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Frizzy hair is really frustrating no matter what you do. Nobody would really care if you manage to hide the flaws of those frizzy hair that you have, the thing here is that, your hair is damage and it is frizzy. In short, it’s a big turn off. Every men would love a woman that has really nice, beautiful hair. It‘s not just because it makes a woman gorgeous but it talks about a woman care for herself.

Frizzy hair can be attain with the ways of how your hair was being cut by your stylist. Don’t and never allow anyone to cut your hair with a razor If you don’t want to damage your hair. It’s really hard to fix a frizzy hair when it’s already been damaged. Believe me, I’ve experienced it and it’s horrible.

Fortunately, there are Frizzy hair solutions I’ve discovered.

Mother knows best, and these were the things that were taught to me by my mom.

Don’t miss a day without using a conditioner when you take a shower. For better results, use a shampoo every other day only.

Get a Hot Oil treatment every 2 weeks. Two weeks, and I mean it! (Just do it at home)

Creamsilk Precision Repair Treatment is a must buy no matter what. Forget the instructions, since your hair is badly damage, use it 3 to 4 times a week.

It greatly helps tame my frizzy damage hair, big time!

Minimize chemical treatment on salons.

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  1. naexperience ko din yan. busit ung nangupit sakin before pinahirapan ako ayan pinaikli ko tuloy kasi ampangit super.. makabili nga ng panghot oil.. :D

  2. I have frizzy hair too and like what you said its a big turn off talaaga. I should follow your instructions, dapat pala every other day lang nagshshampoo. Thanks ate aisha! big help ever <3

  3. Oh that Shampoo every other day thing is so going to help you lessen frizzy hair. Moms do really come very helpful when it comes to taking care of yourself no? hehe

  4. whaaa.. i also experienced that way back high school years. gawd i stil don't know what to d with my hair so i always pony tail my hair. good thing its now better coz i started relaxing my hair and now my hair is rebonded already.

  5. For me, okay lng khit medyo frizzy ung hair, but ayaw ko lhat ng hair ko, but once in a while aku ng coconditioner xD

    Yea, pero nakakahiya kc sumali sa domain contest, especially if you don't know the person in charge, thanks for the belated greet :)

  6. naku frizzy ang buhok ko swear ! dahil sa relax treatment na yun .. sige gagawin ko mga sinabi mu ate :)

  7. Wow, let me try it. Pangit kasi nang buhok ko super damaged na talaga araw araw blower at plantsa pangkulot at straight. Thanks sis. :) Haha, next week na! :)

  8. nice advice ni mommy bebs ah! well tama sea, dapat di araw araw shampoo lalo papanget hair O_O

  9. ako hindi na talaga nag shashampoo!nyahaha..isang beses na lang ata every week.Puro conditioner na lang talaga.
    Wag din daw iwanan talaga na basa pa yung hair paglabas ng bahay kasi nakaka attract daw kagad ng germs pag basa pa yung hair mo.Patuyuin talaga sya ng maayos sa bahay.
    Ako para matuyo kagad tinututok ko sa electric fan yung hair ko after bath tas ang gamit ko muna na suklay eh yung may malalaking ipin na suklay tas pag tuyo na yung ordinary na suklay na.
    Frizzy parin hair ko pero di na tulad ng dati na parang oras oras kelangan ko ng suklay.haha..

  10. this is such a cute site ^__^
    i've never really cared about how i appear at times,hehe.this is a good site to have some tips ;)

  11. I also have frizzy hair before.. konti nalang ngayon.. weeee!! nagstop kasi ako mgconditioner at maghot oil. sana pala tinuloy ko nalang.

    thanks for these tips po Ate Aisha!! <333

  12. what does razor look like? i know definitely it's not for armpits. i've been googling for its image but i can't seem to find a good picture. I have to be extra careful if my stylist will use such in my hair. haha! Ü

    i've been using creamsilk damage control conditioner everyday. I haven't tried Creamsilk Precision Repair Treatment yet, since it's way too costy when I looked at it at the Market. *roll eyes*

  13. yes, naexperience ko na ang frizzy hair. Damaged ang hair ko becuz of hair rebonding. It's really frustrating lalo na Turn off yun. aun, ok na ngayun. Gumagamit ako ng hair spa.. yung lavander. Everyday un, effective naman, Tapos every other day shampoo. :) Super ganda ng results. :D

  14. Hey I love this post! I do have frizzy hair LOL.
    I would follow your advice. ;)

  15. i've esperienced frizzy hair before… and those are the exact things i did… now i have shiny and really soft hair.. hehehe… but still not perfect.. pero at least… it looks good nah.. =]


    • ahtide24


      yeah right..go for creamsilk..

  17. I use treatment instead of conditioner… works for me.. and also I agree about shampooing every other day =)

  18. Great tips:) I consider myself lucky with the frizzy hair though, because I rarely have it.

  19. great tips! thanks!
    looove the site!
    I am so coming back! :)

  20. I found that hair silk works for frizz. Plus, schampoo for dry hair usually weight frizz down.

  21. Nice tips you have here :) I do have frizzy hair haha :P

  22. Love the tips! I have really frizzy hair and i don't like it. i only use shampoo every other day and i must say that it really works!

    please write a post regarding acne in our body. especially the back. :]

  23. Miss Candy Blush

    Meron sachet sis heheh :) It's helpful kasi tlga to use..
    btw the razor nko d ako makahanap ng pix sa net eh.. but, thin sia.. na prang knife LOL!! HAHA. Basta, makita mo naman, ksi pag ginupitan ka scissors dapat.

  24. Thanks for this! I have frizzy hair. Can I request a post about hair fall?? Thanks!

  25. Honesty, ang hirap mag-pahot oil. Haha! Wala kasing time, so mas gusto ko sa salon kaso ang mahal naman. XD Ampf

    Pero ginagamit ko ung sa Cream Silk. Haha! :D Gusto ko yon eh. Haha!

  26. I hotoil every 2 weeks! :D hehe kailangan talaga sa hair ko… :(

  27. Nice info sis, :D I always use Cream Silk Conditioner after every shampoo.

  28. yep ung keraste oleo relax, i have one..
    but sobrang mahal, sing-mahal ng pang-rebond din..
    ayun. pero worth it. sobrang ganda and malambot sa hair.
    dpat isang pump lang every na gagamitin mo, kundi mag-oioily ung hair mo. it’s a must every na aalis ako.. :)

    love u r blog. :D

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