Face of the Day ( #FOTD ) – Because it’s finally, JUNE.


It has truly been awhile since I got the chance to post an #FOTD here on my blog. I just got back from another overseas trip – the month of May was full of travel for me – that actually explains why I haven’t been updating my blog lately. Anyway, I have been sick lately maybe because I haven’t really found time to rest since a whole month of travel – here and there. Though, I was sick, lying all day in bed makes me feel as if I won’t really get better, thus I treated it as an opportunity to do an #FOTD. After all, it’s actually been awhile since I last put on makeup. I have been lazy applying makeup recently, but after doing this #FOTD, it made me realized how much I love applying makeup on my face. It’s really fun!


This is one of my most favorite makeup look:
1. Classic Smokey Eyes
2. Contour
3. Highlight
4. Simple Matte Lipstick (I prefer Nude, but I ran out of Nude Lipstick for now)


Makeup Products that I’ve Used:
1. Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer from Benefit Cosmetics
2. True Match Foundation in Apricot Ivory from Loreal
3. Professional Makeup Camouflage Facial Concealer Cream Palette from Romwe
4. 6 Color Concealer Foundation Palette from Romwe
5. Guilty Pleasure Eye Palette HD from BYS Cosmetics
6. Lash King Mascara from Shiseido Majolica Majorca
7. PhotoReady Flushed Rougissant by Revlon
8. High Beam Liquid Highlighter from Benefit Cosmetics
9. Rosy Pink Lipstick from Pixy Cosmetics
10. Black Eyeliner from The Face Shop

Photo taken by Mobile Phone Camera

Photo taken by Mobile Phone Camera

I truly love how this makeup look turned out on me. I normally don’t apply any eye makeup on a daily basis (because I am too lazy to do so, lol!) thus, this look truly has satisfied me. I am not really a fan of applying too much color on my face when it comes to makeup because I believe that makeup helps to enhance our features – not to entirely change our whole overall look. Don’t you think so, too?

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  1. I love the looks you created. Beautiful! I appreciate that you posted the products that you used too. I use make-up all the time and love trying new things.

  2. I love that look on you, it just accentuates your features. You have great skin so you do not need a lot of make up – lucky!

    • You’d be shocked to know I don’t have anything special with morning routines, lol! The best I could just do is wash my face with water and apply an aloe vera gel all over my face as my face tends to be a bit dry at times. I do take in a lot of greens and supplement though, plus a lot of water. ;) I did take care a lot of my skin when I was in my early teens – maybe that helped a lot? Other than that, I did nothing special.

  3. If I had time I totally would start another blog on hair and make up. I’m so addicted to it as well.
    It’s fun to experiment and look different or hide imperfections or what I usually do is play up the features I all ready have.

  4. You are so gorgeous … look at that smooth skin! I agree … makeup is to enhance our features, not totally change our look. But …. eye makeup is my fave. If I wear nothing else, I almost always wear eye makeup. And really the only other thing I wear with it is a powder and sometimes a mineral foundation under that.

  5. Oh, how I envy your skin! You look so pretty, like a doll! I love our makeup, your look is natural and fresh. I see that you have used one of my favorite foundations – True Match from L’Oreal.

  6. Smokey eyes are the best make-up look in my opinion together with a radiant skin and pretty lips, nothing else you can do :D
    Gorgeous look!

  7. Oh girl !! 1st thing I’d noticed your flawless skin <3 You're such a blessed soul I must say… & you're SO cute too :D Love the whole look on you x