Browhaus in Lucky Chinatown Mall!


Browhaus has always been my go-to salon for my brow and lash grooming. I may have gone through different salons for my hair and makeup from time to time but when it comes to my brows and lashes, I only trust Browhaus and this is no exaggeration at all! I’ve always trusted Browhaus.


(I actually blogged about them before, read here for that perfect eyes in Browhaus blog entry!)

I’m actually glad when Ms. Ayei and Ms. Shayne have asked me to visit their new branch at Lucky Chinatown Mall. I had to travel from Caloocan to Greenbelt just to get a brow or lash service way back, thus the new branch in Lucky Chinatown made things much more convenient since it’s not Makati based anymore! It became hassle-free on my part which made me really happy since I can go there every month with out any problems at all – in terms of my busy schedule, ofcourse!

Ms. Shayne told me that every branch at Browhaus has its different theme and as for the branch in Lucky China Town, it has a similar theme with their Singapore branch which is an outdoor theme. Ta-da! I was honestly shocked at first because I was used to a submarine theme like how it was in Greenbelt so I was dumbfounded when I first went to their store.


PS. Sorry, I am unable to post some of the photos I’ve taken since I accidentally made some frustrating mistakes on my Samsung Galaxy Camera. Boo. ;(

Anyway, they gave me a free eyebrow shaping treatment made by Ms. Issa. She told me everything I needed to know, like my face shape and what is the ideal eyebrows for my face, etc.. That is something I really like about Browhaus – how professional their service has always been. Believe me, I’ve tried going to other brands who offers brow shaping too – It was a complete disaster even though theirs are cheaper.

PS. Don’t be shock to see your eyebrow areas being pinkish red after the treatment. It’s normal. Don’t try to put any powder on as well as the pores are still open. Just leave it for 5-6 hours at a maximum. It will gradually settle by that time.

Since I had problems on my Samsung Galaxy Camera, I had to re-take on the photos. You may or may not see but my eyebrows are slowly growing back again, but still – the shape is still there. I like it. I like my previous eyebrow shape though – this time they made the ark of my eyebrow much obvious. I like it having more of a soft touch.



Sorry, I didn’t really put on makeup on this photo.

Feel free to visit Browhaus newest branch at Lucky Chinatown Mall and have a try on their eyebrow shaping resurrection! It’s really neat and worth it! <3

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  1. I have never gotten my eyebrows done, always thought it was weird, hehe. But yours turned out nicely! I guess I’m just afraid it may turn out bad :P

  2. Your eyebrows are a great shape. I know I need someone to professionally shape mine.

  3. They did a really great job on your eyebrows. I am always very selective about the salons I go to to have my eyebrows done because I have had some bad experiences with botched eyebrow jobs.

  4. Daisy

    I’ve always done my own brows and have never had them professionally done. I think that I do a good job, but I would like to try a professional some time.

  5. I really need to find a good place to get mine done. I never like how they turn out

  6. Anita Breeze

    Your eye brows are a great shape. I’ve never had mine professionally done, I guess because there was never a lot of eye brow to work with for some reason. Looks like a cool place to go.

  7. I really like how they considered your face shape when deciding how to do your brows!

  8. I love Browhaus, the staffs are friendly and I find their price reasonable

  9. I dont have an idea really on this.. eheh but will let my sister know about this post and she might be interested with this. hehe

  10. I have had my brows done professionally a time or two but not very often-usually only if a very special occasion is looming in the near future! Your brows look great!

  11. Hi Aisha. Thanks for the review. I might try visiting Browhaus. Usually, I’m the one plucking and shaving my eyebrows since I’ve learned it by watching tutorials on YouTube.

  12. I love getting my brows done – it’s such a treat! Eyebrows truly frame the face, and I always feel glamorous after sorting out my eyebrows: at home, or at the salon.

  13. Places like these are a dime a dozen at my local mall and I’ve never gone to any of them lol. I pluck my own eyebrows.

  14. Dov Shapira

    I thin my eye brows myself twice a week with a small trimmer.

  15. I’ve never had my eyebrows or lashes done. I am so terrified! Looks like you’ve found a fantastic place though! Awesome!

  16. The shape is def. there and your brows look great.

  17. Browhaus in the Lucky China Town Mall sounds like the place for a girl to get her brow and lashes done. Great post!

  18. Your post reminds me that I need to get my brows done as well! Yours came out really beautifully!

  19. Wow your brows look fab! I love how they have different themes at each location as well so cool! x

  20. Uhhmm..I don’t bother doing my eyebrows. But wifey certainly gets hers wrapped on occasion.

  21. That is one of the things I miss from when I worked. I always had time to stop in really quick to get my brows done. Now that I am home, the time does not happen as often as I would like/need. That did a great job.

  22. I definitely need to get my eyebrows done.. They are absolutely horrible right now!I will have to check them out, thanks for the review!

  23. Your eyebrows look great! I used to do mine on my own a long time ago but I (finally) found someone to do mine for me!

  24. nice eyebrows :) i will visit the salon one of these days :)

  25. Your brows look very nice. I’m always nervous about shaping my brows myself. Good thing a places like Browhaus are around to help!

  26. It has been so long since I was able to get my eyebrows done. Yours look lovely!

  27. i could really use getting my brows done professionally. I just hate doing them myself.

  28. My brows are a mess so I would definitely give this a try if given a chance.

  29. I used to get my eyebrows done but haven’t in a long time. I had my favorite place that I use to frequent when I lived in NY. Here in my new state I haven’t found a great one that does it well enough for me yet.

  30. Your eyebrows look fantastic. That is really quite a different set up in the malls then we are use to seeing.

  31. I have only ever had my eyebrows done once and truthfully I could use them to be done again!

  32. I always wanted to have mine professionally done and not just waxed.

  33. I think they did a great job. I love that they’re able to enhance/follow the natural arc of your brow.

  34. I love to get my brows done regularly but the fact is, it’s pretty expensive here. SO it always end up doing it my own.

  35. I love the design of the store. I don’t thing I’ll have my brows done anytime soon, but it really looks like a great place!

  36. patricia

    This post reminds me that I really need to get mine done again. Yours came out great.

  37. Your lashes look Great! I haven’t had anything like that ever done by anyone else, it would be neat to get to out and get my brows done, my hair too lol

  38. My daughter gets her eyebrows done. I’m too chicken but would love to!

  39. Jenny

    Just beautiful <3 ?

  40. I think I’d feel suffocated under those tent-like cubicles though lol.

  41. I have never really gone to the pro to have my brows shape, but I would love to do that someday. It is nice to have them do it and have them shape it the right way. I love their set up too. Your brows are nicely shaped.

  42. Oh my, you just reminded me how badly I need my eyebrows done!! Yours look fab!

  43. It’s pretty cool that they have places like this. I don’t really worry about my eyebrows, though.

  44. what a unique design offering great job, this is what I’m looking for

  45. I’m also from Caloocan and I want to try browhaus for the longest time. Will go to Lucky Chinatown mall and try their services.

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