Flirty fluttering false eyelashes


False eyelashes have been around for a long time, and were particularly popular in the 1960s. Young women everywhere love to enhance their eyes with long luscious looking eyelashes for a flirty, doe-eyed look. Applying false eyelashes can be frustrating if you’re not sure how to go about it, however, by learning the correct way to apply false lashes you will be able to quickly and neatly create beautiful looks that last all night.

1. Be prepared

To make your eyelash application quick and easy, be sure you have everything to hand. You will need a small table top mirror, preferably a magnifying one; a pair of tweezers, the pot of glue and the eyelashes.

2. Be patient
When applying your false lashes you don’t want to get in a flutter before you’re even wearing them! The main error that is made when girls apply their own false lashes at home, is rushing to get the lashes on or panicking when the application doesn’t look right. Especially if you’ve been dating at eHarmony and are about to meet your date for the first time! It’s really important to leave the glue to set on the lashes for at least 30 seconds before applying the lashes; this will ensure the glue has enough hold on the lashes first.

3. Step by step
i) Before applying a strip of false lashes, firstly make sure that you will be applying each strip to the correct eye, as the lashes come in sets of left and right
ii) If the lash strip is too wide, you can cut an amount off the end with the longer lashes (the outside) with a pair of nail scissors. You should never try to cut the lashes once you have applied them to your eyes so always measure before.
iii) Starting with your first lash strip, apply a thin layer of glue to the seam of the lashes with a fine brush or application tool. Try not to get glue on the lashes themselves. Leave the glue for at least 30 seconds.
iv) Looking down in to the mirror, use the tweezers to pick up the glued lashes and place them at the root of your natural lashes, not directly on to the skin. Gently apply pressure to each end of the lash strip and hold it in place for 30 seconds, and then gently tap along the middle to secure the strip. Repeat with the next set of lashes on the other eye.

4. Wearing your lashes with pride.
Once you have successfully secured you luscious lashes, you can add a little eye makeup to finish the look. Make sure that any glue around your eye has dried before applying any cosmetics. Remember if you are going to be in photographs your new eyelashes will already make your eyes look bigger and darker, so if you are taking a profile photo to find Asian singles at eHarmony or a special portrait for work or family, don’t go too dark with the rest of your make up if you want to achieve a natural look with your longer lashes.

Take time over the application and you won’t have the terrible “there’s a spider on your face” comments when one set of lashes slips off! When the time comes for your big date or photo shoot, if you have applied your lashes correctly they will last you all night.

January 5th, 2012
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