Achieve Healthy Hair using an Avocado Hair Mask


A hair so soft, shiny and healthy is what every girl would ever wanted.

Unfortunately, our hair is one of the hardest things to maintain.

We tie up our hair, blow dry them, use hair straighteners and hair curlers, go to salons to have a hair coloured by professionals and sometimes, we just put too much chemicals on it without even realizing how much damage it could get – and we just realized things when our hair damage becomes too obvious and so much noticeable by many.

It’s important to not just know how you should be taking good care of your skin, but also with your hair; it just goes hand in hand. One of the best and easiest way to get soft, shiny and healthy hair is to go for a hair treatment via weekly, but if that is the case.. it’s going to be all expensive would it?

It’s always best to use home hair care natural remedies.

First, it’s always safe to use because all these are from natural resources.

Second, it’s easy to make and everything can be found inside your kitchen!

Avocado Hair Mask are for those of the following:
– Dull and Dry Hair
– Brittle Hairs
– Prone to Split Ends

What you will need:
– 1/2 of an avocado
– 1 egg yolk
– 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil

Instructions for the Avocado Hair Mask:
– Mix all the ingredients inside a container and store it inside your fridge for no more than 24 hours.
– Apply it all over your hair and leave it for 30-45 minutes before rinsing it with a lukewarm water.
– Rinse your hair again with cold water for 30 seconds as this will give your hair a glossy and shiny look.

Why is the Avocado Hair Mask Effective?

Avocado is being used for many centuries for hair and skin treatment because of its high source of beneficial oils.

Hair beneficial: It restores hair shine, repairs damaged ends and softens the hair.

Egg Yolk, as you may know, is high in protein in strengthening and repairing hair damages and is the most basic ingredient that seals in the moisture.

Olive Oil greatly works as a deep conditioner that gives your hair the hydration and moisture the hair needs.

27 Comments to Achieve Healthy Hair using an Avocado Hair Mask

  1. natry ko na to when i was in highschool. ang sarap ng feeling lalo na't feel na feel ko pag massage sa scalp ko. anlamig pa. matry nga uli. sunog buhok ko eh. :|

    P/S: hardcore, naka ilang post ka in a day? haha. thumbs up!

  2. I'm very interested with using natural ingredients for hair care, especially now that I'm growing my hair. However, I would pass up avocado. They can go up to a dollar a piece here.

  3. Wow! This one sounds easy. :) Gusto ko din try. ^^

  4. Thanks for this…i'll try this soon when i'm not that busy. :D

  5. I wish that avocado has pampahaba ng buhok, gusto ko magpahaba ng hair, may maisusuggest ka ba ate??? ^__^

  6. Wow, that's cool.. I will try that hehe.. I use kerastase to shine my hair hehe.. Super straight ang hair ko.. :)

  7. I've heard about this, and been wanting to try this, real bad because I have dry and unmanageable hair. So.. Thanks for this post! Reminded me that I have to this ASAP.

  8. great hair treatment tips.. i'm old and i dont know how to bring back my long lost hair before..

  9. Looks relaxing. I'd try that myself 'coz My hair has been treated a few times, and I'm planning to grow my hair. I wanna have beautiful hair. =D

  10. itry ko nga. nasira na hair ko simula nung plinantsa ko siya sis.

    dati sabi ng mga classmates ko di daw ganito buhok ko. bagsak daw at shiny. maganda daw hair ko dati. sana daw di ko na lang plinantsa.

    hoping kung ginawa ko tong mga tips na to sis. bumalik siya sa dati. i badly need my hair back. huhhuhu!

  11. i also want to have a healthy hair but it seems like an elusive dream because i'm getting bald.. can you tell me some remedies for this" how can I bring back my hairs?

  12. heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy!!! we just talked the other night!!! haha so Serena is your model for beautiful hair? hay nako aisha, I wanna try this!!! lol i need avocado though.. since Promenade is a 10min walk from here, I might drop by unimart to buy avocado.. lol Love ya aisha!!!

    • Haha yeeep :> see you in two weeks! :p yeaaaaah. you better try it, mas cheaper pa :P

  13. Interesting take, thanks for this post.

  14. Wow… I'm scared it might give me dandruff after… my scalp is prone to having dandruff if a new product is introduced

    • If you're allergic to one of the ingredients – then don't. If not, they are natural stuff, which means it's safe! :)

  15. Nice read, there's always things to learn. You share some good stuff on your website and this is a great place to stay and read a bit. Keep up the good work ;)

  16. Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
    I will be happy to get any help at the beginning.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

  17. Bebiii!!! Cool nito! Try ko yan >:) kasi ang haba ng hair ko kaso dry na. woot. 5 thumbs up!!:D

  18. flapepeg

    I am sure you will love for less and get big save

  19. It’s organic and time tested so Avocado is an excellent hair mask.

  20. I love avocado but I have never used any skin or hair products with it.

  21. Yes this is good hair treatment with avocado, found the above recipes helpful.

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