FOTD: Dare to be Bold!

Lovely Saturday! How is everyone doing? I don’t know what’s up with this month but I’ve been drastically doing crazy stuff that I do not normally do at all! Anyway, before anything else.. here is my Face of the Day!

A lot of you have asked and requested for a front view photo of my bleached hair and here it is!

Since my current hair color is strikingly shocking. I prefer to do minimal make-up and just keep it simple.

– Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 (Warm Ivory 1)
– Cinema Secrets Concealer (#605-61)
– Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF 30 PA++ (21)
– Cinema Secrets Dual Finish – Oil Free with Aloe Vera and Sunscreen (Butternut)
– BYS Eyeshadow (01 Guilty Pleasures) – used as a highlighter.
– Missha The-Style Defining Blusher (BR 01)
– Missha M Shimmer Blending Ball Blusher (Peach Glow 02)

– Ever Bilena Advance HD Eye Pencil (Natural Blonde)
– Ever Bilena Advance HD Eye Pencil (Soft Black)
– IN2IT Waterproof Eye Colour Set (EWE 01 Camel)

– BYS Lipliner Pencil (11 Chocolate)
– IN2IT Lasting Lipstick (LA 10 Cinnamon)

I can’t seem to settle with the bleach so just after two days, I had it dyed using Revlon’s Colorsilk Luminista in Red 150. It didn’t really came out how I wanted so I am planning to re-color it again, soon. Not now though.. but I like it much better than how it was when I bleached my hair. If you followed me on Instagram, most of you will have a glimpse on some of my photos that I uploaded of me in newly RED HAIR.

Red Hair Coloring Process PART 1

It actually looks bright red orange-y especially because of its lighting coverage but it’s actually just bright red. Also, If you noticed, I didn’t dyed the ends of my hair, it has a different purpose (I think that is actually what made it look that orange effect color, lol!). So yeah.. the whole look is not finished yet. I just can’t bear to wear that bleached hair any longer. Just so you know, it will take some time – the hair color will still change.

I am actually aiming for a darker red hair color with an ombre pink. I am not sure if I can pull it off – but at the moment, I am a person who wants to take bold risks! It’s nice to made bold move and decisions from time to time, don’t you think? It’s okay to regret, you’ll learn from it but if you don’t do those things and if you possibly be satisfied and really happy of the outcome – wouldn’t you regret not doing it at all in the first place? Well, not just for hair and makeup – it all goes down to every aspect of our life, too!

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  1. Both Hair colors look boldly gorgeous! i haven’t tried any bobbi foundation but it looks flawless <3

    • It is and it’s very natural looking! <3 It doesn’t feel like I applied any product at all – very light!

  2. very true! sometimes we just gotta do what we feel like we must do in life while we’re still young as well and free! i guess with your skin colour It will go perfect! love the FOTD! wish i am this good putting my make up! x0

  3. You look like a doll, dearie! I so admire how bold you are at changing your looks. My hair was a ‘virgin’ to hair color until my mid 30s. Now I love having it colored but still stick to dark browns only. :-)

    • Thank you. Idk what happened to me too – it feels as if one day – I wanted to look different, lol! Browns are such a beauty!

  4. Both color suits you well dear!! You are such a cutie!

  5. Mas gusto ko to! Haha Same na talaga kay Tricia G. She just turned into a red head few days ago. Plus ung ombre pink? Go lang I wanna see! Hindi ko keri mag take risk at the moment haha

    • I didn’t know Tricia G went on Red din, lol! Total coincidence. haha! Yes… I’m going ombre pink – wish me luck, haha! <3 You should try – once in a lifetime HAHAHA!

  6. Forever gorgeous! I’ve been visiting your blogs since forever and I am so surprised to see that you look so different now. Fierce it is! :)

  7. I think you pull off all of the looks nicely. My daughter has platinum blonde hair, and always wants a different color. She was a redhead for awhile to (vegan temporary dye). I let her use hairchalk in the summer and she was all kinds of colors. ;)

    • Oh my, I really want platinum blonde hair too – but a lot of people told me not to do that since almost no one pulls it off here idk. haha! Oh well. maybe next time, hahah!

  8. I like you in red hair more. Don’t it damaged your hair?

  9. You look like a doll, I love the color of your hair and together with your make up. I hope I can also do the same thing as you are specially putting make up on myself. It looks so natural on you.

  10. Wow, that is one bold color and you look great!

  11. Wow! You sure are one tough girl :D willing to explore it’s beauty. Red hair looks great on you too.

  12. I love it! Sana ako din magawa ko yan on my hair! ?

  13. I don’t think I can wear such hair colors because it won’t suit me but you carry it fabulously!

  14. Kahit anong kulay ng hair bagay na bagay sayo dahil mestiza ka. Asan na ba yung final na color ng hair mo? Post mo na mga pix! Haha! :)

  15. You look lovely though and it suits your skin color. You can surely pull it off. I like it on you, but not on me. I would be so freaked out if I bleach my hair. hahahaha..

  16. There’s nothing wrong in getting bold :) as long as you are comfortable with it and it makes you happy, so be it. You look like a living doll though :D

  17. I’d like to know how you do your eye makeup. Hoping you’d post tutorials on putting eye makeup.

  18. Both colors are pretty on you!

  19. i love your smooth skin, how i wish i have one.

  20. You look like a barbie hehehe, very pretty.

  21. You are so gorgeous! You look like a doll.

  22. both haircolor suits you!

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