Different Ways to Know your Skin UnderTones

Know your skin tone

Not everyone knows but getting to really knowing your skin tone is very important. It will not just help you look good but it also helps you want skin care and makeup to use as well. I believe that not being able to know your own skin undertone is one of the setbacks of makeup failure.

Now, what do I mean by makeup failure?

Well, to be frank with everyone. I consider a makeup failure when…

– a woman’s face skin tone and color differs from her neck.

– when she puts a concealer on and it doesn’t seem as if she concealed anything at all. She just made it obvious that she applied one – or better yet, it’s too obvious because her under eye area starts to get cakey and the skin on the eye surface starts to be uneven to the rest of her skin tone and color.

– when she fails to enhance her facial feature – and tends to make her makeup look dull instead of making herself stand out and letting everyone see her enhanced facial features (in which I believe is the sole reason of putting makeup on)

Knowing your skin undertone will also help you in more ways than just makeup alone. You would know what colors compliments you and what would not. Personally, I find it hard myself to know my own skin tone, too.

Whenever I go for a makeup hunt – there are always two colors to choose in terms of BB Creams, Foundation, Powder and Concealer – a dark one and a lighter one all for the sake of our skin tone.

Now, the bigger question is.. how am I certain that the lighter one is for me? How would I be certain if the dark one is really not for me. I have that tendency to take hours and hours just to choose one product and most of the time – I still end up in failure in choosing the wrong products to buy.

You know why?

Because I never knew what my skin undertone really is – thus, it leaded me to always have a hard time buying products, wasting money all at the same time and at the end of the day – NOT USING THE PRODUCT I JUST BOUGHT MYSELF!

Thankfully, I already know what my skin tone really is and I would love to share it with everyone else, too! To tell you the truth it would be tad complicated as my facial skin color differs from my neck and chest area (which makes me a neutral tone but mostly have warm tone in it). It’s not that obvious – but you do need to observe carefully!

So take a quick moment to look into the mirror now, hopefully see yourself in white wall background!

Do you really have the same skin color with your face? No matter how you may say your facial skin undertone and body are the same – if you would observe, your facial skin tone will always be a slighter different.

STEP 1. Do a wrist check! This is mostly the basic and famous way to check what skin undertone you really have. See what colors you would mostly see in your veins there (remember to check both sides of your wrist!)

STEP 2. Make sure to see what colors are prominent in your veins.

If you can’t tell – a bit of both, in one way or another, you’re probably a NEUTRAL or MIXED like me.

Skin tone check - gold and silver

Another thing you might want to try is to put a gold and silver necklace on your face. Make sure that you do this without any earrings on, okay?

If you tried the gold necklace – and it ends up, looking too harsh on your skin and not being able to bring out that natural beauty in you – it looks dull and grey – then you are probably more of a COOL SKIN TONE. If you tried it on and it looks healthy – it glows and doesn’t change your skin that much, in fact it enhances it – making you more beautiful, then you are most likely a WARM SKIN TONE.

If you tried on a silver necklace – It should look shiny and shimmery. If it ends up nothing – looking normal, nothing changes or anything. Then, you are a WARM SKIN TONE.

Also, don’t forget that you can also check out your undertone by having a BURN TEST.

– If you are out on the sun and you tend to look reddish, then you are a COOL SKIN TONE person.
– If you are out on the sun and you tend to look darker, then you are a WARM SKIN TONE person.

By knowing your skin undertone, you would be able to know what powder, foundation, concealer would be perfect for your skin! Now, do remember that your surface skin tone is far different from our skin undertone. Some products may look good with our surface skin tone and differs from our undertone – so knowing your skin undertone really helps a lot – if you’d really want that good makeup without makeup, ofcourse!


30 Comments to Different Ways to Know your Skin UnderTones

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I tried it, just now. lol! To my assessment, I’m cool skin tone.
    I haven’t bought any foundation and concealer which fits my skin tone. Until, I gave up. Hindi na ako talaga gumagamit kaya siguro ayoko na din mag-make up. It feels frustrating kasi kapag bibili tapos hindi naman pala okay sa skin ko. Especially if it’s expensive. >.<

    • So true. It is frustrating.. especially with concealers – I never bought them until recently lang. It helps talaga when you know your skin undertone.. :)

  2. This is very informative! I’ve tried thinking what my undertone is but still not sure. My wrist is like a mixture of blue and green. Gold and silver necklaces looks good on me but I prefer gold. When I’m out in the sun, I look red > dark. :| Am I mixed?

    • Most likely – you are a neutral mixed just like me! :) In one way or another – depends on our weather/climate changes one undertone will be prominent with the other. :) Hassle noh – pag neutral, haha – at the same time it has its advantages, too! :)

  3. I have mixed blue and green veins. So I guess I’m mixed/neutral. Tapos yung sa pagsuot ng gold and silver ttry ko. Hehe. I always wear silver kasi yun mostly yung meron ako. Haha. Anyway, dba yung pagsswatch sa wrist, d naman nkakatulong yun? Since iba kulay ng wrist sa face? Mas maputi pa nga wrist ko kesa sa mukha ko. LOL :)))

    • That’s what most people think – that is what I think din before – which is why checking on undertones is something I have ignored way back. But, if you check on your face skin tone – and based your products and everything else with your face undertone, you will likely enhance your facial features giving an obvious discolouration on your neck, chest and body area. Makeup enhances our skin – not to make us clowns by making it obvious you had makeup on. ;) So basically, checking on undertones is the secret of makeup without makeup look! =)

      Naturally, because of our hormones our face skin tone will always be different that is why we needed to uneven our skin tone based on our body not of our face to make it more natural looking.

  4. This will b very helpful once I start doing “quick makeup lessons”… Thank you for posting this!

  5. thanks for posting this! This is very helpful esp to thise having a hard time on choosing the right shade of foundation.

    • So true! It’s hard talaga especially… we normally always look at our face – not realizing what other people really see – which is the overall look – taking into consideration of our face and neck area. It’s important na same ang skin tone natin on both parts talaga. So we can really call it natural beauty, di ba? :)

  6. Very informative and helpful post! Sometimes I also have problem figuring out my own skin tone, it’s adjusting kasi. :)

  7. grabe, I was checking my wrist left and right.. Now I know I have warm undertone.. How about yung mga yellow, pink undertone ba yun? do you have any idea about that?

    Pero sabi nga ni goss yung makeupartist din sa YT most people daw tlga are yellow undertone naman.

    Ang helpful nito sis. keep it up! :)

    • Yes, most people are on yellow undertone but there are still a lot kasi who have pinkish and reddish undertone – they fall under the COOL SKIN TONE area. :) Mostly, just like me… I have pink undertone on the surface on my face yet on my neck area.. I am a WARM tone – thus overall, I am actually a NEUTRAL MIXED. :)

      Thank you sis!

  8. Thank you for this post. I learned a lot. Now I think I know my true skin tone. :)

  9. Thanks! This is very helpful. I think I have a neutral undertone (still confused, actually) because when I look at my wrist I see bit of green & blue. IDK, lol :D

  10. I’m defo a warm skin tone! Morena indeed. Haha That’s why I kinda hate my tone kasi hindi pwede sa lahat. Mapili tapos very sensitive. Good thing if you know your skin tone to know what foundation color or concealer suits your skin! Thanks for letting me know my skin undertones! :3

  11. Very informative! I actually don’t know my skintone and this post of yours really helped me determine where I belong :) Thanks much<3

  12. This is really helpful. I have mixed undertone but I am acidic haha so my foundation shopping varies all the time. :)

  13. WOW! its really interesting! I too wanted to know about my skin tone, and your post really helped me to do so. Really amazing! I would surely pass on this to my friends also. Thanks for sharing :-)

  14. now i learned something! Im not really a make up junkie and im cool with loose powder, bb cream and a lipstick! Thanks for sharing! Had to let my lil sister read this!

  15. Aisha! Thanks for sharing this! I tried it and it works for me. no more having to worry about “espasol look”

    P.S. Please join my giveaway here: http://charlotteanne.tk/2013/08/charlotte-anne-x-ahaishopping-clothes-giveaway/

  16. Until now di ko padin alam skin tone ko. Alam ko warm ako pero pag during sa mga test, like if sa burn test, reddish ako, face ko lang actually, pero minsan lang. lol. And yung veins ko sa wrist may purple and green. Minsan nagtatanong nalang ako sa saleslady kung alin shade ang bagay sakin :)) pero mostly naman na ng binibili ko ngayon one shade, like yung bb cream and powder (2 shades lang). Pero for sure, warm undertone ako. :D

    lol yung mga nilist mo sa makeup failure. btw, mukha naman pantay yung color ng face and neck mo.

  17. i also do not know about skin undertones, i just simply make a balance on the foundation, that is it should look natural to complement the neck and the nape and not to look like a ghost with a super white face ahaha

  18. Knowing your skin tone can help you in the shades and outfits you can match it with.

  19. I’ve always have trouble finding the right color for my skintone, this is exactly what i need to know.

  20. This is what girls/women should keep in mind when applying makeup. I see women using makeup and claiming it is “imported ito galing states” but the shades dont match them! I think us Asians are more on the yellow tone and should embrace Asian products which I think are a whole lot better than the Stateside-made drugstore brands

    • Very true. They need to consider things like the weather and climate over here and there – lol. It has an effect to the products and to our skin.

  21. You have a beautiful skin Aisha, not many have those!

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