Your brows and lashes can give you the Perfect Eyes at The Browhaus Salon.


Despite the fact that I don’t really like my eyes… (Well, technically.. I like everything about myself but I would have to admit that my eyes is not the perfect kind that I wanted because one has a single eyelid and the other one has a double eyelid..) but recently, I have been getting so much compliment regarding my eyes and especially regarding my brows.

I had a lot of people even asking me if I did the shaping or threading myself. The answer to all that is NO. I didn’t shape my own brows. Even my makeup artist and stylist in shoots always compliments how perfect and ideal my eyebrows are.. Well, I am a bit obsessed with threading and I make sure that I do have a threading session for every 3 weeks. Just so you know, brow threading is a bit painful but trust me, it will feel so worth it and the pain will instantly fade away as soon as you see yourself in the mirror afterwards.

Rating: ★★★★★

Then again, if you are afraid of having your brows threaded.. being afraid that it might hurt too much or the service may not please you.. I would suggest going the experts, which is The Browhaus Salon. I usually have my brow session in Greenbelt 5 and I have no complains as the result has always been perfect and really flawless. There is privacy in every room, the ambiance and scenery is all good and the staffs are really nice and accommodating.

Aside from all that, they are using a different kind of thread which is almost painless. At least, it didn’t really hurt more than how it normally would from using a normal thread that other hair and beauty salons are using in their brow threading services.

PS. It’s been years since I started threading my brows but.. it is only this time when I started having my brows done in The Browhaus Salon that I have received a lot of compliments and people telling me how perfect and ideal my eyebrows are and it even complimented the shape of my face.


They don’t just specialized in shaping, repairing and reforming your eye-browses, they also do lash extension services. It’s pricier than normal lash extension services that I know but I still chose to have my lash extension at the Browhaus simply because.. our eyes are very sensitive and a crucial part of our whole face and I honestly, wouldn’t want any other people who are not experts to work on my lashes just like that.

Plus, they do a one-week follow up with your lashes to make sure your lashes are still good and they will repair if there are problems encountered or seen in that first week time – FOR FREE! How good is that? I’d say it’s all worth it!

So far, I am very pleased and happy with their services.
I honestly and completely love my eyes right now – more than ever!

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  1. eriqcornelio

    yays! I wanna try that threading since my brows are too thick, using blade isn’t that effective, I’m using a razor instead.
    When it comes to my lashes, I’m thankful that God has blessed me with long and thick lashes that I only need a mascara to enhance them. :)
    Your brows are gorgeous. XOXO

    • You’re so lucky. Even with curling and a mascara, di ganon ang nagagawa ng natural lashes ko. I envy you, haha!

  2. Haha bongga yan teeeh! Libre mo ko dyan hoyy! haha gamit ko lang razor taena kaya parang every 3 days lagi ako naggaganun hihihi.

    miss you!!!

  3. May I ask how much they charge for eyebrow threading? ANd do they have branches in QC or Greenhills?

    • Well as far as I know, they currently have 2 branches. One in Serendra and one in GB 5. You can know more about their services on their multiply: :)

      the lash extension I had cost me 2.7k its in cluster.. they have the one by one lash thread around 3.8k. Haha! I know it’s pricey.. but the quality and service is honestly what I wanted the most. Plus the free touch up after a week time. :)

    • shayne

      HI Mrs Martinez, our branch is in Greenbelt 5 and Serendra. Cost of Brow threading is P580. Our signature service is Browgraphy, means shaping and shading, we shape then color your brow to match the color of your hair or if your brow is too thick, we lighten it and if it is too thin, we darken it to make it look fuller. You may visit our website Browhaus manila for more info. We have ongoing promo, you might catch it.

  4. Rainne Villena

    Threading is really painful. =((
    I let my friend to shape my sooooo not defined eyebrows. LOLs!

  5. Faith

    I usually wax my eye brows.. but I really wanna try threading.
    Your eyebrows look so pretty hun!

    • shayne

      Hi Faith, waxing for brow is not recommended, shape is not precise.

  6. hangggg ganda mo teh!! :D taray ng kilay! promise! bet na bet ko!! :D I heard they’ve got good services nga.. makadaan nga jan this August… hihihihihi <3

  7. The brows can make or brake a face, therefore im obsessed with having the perfect shaped brows hahaha. Although I’ve never tried threading coz I’m a waxing kind of girl …and i like the feel of the hot wax on my face hahaha.

    • Try threading! It’s going to be good for you. I tried waxing them sa Dashing Diva. It’s okay.. but blaaah, it doesn’t compare from Browhaus threading. :) hehehe.. this is way better!

  8. I tried threading! Super painful :( I am also kind of OC with my brows so I get moody when they’re not properly shaped. Seems like Browhaus is a great place for those kinds of things ;)

  9. I soo love Browhaus and strip. I usually go there whenever I need some taming on you-know-what.. *wink* hihi :)

  10. I tried threading in other salons and it hurst. Your brows look good!

  11. Wow, I didn’t know that they do free follow-ups. I’m yearning for lash extensions but the horror stories make me cringe. I’ll consider Browhaus since it really seems to be reliable! :)

  12. I’ve actually been wanting to pay Browhaus a visit. I pluck my own brows and I’ve shaped and reshaped them quite a few times already. I don’t think they look that bad, but I want to see what professional help can do to them.. :D Anyway, I only got to try threading twice and it’s really painful! But, worth it :)

    • Yes, I know, haha! It’s going to be addicting haha! I mean, eversince I thread my own brows myself… I can’t stop myself by threading it na, haha I like it kasi lol.

  13. i actually wanna try it and be OC with my eyebrows. im just thinking the korean sabog eyebrows are in nowadays.. havent tried their service yet..

  14. I saw how much pain my cousin went through when she had her brows threaded. Now I’m afraid to try it myself, lol.

    • hehe, well just like I just said in this blog entry. Normally in other salons.. it’s going to be painful. But in Browhaus, it’s almost painless because they are using a different kind of thread. You should tell this to your cousin, she will definitely see the difference as much as I do. :)

  15. wow browhaus does a good job :) should visit browhaus soon :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  16. I should have my eyebrows shaped by the experts in brownhaus next week! I really like the shape of your eyebrows!

  17. Dito ka pala nagpapayos ng iyong maganda mata, I love the result beb I want too <3 <3 <3 bagay na bagay sayo ngaun yung extension mo dear! mas lumaki mata mo and gumanda ka ng todo!

  18. shayne

    Hi Aisha, thanks for the positive comments regarding Browhaus services. You are right, if you want a nicely shape precise eyebrow and beautifully made express lash extension, go to experts , that is Browhaus business. Brow is not an add on in our services but our expertise, our main service. Our brow architects have to undergo rigorous training 2-3 months before they can be certified as Brow architects. We have annual recertification to ensure that all staff are consistent w/ the services that we are offering. By the way, our trainer was certified in Singapore w/c is the home base of Browhaus. See you soon for a brow wow day!

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