitamin D, C and E and try to eat a salad at one meal every day. I do think it helps my skin. :)

  9. you got a nice skin , natural beauty is the best weapon :)

  10. Your skin is flawless and beautiful! Oh how I miss my youth!

  11. Hey!! You’re from DLSU, too. I’m ID 100. Yes!!
    What Vitamin C are you taking? That’s the only thing that’s not part of my regimen because it makes me crave for food. I take Collagen too + I have a lemon – baking soda – honey skin care regimen at night :)

  12. Yeah, diet is the surest route to great skin!

  13. Your skin really does look great and this is very important when you are trying to look your best.

  14. lawna

    Thanks for sharing your secret with us. Your skin looks glowingly amazing!

  15. I think I need to try collagen supplements. You have lovely skin!

  16. Eating right foods is the way to go! And well, it looks like you don’t need any make up ;-) You have a beautiful skin!

  17. I never remember to take supplements I buy, it’s hard enough remembering to take my Warfarin at the same time.

    I do agree though, that make up isn’t that great. Once you start (for a bit of cover up), you’re hooked and have to keep adding more. While other people with amazing skin have only ever used water and basic moisturiser.

  18. I use a lot of filters just because I like to change things up – not because I am trying to hide anything :)

  19. Your skin looks absolutely beautiful! It is true that by eating right and using supplements; it allows our bodies to be healtheir; thus more beautiful skin.

  20. I have never taken collagen. I do take Vitamin C.

  21. Your diet can be so important to having healthy skin! Vitamins and hydration are definitely key.

  22. Wow you’re gorgeous sweetie. As for filters my phone doesn’t have them so what you see is what you get which can be scary.

  23. I really should start taking supplement more often, your skin looks amazing. x

  24. You are so beautiful, raw without makeup.. Natural beauty. Good information ;)

  25. You have great skin and yes you have to take care of it to keep it that way. I am just stating to try to take care of mine.

  26. I have problem skin and boy I wish I had glowing skin! Your skin is beautiful

  27. Yep, good food, good supplements and watch that sun light!

  28. I love your skin so smooth and flawless for sure you don’t need a filter.

  29. People should adopt your habits so they can have good skin too.

  30. You do have youthful, pretty skin. I think you look great w/no makeup too!

  31. You have very nice skin! Good on you!

  32. Proper nutrition can definitely have an array of benefits, one being beautiful skin. I have never really wore much makeup

  33. Starting with beautiful skin does make the photo turn out better! Taking care of our health and skin is an important part of having beautiful photos.

  34. Your skin is quite beautiful! You look fantastic.

  35. Lucky you to be able to do that! I want some smooth skin-mine needs filters. lol

  36. I think good diet and exercise can go a long way to having healthy skin. That and being young, lol!

  37. Your skin really does look fabulous, so if that’s vitamins and supplements, I’m all for it. Gorgeous!

  38. Amazing! Such a beauty. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  39. I’ve found that there are lots of foods that make my acne flare up, and lots that keep my skin completely calm, too. It’s amazing what diet can do!

  40. The no makeup looks is at times much better.

  41. I can’t apply make up so it doesn’t make a difference with me. LOL. Although I did have really bad break outs after I gave birth to my son and my skin is still recovering, but it’s true what you said, vitamins and a healthy diet makes all the difference. :)

  42. Everybody especially women likes a glowing skin and that’s the truth.

  43. You have great skin, Aisha!A healthy diet indeed makes a difference.

  44. I also wanna have fair, glowing skin! My skin is both dry and oily (weird, right?) on certain parts so it’s definitely not the combo you’d want for your skin — especially for your face. I gotta try taking supplements and eating healthy foods too. I guess some antioxidant milk can also help. Thanks for sharing!

  45. though some are blessed to be born with gorgeous skin, people like me rely on moisturizer and other creams. lol

  46. eating a well-balanced diet, as well as proper hydration can really work wonders with our skin. which reminds me, i should drink more water, especially now that the weather is unbelievably hot!

  47. Its evident how you really take care of your skin sis.

  48. I need filter with mine but I don’t do it hehehe.

  49. Yup, ever since I first “met” you in FB, I have always admire your skin!

  50. You have a skin like babies do, very smooth!

  51. La Sallean ka pala sis. My boss was a graduate for her graduate degree from La Salle

    • Haha, no sis – I’m from Enderun I studied at UST before lol (un DLSU na balloon, trip ko lang, HAHAHA!)

  52. I came, I read this article, I coerqeund.

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