For beauty, perfection and quality… only Menage Salon (Trinoma)

Rating: ★★★★★

Menage Salon really got my heart by their passion with hair and the service they give to their clients. If I could give them a rating of 10, I definitely would! That is how this salon caught my heart as if I have fallen in love with it at first sight! Do take note, I have specifically noted that it’s the Trinoma branch (..because I have heard lots of bad reviews and other comments with the Gateway branch, so I wouldn’t recommend this salon as a whole but more of the branch specifically in Trinoma.)

It was very ironic that Menage is a French term for “stay” and oh boy, I do believe this salon is going to make me stay loyal to them for good! Aside from the very cute kimono they are going to let their clients wear as the salon session starts, they would also offer you a very yummy ice tea or coffee, too! They would ask your preference if you wanted a hot or cold water to wash up your hair.. and the best part of it…


Definitely, quality at its best. Trust me, I always go to different salons. A lot have impressed me.. but I have never blogged about it or shared about it… for one reason. It doesn’t really have an edge. What is there to blog about when it’s too common and normal? Yes, I am very picky with the things I feature on this website and when I am impressed on a certain product or service – even when it’s 3:17am right now, I will really make an effort to blog about it. *Lol!*

First of all, I have never seen a salon where in there are stylist who are actually men or at the very least, not very showy and obvious with their gender. Let’s be honest here, most salons have 3rd-sex stylists and most of them do a lot of chit chats during their work. They talk a lot, loud and very noisy. I have never complained about it and I never really cared… but in Menage, the stylists are really focus on you and focus on what they are doing. There is definitely a difference and it makes their salon very unique because of that.

Second, I have never experienced stylists.. that treats hairs of their clients with delicacy! That is one of the things I was so amazed with. The fact that they make sure that the strands of your hair is where it is supposed to be. Really gentle with your hair even without starting the salon session, yet! They really talk among their partners as they study on what is best for your hair. Their service might take a bit of time unlike the others but it’s the quality that counts here.

If I could describe the experience…

I would probably say that… If you like to feel being treated like a royalty, a princess or queen… Then, this is the salon for you!

Oh, trust me.. I am not even exaggerating!

I guess… for you to actually believe, you just have to visit the salon and try it out yourself.

I would highly recommend Earl and Robert to be everyone’s stylist.

Well, for my experience.. they know what they are doing. They have passion with their service and in helping their clients. Have you ever went to a salon where in you are trying to ask something as an advice for your hair style… then they answer you in a way that is too general? Or probably tell you.. “it’s up to you since you’re the customer” blah-blah-blah. Well, in my experience with Menage Salon, their staff and especially Earl and Robert.. they are highly knowledgeable. Like… there is something you really learn about when they give you an answer and last but not the least – most important of all, they make you feel so comfortable. They make you feel home, safe and secured like a princess.

Oh, I forgot to say.. I did a Semi-Rebond Hair Treatment.

Oh, I didn’t even needed to cut my hair. No split-ends as they say. No frizz, no whatever.. and this is not even a hair rebond! Yet, Earl told me that it must have been not just because of them but because of how I have taken care of my hair (probably) in the past because this semi-rebond normally still needs cutting if there are split-ends shown. I really like how it looked on me. It’s not super flat straight, it still has hair body and volume to it. Most importantly yet again, they are using Schwarzkopf Hair Products!

Seriously, need I say more?

I could even rate this salon a 100 stars!

June 12th, 2012
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11 Comments to For beauty, perfection and quality… only Menage Salon (Trinoma)

  1. i must try that salon. :) 

  2. I have tried their services once.. yes they have a variety of services.. depende pa nga sa budget mo and all. Nakakarelax nga jan sis! With tea pa, and they’re not madada as you’ve said. they keep thing professional as possible.. with little interaction rin naman for connection. :))) I forgot sino yung gumawa sakin dun,, maybe I’ll try Earl/Robert next time! :-bd 

  3. I will try this out when I get back to Manila. I like the tea part, I think it is great that they want their customers to feel comfortable.

    I also hate it when stylists talk a lot while doing my hair. I easily get irritated by noise and oftentimes, what I do is I ask them something related to my hair so they would shut up.

    By the way, how much is their semi-rebond?

    Take care! Nice review.


  4. if only I could go to Trinomaaa nowww! :) Sounds like a really great place. Ako kaya what to I truly need for this looong hair! <3 Thanks for sharing such a wonderful place bebs :3

  5. now you remind me of what i forgot to do last week-end. :) love the salon;s exterior design.

  6. ang ganda mo forever love! :D sana ganyan rin akong kaganda!! <3 bagay sayo new look mo! mua! :-* super blooming mo!!! <3 Pag anjan na ako, dalhin mo ko jan ah?? <3

  7. Ang pretty mo talaga, sis! :) Post more photos of you. Magdrool lng mga guys. Haha

  8. Che Anaa

    thinking of going to this salon, kinda afraid lng kasi they look a bit pricey, hehe. :0

  9. Carla

    Earl and bert have been styling my hair for almost 4 years or 5 years already. Whenever i go there, i just let earl do what suits me best. Magaling talaga at professional

  10. Rhea Coquilla

    Hi maam… Just want to ask, how much po ung rebond nyo? My color po ung hair ko, lightest blond po…just want to have a ppointement po.. Plss relly..

    • Hello. It actually depends on your hair and thickness.. you may need to call them for appointment and tell them the information on your hair – then they will give you an estimate price. :)

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