Cynos, Inside Hair Care (Hair Fashion Show)


Last June, I was invited to a hair fashion show to be held at Grand ballroom of the Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd., Manila., Cynos. It’s a big brand known around the world that originated in Korea, where most Asian celebrities and high-end fashion that we all have been eyeing on have started and they are officially making themselves known to the public here in Philippines last June 2012 by launching a hair fashion show event. It was a big success as they showcase how they innovated the hair industry along with the best hairdressers available in our very own country, Philippines.

Despite being a beauty blogger, I am very strict with my critique in terms of beauty and fashion. Not just because someone modeled for a brand doesn’t mean it’s beautiful to me. I go very in-depth to how everything works and play out. It’s not about the place where the fashion show was held, nor the food we ate, it’s all about what’s their motive, what they really do and can do… and I must say, I am very much impressed with Cynos.


Thanks to the beauty and brains behind Cynos, Ms. Rosa Ramos-Cinco (Cynos’s CEO). There will be no Cynos without her and they won’t be where they truly are without this woman.


The first hairdresser showcasing her talent is Ms. Tinette Ozamis-Puyat.

As you can see at the image, it’s not just simply a fashion where beautiful women will do a ramp showing off their beautiful hairstyles. (Well, technically at first… they did.) The hairdresser will do a demo on the spot in front of the whole crowd watching the event. How amazing is that? Seriously. You can’t even imagine how fascinated I was as I watch the event. (Oh.. and I am so honored to be at their front seat too, talk about having a VIP pass, thank you so much!) If you think these women are already beautiful enough as they walk on their ramp, you got this all wrong guys… these hairdressers, “enhance” their look even more that you’d totally see the difference every after demos!

PS. Of course they are using Cynos products in these demos, too.


The next stylist or hairdresser as you may call it.. is Mr. Hanz Olivar. He has a very unique, eye-catching – edgy and fashionable style. He had me jaw dropping when he entered the stage along with two hunks with him. He really took a lot of time into cutting the hair of his demo and the results was surprisingly too beautiful. I think I’d like to have my hair fixed by his magical hands!

Right at that moment, I just knew… the event was getting more and more of my attention and I am being drawn to it as it goes on – I can’t even leave my own seat though I am wanting to take my powder room session, already!


The last but not the least was Mr. Alex Carbonell. If you think the other hairdressers were impressive, just you wait till you see how Alex made everyone screamed and jaw-dropped, literally. Talk about how overwhelming and mind-blowing it was. I would never figured out how he did all the magic and how he made a lot of women beautiful as he did a magic hair fashion show. Like really, it was like a magic show.. and everyone is supporting him big time as you will hear a lot of shouting from the crowd calling out his name!

Overall, I had major fun. I actually had some freebies from this event as well, a Cynos shampoo and conditioner in which, I would highly recommend. I have been using it since that moment that they first gave it to me. I also had a gift certificate for a foot spa and an exclusive haircut at Tinette & Co. I haven’t went there yet, but once I do – I’ll definitely let everyone know how it goes and how my hair would look like afterwards. For now, I’m still having a hangover of excitement and thrill regarding the hair fashion show… though it took me major time delay to put this blog published, I’m still having bits of those memorable night.

Thanks again to Cynos and I’m really glad that there is one hair care industry that I can finally trust and be at ease with.. to be honest, a women’s hair is not to mess with – it’s to be handled with care by the “real” experts as it’s the first big opener to make someone fantastically beautiful.

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