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Eyebags are mostly the most dreadful thing next to acne that could be visible in ones face. I personally hate them, don’t you? Those that give our eyes dark circles and puffiness, which is not pleasing in anyone’s eye. Most people, especially teenagers would prefer buying in the counter eye creams as a remedy for eyebags, but in my case, I would still prefer home remedies for this. It’s a natural way to be eyebags free and the best part is that, it’s not expensive at all – – before you go guessing, it’s not cucumber at all!! Okay?

Eyebags Remedy to try:
Slice raw potato in thin slices, place them in each eye. Be sure that your eye area has spritz of water before application. You can put several thin slices for each eye and leave there for a 5 to 10 minutes for better results.

Leave a spoon in the freezer, and when it’s cold enough press the spoon under the eye area where it’s puffy. It’s actually one of the quickest remedy.

– Putting teabags under your eye is helpful too, because of the tannin. So, give it a try than throwing them all out!

Other tips for you to reduce eyebags:
– Use gel based eye make up and creams

– Refrain from applying rich moisturizers in eye area at night

– Avoid using anti aging creams in the eye area

– Always wash your face with cold water every morning

– Elevate the head on your bed as you sleep, this can prevent the gravitational redistribution of fluid that is associated with eye swelling, which are those puffiness we get in our eye area

Reduce the excessive intake of alcohol, this would cause puffiness in your eyes. In case you can’t help it, match a glass of wine with a glass of water every time.

– Drinks lots of water during the day but avoid drinking water 3 hours before you sleep – – water retention.

– Try to intake foods like asparagus, it’s good in prevention water retention

Try to give your eyes a rest, you must be facing the computer or television too much.

Goodluck! It’s really nice if we could reduce those eyebags before the school starts, right?

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June 10th, 2009
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  1. I'm guilty with the last "Try to give your eyes a rest, you must be facing the computer or television too much."… haha! I'm going to try the spoon thingy. Thanks for this!

  2. love this post! thanks! :D hehe eyebags are definitely one of the major probs of an adolescent.

  3. I hate having eyebags!! haha i remembered, I used "pipino" before para mawala LOLs

  4. Oh I tried the teabags and the cold spoon, and it actually works, but I don't do them anymore since I graduated from High School, but most probably I'd do those things again when the new school year starts :) I didn't know that I should not drink too much water before going to sleep, thanks for reminding :) haha

  5. oh my, I definitely need this. alam mo naman ako, insomniac at kulang talaga sa tulog lage. I tried that spoon thing na rin especially pagkagising ko ng umaga. My other method naman is eye gel mask, to cool my eyes lalo na pagnatutulog.

    I wonder kung magiging ganyan pa yung mata ko in the future or maybe icconceal ko na lang sya forever with a concealer. :(

  6. Thanks for that very useful information sis. problema ko rin yung eyebags ko eh, hindi naman malaki pero kita sa mga pics ko. Haha! I think pinakamadali yung sinabi mo about sa spoon. Itatry ko nga =)

    And question sis, effective ba yung new product from Garnier?
    I saw it in a magazine kasi eh. pangtanggal din sa eyebags.

  7. Biggest problem ko talaga is eyebags.Ill try yung sa spoon.Sana effective.Ill do the tips din kaso yung "try to give your eyes a rest…"di ko ata magagawa yun.hehe…
    Didnt know na bawal pala uminom ng water 3 hours before going to sleep.Hilig ko pa naman gawin yun.

  8. Eyebags are okay because humans have eyebags. Pero nakakatakot naman ung super black eyebags. Thanks for the tips.

  9. i don't really have eyebags.. but when vacation started, i think I have them already. They're such my best buds who never left me. Thanks for letting me know how to get rid of it. Ü

  10. major thanks for the tips. i think everyone has eyebags problem.
    i will try the spoon thingy, not very difficult to do.

  11. hi aisha!

    may nabasa naman ako, you have to elevate the feet/legs while the head part and the shoulders should be flat. ang sabi kasi don, when you elevate the head area, there's a tendency that the fluids in the eye will get stuck don sa lower lids that causes puffiness of the eyes and darkening.

  12. Effective kaya yung product na ineendorse ni KC? Hahaha! Mukha kasing cool. Haha!

  13. Aisha

    Hi Sis Janelle, you must have read the wrong thing, kasi I've researched for that eh, halos lht ng pages indexed by google said na, we should elevate our heads as we sleep to prevent puffiness hehe, opposite yang nabasa mo I think :)

    Btw to Kisty, I'm yet to try the Garnier Product, hehe made me really curious.

  14. I'll use these tips when I see eyebugs under my eyes :D.

    I don't usually get them unless I'm stressed out, when I lack sleep, and when I cry too much. Oh, I could let my mom read this :D She always gets Eyebugs.

  15. Ate, bat ganun?? ngsubscribe ako dito nuon, pero la akong nareceive na message?? But ngsubscribe nalang ako ulit, baka kasi ibang email add ang ginamit ko para magsubscribe dati.. hehee..

    anyway,.. really?! di pala nakakatulong ang cucumber?! hahaaha.. kala ko nkakatulong yan kaya yan ang ginagamit ko. hahahaa.
    ittry ko yang spoon thing. ^_^
    masama pala yang umiinom 3 hours before you sleep. umiinom kasi ako ng 5 glasses every night righ before I sleep. hehehee.
    thanks sa tips!!

    PS. Im on my 2nd week na sa Rexona skin light challenge. hahaha..

  16. i really love this post!! thanks for this.. so helpful..

  17. wee. Thanks thanks for this tips. Eye bas are my biggest problem. err! as in I hate the puffiness of my eyes. I know it's becuz of I'm always staying late at night then my pillow is way to low and ofcourse.. I'm in front of the computer for like.. all the time. After that watch the tv or something. Aw! I must be abusing the eyes. :( Anyways, thanks for this. Really helpful ate. ;)

    btw, I was planning to buy the Roll on thingy. In the commercial. Have you seen that? hehe. Forgot the name.. hmm, do you think it's effective? :P

  18. garnier yun na yun. Pagkabasa ko sa comment sa taas. haha! adec ako. :))

  19. Thank you for sharing, Ate Aisha! I will really use these tips when I have eyebags na :)

  20. weee. i really like this post. ive been dying to get over my real big eyebegs. haha. will surely try all those tips. thanks. :)

  21. hehehe! akala ko kasama sa list ang cucumber! :)

  22. Wow, Thank you for sharing this and thanks for the tips :)

  23. wow! cool tips & very useful. Especially sa mga nagpu2yat at sobrang babad s pc.
    I'll try this!^_~ Thanks for sharing:P

  24. at last. mwahahahaha. ty talaga ate aisha. I'll try the second one. May insomia na kase ata ako these past few days kaya ayun anlaki ng eyebags. IDK naman kase kung anung brand ng concealer yung effective e. :( Ty sis >:D<

  25. This post is very useful especially to those working in the night shift just like me.

    Thanks for sharing, girl! :)

  26. haha so cucumber isn't the answer. lol. i've heard about the spoon na. i haven't tried it though. hehe. thanks for this!! this blog is really super helpful!! <3

  27. hi sis ganda! musta ka na? jusko sister kailangan ko nga itong eyebag remedy na ito dahil mukha ako laging kulang sa tulog hahahahhaa thanks!!!

  28. OMG! this post is for me. haha. i remember the day nung nanghihingi ako ng help sayo ate. hehe.
    thanks for this. :))

  29. I will try the spoon thing:)

  30. Using a cold spoon over your eye really does work… i tried it a long time ago. I should do it more often now. but i get to lazy… haha :)
    Thanks for putting this up! :)

  31. Di ko akalaing ang raw potatos ay nakakatulog! Pati yung sa spoon na pinalamig! maitry nga :)) Hahaha! Thanks for the tip Ms. Candy Blush!

  32. oh i so hate eyebags. thank God i don't have them. paminsan lang kapag puyat ako. thanks for these tips. it's really going to be helpful.

  33. I use ice naman pero babalot ko muna sa bimpo para di mangitim.

  34. pwede din naman to sa mga boys ano? hihi..
    para naman pag di na ko natutulog pra magreview di masyadong halatain ung eyebags hahaha

  35. WOW another helpful info for me.. bookmarked na talaga to para di ko makalimutan bisitahin when i have time… this blog has been very helpful not only for me but to all pretty girls out there…

  36. very helpful! now i know what to do pag inatake nanaman akes ng eyebags ko hehe. thanks sis!

  37. REALLY HELPFUL. As in. Haha. Sis, pano yun sa teabags? Ang tagal ko ng nagwwonder kung anong teabags ba ang gagamitin? Pwede ba yun mga nabibili sa local stores. Kasi yun daw ang pinakaeffective e. Hindi ko matry-try kase hindi ko alam kung anong dapat gamitin. Dapat daw less or more caffeine yun teabag? Enlighten me please. Hehe

    I'm gonna try these other tips. Sana magwork saken. Thanks a lot!

  38. Miss Candy Blush

    Haha, USE CHAMMOMILE sis :) It's the most effective, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. I'm thinking of posting another entry on Eyebags using tea bags tho :) hehehehe

  39. Miss Candy Blush

    anti-inflammatory properties.

  40. Miss Candy Blush

    Sis aun sorry for the wrong sent of msg haha :D

    Btw, please check the entry again to read the full details of the contest :) mwaah! Thank yoU!!

  41. Hi Aisha,

    Hemorrhoid has something to do with anal area. Hmm, sorry but if you're gonna search the word hemorrhoid, is an anatomical disease in the anal area.

    I wonder why there's hemorroid in creams :) Are you sure it is hemorrhoid?

  42. Miss Candy Blush

    Hi sis, yes. Ang weird, and a silly idea, but trick is used by supermodels, because of its ingredients, shark oil and a live yeast cell derivative called Bio-Dyne Skin Respiratory Factor.

    PS. It doesn't work for everyone. LOL. Thanks for reminding me, maybe I should be deleting that part of the entry nlang. hehehe :)

  43. Haha! Yup girl, nagulat aku may hemorrhoid woot. Hihihi.
    Thanks for the heads up! Woot!

  44. gad! i'll try this one. coz i have a very big eyebags! hahaha. thanks for this sis aisha:)

  45. Amateur

    ang ganda naman nung model ng eyebag sa taas :D

  46. akU.

    oh.i have a big black eyebugs.but im only 14 yrz old.haha.wawa nmn aku.huhu.

  47. Thank your for the the great information.

  48. jen

    not cucumber? Dats new for my reading.i wonder y? Ive read also ung part n head and shoulder flat on bed,then elevate ur lower limbs while resting..kinda confusing.. Id like to add..avoid eating red meat and fried foods.eat mor fruits and vegtables..its always healthy. .dahil ang eyebags,accdg to wat ive read, e cause ng "cleaning process" ng liver naten. tnx 4 d infos anyway =)

  49. moi

    how do you use the tea bags po ba? thanks!

  50. PatZkie

    thank u so much for these advices.. i cant wait to try it on…. :)

  51. hmm..i was searching of this for my friend. she really want to know whats the remedy for eyebags, and i guess this remedies would help to kick off her f*ckin' eyebags.. LMAO! am gonna try this also.. btw. TY 4 this :)

  52. hmm..i wAs sEarChiNg of ThiS fOr my FriEnD COz sHe rEalLy waNt tO kNow iF wHats tHe reMeDy fOr eYebAgs, anD i gUesS tHis rEmeDies wOuLd heLp tO kick off hEr f*ckin' eyebags.. LMAO! am gOnna try tHis aLsO.. btw. TY 4 this!! :)

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