8 Bad Habits That Makes the Skin Ages Faster

Our skin is the most delicate part of our body. Thus, it’s important that we know how we should take care of it.

One fact of reality here. No matter what we do, as we get older.. our skin will experience natural aging.

The bad news? Well, there are things that makes skin aging faster to occur..


1Sun Exposure. On a daily basis, we need to be exposed to the sun to get Vitamin D for a maximum of 15 minutes. Remember, the sun can cause discolored skin, sun spots, spider veins and skin cancer. Make a habit of applying sunscreen with SPF 30 UVA/UVB daily before going outside, facing the computer, or before watching television. Still, even with sunscreen on, do cover up.. wear a jacket, have an umbrella ready at all times, you’ll never know when ultraviolet rays might hit you.. – better be safe than sorry, right?

2One Sided Sleepers. It is what they call sleep lines, when you sleep one side of your face. As your face lies down your pillow – WRINKLES ARE BEING FORMED! You can prevent this by sleeping on your back. Not only it makes your face clean, it helps straightens your back, too for good and better posture. Remember, the better posture you have, the more you’ll look slimmer, too!

3Smoking Habits. The word smoking is already bad enough, need I even say more? It causes wrinkles around the mouth area, it depletes the skin from Vitamin C, preventing our skin to look healthy and it causes our skin to turn yellowish. It causes bad breath, I wouldn’t want to kiss someone who smells like an ashtray.. I don’t, would you? Enough of this, just stop smoking, period!

4Gravity. Believe it or not, it is beyond our control. Gravity would constantly pull our skin down, which results to sagging.

5Alcohol Drinkers. Alcohol does not just cause our skin to dryness, it depletes our body from water and adds toxins in our system. Now that you think about it, do name me one person who has beautiful skin – and an alcoholic at the same time.

6Pollution. Pollution is enough said. The chemicals and toxins in the environmental air that we are in will always be the cause of our skin damage. Always protect your skin and don’t forget to cleanse it at night before you sleep. Wearing a sunscreen and make-up can also act as a shield against these harsh conditions – so who said that make-ups and cosmetics are only for flirty women? YOU NEED THIS!

7Cold Weather. A cold weather can cause your skin to have dryer skin, and the dry your skin is – the more it will age faster because of the skin’s lack of moisture. Wrinkles will start to form if you don’t moisturize properly.

8Stress. When you experience stress, you tend to frown, which causes disappointment lines in your face, and this will make you look old. Calm yourself down, relax, have fun – think positive and don’t stress yourself too much!

23 Comments to 8 Bad Habits That Makes the Skin Ages Faster

  1. Very helpful. :)

    I'm on my early twenties and a bit paranoid of seeing some early signs of wrinkles on my eyes when I smile… :( What should I do with those? :(

    • Maybe you keep laughing a lot or smiling a lot.. hehe, control. Wag sobra sis :) – I know, nakakainis.. at OA pakinggan.. but, ganun eh :( Smile a little lang.. laugh lines can cause so much.. unfortunately.

      • @Ms. Candy Blush, lol XD parang "plastik" smile? Hehe! Yung lips lang yung nakasmile yung eyes hindi? hehe! ^^

        I haven't tried any face moisturizer yet eh… I'm thinking of trying Olay. Ok ba yun?

        • Olay is one of the good ones! :D

          HAHA Hindi naman, there is a smile na.. "mild" kind of smile.. gets mo? Haha. Not yung super laugh natin haha!

  2. I wish I could control the way I sleep. I'll fall asleep on my back and wake up on my side.

  3. tssk. sun exposure + Pollution + Cold Weather + STRESS! wala na akong kawala ! :))

  4. Well spoken. I have to research more on this as it is really vital info

  5. hahaha true! and u forgot about staying too much on the computer hahahaha

  6. Wow.. thanks for posting this topic…. I will definitely take note of all of these

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  8. I'm a one-side sleeper so I occasionally get pimples on my other side on the face.. XD I didn't know that it can also cause wrinkles.. ^^ Thanks for the info sis~

    Hopefully I'll be able to break the habit of sleeping sideways.. :)

  9. Very good article, thanks.

  10. thaxs, its very good, thxs for a information,

  11. Well I truly liked reading it. This information provided by you is very useful for accurate planning.

  12. I found a lot helpful stuffs here in your web blog.

  13. I also learned that when u go to bed at night without washing your face, then you aged 3 days lol

  14. Right food, sleep and a healthy lifestyle can keep the age fresher looking.

  15. Cold weather and stress, those are my main concerns.

  16. Hmmm, the gravity, makes sense.

  17. Thanks for the tips! Also having children makes you age faster. hehe

  18. I am a one sided sleeper and I did not know that it can affect the aging of skin!

  19. Bad environment and habits can lead to bad skin.

  20. cold weather also dries up my skin. surprisingly, according to doc obagi, moisturizers are a no-no

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