Body Butter for Soft, Smooth Skin that Lasts

One thing that amuses me about women is how each women has the urge of wanting to take care of themselves – specifically their body and skin.

It’s not by being a self proclaimed bitch, a flirt or someone stagy..but every girl really needs to spend time taking care of their body, making sure it’s clean, soft and smooth to touch at any time.

It’s not with the soap you use, and definitely not just by constantly applying lotion after every bath. Speaking of lotions, Do you know that I hate lotions? It’s messy and greasy plus it takes a lot of my time.

Fortunately, my beloved aunt gave me a Shea Butter, specifically Ever Bilena’s Almond Body Butter. I am not a fan of Ever Bilena, but I am a fan of almonds. I know it does wonders especially to our skin.

There was one time I didn’t used my Wax-a-Way but shaved my legs instead since I was in a rush. Initially, when you do shaving your skin will be rougher than usual and expect chicken skin issues later on.

Since I love experimenting beauty skin care products, I gave Ever Bilena’s Almond Body Butter a try. The Result? It was amazing! There were no skin complications, no skin break-outs, and it gave me incredibly soft skin all over!

Ever Bilena Body Butter Usage Instructions:
1. Use Ever Bilena’s Body Butter after you’ve done with your shampoo and body soap.
2. Make sure your body is not dry, but not entirely wet – keep it moist enough before applying the body butter.
3. Apply the Body Butter to your legs, arms – or your whole body!
4. Allow your skin to absorb the body butter – leave it to your skin for at least 3 to 5 minutes.
5. Make sure you wash and rinse with cold water.

Ever Bilena’s Body Butter is enriched with shea butter that has superior moisture content. It has the ability to heal crack skin, eczema, sun damaged skin and it can also lightens stretch marks. With continuous use of Ever Bilena’s Body Butter it will make your skin naturally soft, silky smooth and healthy looking!

Choose yours, mind is Almond!

    ALMOND – prevents chapped and dry skin.
    APPLE – smoothens the skin.
    PAPAYA – moisturizes and whitens skin, promoting light and uniform skin tone.
    STRAWBERRY – rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin for a smooth and silky effects.
    GREEN PAPAYA – whitens and smoothens the skin.
    MANGO – moisturizes and instantly restores the skins moisture.
    COCONUT – conditions your tired skin for smoother and soft textures.
    LYCHEE – prevent skin damage and aging.

It’s a must try product! It’s totally worth it and it will only cost you a hundred bucks. You can purchase this product in Watsons or in any Ever Bilena’s stall in your nearest leading drugstore.

24 Comments to Body Butter for Soft, Smooth Skin that Lasts

  1. I've tried the apple and this product really does its job! XD

  2. try ko nga ung strawberry, fav fruit ko un eh XD harhar

  3. Shea butter is good for the skin! :) I used L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream before because my hands are so dry. Using Shea butter is better than the body oils that used to be popular before.

    Effective yun. ^^ Especially to those who have super dry skin.

  4. Ooh shea butter tried this na! haha It really does feel good! :D

  5. i use body butter from the body shop =D i love love love it hehehe ang bango kasi tapos nakakasoft pa ng skin hehehe

  6. w0ot! thanks to your beloved aunt hehe. weee kelangan ko na mtry un gift sakin nun friend ko na papaya body butter from bodyshop.. sana magwork din hehe. imy loads sis! <3

  7. hmmmm, that's interesting. I want to try that. Anyway, bakit fan ka ng almond? anung meron dun?

  8. stef

    hi sis! sa body mo lang ba xa inapply or pati sa face? tnx in advance! (^.^)

  9. Hey, I love your site. It seems most people don't really bother writing articles that lack substance nowadays.

  10. This was a great read though! Thanks..

  11. Thanks again for a nice site.

  12. very informative thank you for a nice site

  13. defeniately bookmarked

  14. thanks for sharing… i never thought Ever Bilena can make awesome stuff like this.

  15. How fast can someone start to see the results from using it?

  16. hi sis. how much po yung big size nito? and mabango ba yung strawberry nito? ano pinakamabango? hehehe

  17. good blog post. Was really good quality in general and lots of new information for me which i did not know before reading your blog post.

  18. I love the strawberry best, but they all are great.

  19. Danyal

    are there no easier methods like just a convenient to buy cream?

  20. Very informative post. I'll be back soon to check out more.

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