Dashing Diva’s Eyebrow Waxing

I use to shape my eyebrows by going to the salon to have an eyebrow threading for every 3 weeks. Unfortunately, because of my hectic schedule, there are times when I wasn’t able to give time to pamper myself. It was a good thing I was able to go out with my friends yesterday for some shopping, food trip, a few hang-outs and girl talk.

We went to Dashing Diva in Beauty Bar located at Greenbelt 5 to pamper ourselves. I actually wanted to have my nails done but out of the blue, I just decided to give their eyebrow waxing service a try. I have always did threading on my eyebrows but never tried waxing. It was a new experience for me and I was also quite scared about it, since I don’t know how it will actually turn out.

After a few minutes of prayer and nervousness…

The first photo is what it looked like right after the eyebrow waxing service. The second photo is what it looks like when the redness has subsided down.

Yes, it became quite reddish at first but subdued right after a few minutes. It was a fast and good service unlike when I had to do threading sessions, I would almost tear up because of the pain. So I would really say that it’s worth it.

Plus, I get to have free ice tea,too! HAHA!

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Ano nabago? hahaha parang di ko makita difference lols. Ako naman hindi nagppluck ang sakit nun eh :( kaya lagi lang ako nagaahit gmit ung pang cut sa brows nakalimutan ko tawag wahahaha!! 

    •  @BabyVox Wala dyan ang before and after pic, lol. Just showing how it looked like after the wax. Both yan.. after the wax. :). If you look closely.. makikita mo yun redness sa brow area. Yun ang part na na-wax. :)

  2. vainroxy

    pretty neat! ako nagpapluck ako ng kilay. may petroleum jelly muna then i rub it tapos i-pluck ko na. super sakit naluluha nga ako … di ko alam kung tama ba to eh, kasa baka masira yung skin ko sa eyebrow or something since manipis lang yun diba? pero oh well, I just do it rather than yung threading? Mas masakit yun IMO! Ang neat ng pagkagawa ng dashingdiva. I tried Dashing Diva’s services sa nail art naman. I like how pink the room is! hehe super girly. tapos yeah may iced tea pa. meganun haha. 

    •  @vainroxy HAHA! Yes! :) The reason naman I like threading is because naalis talaga yung root.. so mas matagal tumubo ulit. It’s better to do that than shaving kasi kakapal lalo yung eyebrow hair eh. I have never tried plucking, wonder how that feels like, lol, haha! :) 

      • Seryoso? I need makapal brows! haha pero parang hindi naman, ang sakit kasi pag binunot eh :(

  3. wow! Ang ganda naman. Hehe. Love it so much. Shnshave ko lang akin ng sarili ko. Hindi ako masyado marunong though. I want to try that. 

  4. shdwphyre

    Haha, I’ve always come to that place for nails & silly nail art, especially when I was stuck in my old day job 3 years ago & had Tuesday mornings as my rest days, along with the usual Saturdays & Sundays off. My nails are less yellow & cracked, & my cuticles more moisturized everytime. Their Rockwell branch is better (especially when it comes massages) but I like it there for quiet evenings. & I am totally in love with their Raspberry Tart Tasha & Headliner (the shade I had on my feet) polish. :) I like their waxing services, not so drying to the skin. I just can’t have anything done to my eyebrows anymore. My skin in that area is too thin so no threading nor plucking whatsoever if I don’t want bleeding eyebrows mid-sesh. :)

  5. kawaiiyesha

    I prefer wax than any other way to fix eyebrows.
    Oh I’m jealous haha I want pamper day too ^ ^
    I’ve tried their service too before and maybe when I have free time, I’ll visit them too

  6. LhyzieBongon

    Ang ganda :)
    Binubunot ko lang yun akin eh. :D

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