Beauty and Skin Care Tips 101

Recently, I have been getting a lot of messages regarding beauty and skin care tips. I’m not quite sure why but there would be times I’d get messages through Email, Facebook – sometimes I’d even get text messages for these requests. So, I decided to make a blog entry for those of you who may need some help regarding skin care concerns.

Beauty and Skin Care Tips 101 – from AISHA. ;)

1. How do you get rid of pimples or acne?

There are different ways to handle an acne. I normally don’t stress over acne or pimples at all. In some cases, it only signify stress or lack of sleep. I would just wash up make sure my bed sheets are changed every week or twice a week – do my regular skin care routine like washing up my face, putting on toners and apply moisturisers. Sometimes, I’d put some medications such as tretinoin or acne gel (but I rarely do this since I didn’t find the need to do so..) I just make sure I drink lots of water, sleep at least 8 hours a day and drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea or burdock tea a day! It shouldn’t even take a week for the acne to go away! It would also seem like it didn’t even appeared on my skin in the first place!

2. How do you make sure you have thoroughly clean your face from make up?

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as your makeup remover – you can never go wrong with that! It’s all natural and it can even acts as a moisturiser, too! You won’t even have a hard time removing your eye makeup at all!

3. Do I have to eat fruits and vegetables to have beautiful skin?

Again, we are all made perfect and beautiful with or without the healthy food that we eat. Eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables will indeed help in skin enhancement (after all, you are what you eat) – though, I do not personally think it will be the basis of how your skin will look like. In the end, it still has something to do with how you see yourself individually. It has to do with how you really take care and love yourself – your personal hygiene and by keeping yourself hydrated by intaking lots of water.

4. How to get rid of eye bags naturally?

Sometimes eye bags are due to our own sleeping habits. It’s best to actually make sure that when you sleep – your head lay flat on your pillow – not too high (so don’t sleep with two pillows on) as there would be problems in the blood flow which results to you having eye bags. Also, to avoid having water retention (which also sometimes is the reason for having eye bags..) do make sure to not drink water 3 hours before you sleep. Unfortunately, on rare cases, there would be times that having eye bags are hereditary. Then again, before making any kind of conclusion.. do observe and ask yourself if you are actually getting enough sleep for you not to have bags under your eyes.

5. Can you get rid of stretch marks? How?

Fortunately, YES! You can get rid of stretch marks! It’s not impossible but it does require a huge amount of patience and persistence of wanting to get rid of it yourself – unless you want to have it removed by surgery which is also possible. Stretch marks happens when you suddenly lose a huge amount of weight off your body (the skin stretches!) or vice versa, when you suddenly gain a huge amount of weight (which is why it normally happens to pregnant women) So just apply a cocoa butter lotion (I recommend, Palmers!) or an oat extract to the stretch areas of the body. Just keep exercising and stretching up too! It may take time but you will surely get rid of those stretch marks soon!

6. Should I still moisturise my skin even when I already have oily skin?

Yes. It is a big misconception that if you have oily skin – you shouldn’t apply a moisturiser. In fact, if you have oily skin, the more you will need to moisturise your skin! It will make your skin hydrated and will decrease the oil production in your skin epidermis. Remember that oil-free lotions, gel and serums are best if you have oily skin.

PS. Moisturisers are very important most especially if you are one of those people who uses strong cleansers to treat their skin problems and acne as these cleansers often strip away the skin’s natural moisture. As a result, the skin responds by producing more oil to protect itself which is why it’s always good make sure you moisturise your skin to keep your skin hydrated at all times!

7. Should I apply makeup to cover my skin impurities or just focus on putting medications?

Who says you had to choose one? You can do it both ways! Don’t get me wrong but applying makeup is a good thing, too. Makeup is not all about enhancing your physical appearance but it also protects your skin from radiation and the sun but then again, applying heavy and excessive makeup on a daily is a different matter. Don’t forget that facing the computer or watching TV is already a radiation contact so it’s always best to put sunscreen on or apply makeup to protect your skin and keep them looking young and healthy!

8. Is there really a need for me to get a facial cleaning to have better skin – so that I won’t have any acne breakouts?

Not necessarily. If you can.. a monthly facial cleaning will do but there are times where in I don’t commit to this myself due to busy schedule. I do not think it is a requirement but it’s proper to have it cleaned monthly because there are other skin impurities that can’t be resolved by cleansers alone.

I hope all these tips has helped! If you have other concerns which are not answered.. feel free to comment below and I would do my best to answer! After all.. there are just too much beauty and skin care tips and guidelines to tackle on.. that I can’t just blog about it in one go. So, don’t hesitate to ask me your concerns!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing sis! Thank God I finally got an answer regarding stretch marks. Will definitely buy that lotion you recommend. I’ve learned so much from this article. Thank you talaga. :)

    • Hi sis! :) No problem! Wait, meron kang stretch marks? Parang hindi halata ah! Haha! Your welcome sis! Anytime if you need something, ask ka lang! ;)

      • Oo naman, isa rin reason bakit hindi ako makapag swimsuit. Hahaha lande! IMY!! :*

  2. This post is very helpful especially #6! I remember having to try a lot of product for my pimples and ended up with this product that took all the misery away! hehe

  3. OMG Hello! I remember you <3 hehe Thank you for commenting on my blog and ahhh, great tips love! Thank you for sharing! I will take a lot of these in consideration since I'm obsessed with skincare right now <3 xoxo

  4. Great post! I learned a lot from you. I have severe eyebags because I sleep for only 3-5 hours a day -___- I hope I can change that soon. I also drink water before I sleep because I’ve read it’s good for digestion :O I also go in front of the computer without sunscreen boo! Now I know. Thanks for the tips Aisha! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing babe. I like the No. 5 tip about strech marks.

  6. yay! thank you for this very informative article, learned a lot. :)

  7. Wow! This is a huge amount of help. I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  8. wow! thanks for sharing sis! it really helped me! ^_^ i learned a lot!

  9. Great tips, sis!
    As for me, I can’t sleep with just one pillow. I can’t breathe properly pag isa lang since I have asthma, so at the most I use three fluffy ones. Haha! My poor eyebags, lol.

  10. I’m having issues with acne lately too. I use Neutrogena products before and it works for me but since Neutrogena is quite pricey, I’m searching for an alternative and I found the Celeteque Acne lines to be a bit effective. I’m not that sure yet because I have been using it for less than a week only but I already saw few changes.

    Stretch marks are my biggest enemy when I lose or gain weight. My way to combat is to apply lotion or oil before I workout. I have no scientific explanation about it but it works for me so since then, I always make sure to apply oil on my skin before I workout.

  11. HOW TO GET RID OF STRETCH MARKS? Finally! Until now kasi di na natanggal stretch marks ko. I even tried ung “erased” product pero it’s too expensive na. I’m using Olay anti-wrinkle lotion for a month now, but still, I can’t see any differences.

  12. I’m dealing with acne and pimple right at the moment, i don’t think it’s from lack of sleep because i sleep at least 6 hours to 7 hours. i think it’s from oily skin.

  13. We are a fan of EVOO in this family and we have been using nothing, but EVOO for cooking, baking and even lotion. When I was pregnant, EVOO was my lotion to avoid stretch marks and it kind of work for me. I have minimal stretch marks and it also helps that you workout and tone your body. I do use it to remove my eye make up and I don’t worry about any harmful chemicals at all. I do believe in eating healthy and eating right to help keep your skin healthy. Abusing yourself with unhealthy food and unhealthy drink will result to bad skin condition so I am a believer of that. In fairness, I guess you are just born that way with beautiful complexion. *wink*

  14. You look like a living barbie, Aisha.

  15. There are really practical ways to take care of our skin. You just stated most of them here.

  16. Fortunately for me, even though I had gone through two pregnancies, I have never gotten any stretch marks. I used Palmer Cocoa Butter lotion when I was preggy

  17. This is a very useful post! Especially for those like me who don’t really have the time to take care of our skin that much, thanks for the tips :)

  18. Thanks for sharing the tip about how to get rid of acne. I have lots of it and I think i should consider applying toner and moisturizers.

  19. Great beauty and skin care tips. I agree in using moisturizers even on oily skin. I have oily skin but can’t live without moisturizers and lotions. It’s like food for my skin. :)

  20. Thank you for sharing.I learned a lot like using Extra Virgin Olive Oil as makeup remover and about using cocoa butter for stretchmarks…i’m glad it’s not yet late for me to get rid of stretchmarks:)

  21. those are really nifty tips. thanks for sharing. facial is something i just discovered this year + i really look forward to my next treatment. we really need to take extra care of our skin.

  22. Absolutely fabulous post! Definitely very helpful for all us who are struggling in beauty related stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  23. I agree on the olive oil. I use extra virgin coconut oil instead of olive oil too.

  24. You have great tips here. You may also use a skin renewal cleanser for your face like Olay and the Clarisonic. These 2 do wonders on the skin.

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