Product Review & Tips: Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub


Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub is currently one of the most best selling product out in the market lately. Have you tried the product yet?

It a beauty treatment inspired by a Royal Javanese Lulur Ritual, a purifying ritual for princesses as a preparation for their wedding day.

We’re not princesses but we could always treat ourselves royalty for our skin, don’t we?

The Benefits of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub:

The product basically gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells as it softens the skin giving it a nice and radiant glow.

Addition to this, frequent usage reduces skin pigmentation, evening out our skin tone by getting rid of dark patches especially in areas prone to darkening such as elbows, knees, armpits and area between the thighs.

It contains Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, which are powerful antioxidants that protects the skin from free radicals keeping it healthy and young-looking.

Lastly, it also has Squalene and Olive Oil which will aid in maintaining the moisture to our skin.


What I like about the product:
– It’s hypo-allergenic which makes it really safe even for those who have sensitive skin, like me, to use.
– It has a nice and soothing smell.
– It’s not messy to deal with unlike other body scrubs!
– It’s very gentle and creamy to the skin.
– Results may vary, but in my case.. It was effective!

My skin came out really soft than how it used to be and it did lightened up my skin. I would say that if you have the patience to use it constantly and do it correctly, the results will definitely pay off.

Additional Tips:
– Do it on a night-time basis to make sure you’re already clean and no more time to get all sweaty again.
– Wash your body or areas of the skin that you will apply the body scrub with to make sure it’s clean. I would prefer to wash it using warm water and a mild soap.
– Tap it dry with a towel.
– Apply Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub to your skin.
Massage and gently circulate it in round motion and leave it for a few minutes.
– Wash with lukewarm water.
Tap it dry with a towel.

PS. Take note that this was just my own way of using the product, it’s not a requirement.. but if it helps, I hope it can also be as effective for you.

You can purchase this product in Watsons for only P130.00.

Neat and affordable, right? =]

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  1. I used to treat myself to pricey lulur treatments at The Spa, so this is a steal! Haha, thanks for the tip. I'm currently using lemongrass with brown rice beads from my favorite organic line, though.

  2. I have tried this when I got home in Manila last month, it's great…and besides the price is not bad at all. I bought it from Watsons. Ty for more infos :)

    • gellie mae

      qaanu mu ktqal before mlaman mu unq result ??

  3. ahvic

    yAY! it's great,..i LUrv its sCent,..verY caLminG and sOOthiNg,.. great produCt,..aS for the effEct on my skin, stiLL waitinG,..bUt i kno it will be great for sUre,.. =')

    • Melo

      If the video link that I provided doesn’t work. Kindly search nalang sa youtube:
      How to whiten dark inner thighs/ Quick tip by Phoebe Ortiz.

      Dalawang video po yan. Whitening and prevention. Watch both videos nalang.
      That’s all. Hope it helps. Goodluck!

  4. By the way, I include your site to my dailies :)

  5. Wow, sa Watsons lang to nabibili? Nicee. :) I might try. Since mukha naman maganda. :)

  6. Wow! I think I want to try this one. I'm going to check Watsons tomorrow to check for this item. I wish it will work for me as well! ^^

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. For only Php 130.00? COOL!

    I've tried other skin care products similar to this one, but it's kinda pricier. I'd probably give this one a shot 'coz the reviews are impressive! =)

  8. i haven't try any of this kind of product and i hope this may help to have a fair skin tone as i use this dear..thanks for the tip

  9. I'm not getting married or anything but I would LOVE to use that just because haha

  10. Thank you for this info sis!! I really love your site, napaka informative. Will try to find this sa watson. Salamat talga! :)

  11. belle

    hello, im using this and it is awesome! its very effective in soothing! it looks and feels like a baby's skin.. :) while it has a gradual whitening effect,. TRY it! :))

    • Richelle

      @belle, Hello belle gusto k din sn yan i try ano b yan body scrub lng n babanlawan o lotion cya tnx

  12. is asian secrets lulur whitening scrub advisable for pregnant women?

  13. For only 130 pesos? Wow that's cheap for a good body scrub! Thanks for the info sis! Will try this one! :)

  14. lizel

    gano katagal ka maghihintay bago mo malaman na it works

  15. jem

    love it

  16. Jade

    can i buy this online? thanks

  17. Jinel

    I love the product. Saw it in the tv ads. And last payday 7/29, i bought it asap i grabbed my pay in the atm.. I suggest it to those who have uneven toned skin.

  18. san po ba makakabili ng product
    and1 kasi ako sorsogon city

  19. does it work for dark butt?and dark scar?

  20. Jm Fujiwara

    i just want to ask if i can use ASIAN SECRET after shaving my legs and armpit or i need to wait for 24hours?

  21. So effective!!! Pumiti ang elbows and ankles ko, even my mini scar sa right leg, pawala na sya. been using it for 2 weeks. I apply it after my bath rituals. No lotions at all! Will definitely stick to this product. <3

    • I'm happy this worked out for you dear! :)

      • analyn

        @Ms. Candy Blush, wla na akong mabili ng asian secrets sa watson saan paba pwedng mkabili nito..

        • Anne

          Meron yan sa Sm Hyper market.

      • mayee

        hi ms candy blush,i got dark scar sa legs,maglalighten kaya sya?

        • Yes dear. It depends on your case. Let me know so I can help and give advice.

    • @Dian, do you use it everyday ?? :)

  22. @Ms. Candy Blush, ma’am, can u pls teach how to apply that one?

  23. nagamit ako niyan ngayon. Hindi lang sa Watsons nakakabili, meron din sa mga supermarket.

  24. mutya

    may violet n2 db?

    • kathy

      yes meron, un ang gamit ko now

  25. tabaco albay ako meron ba dito mercury drug na nabibili.wala kcng watson d2.

    • kathy

      yeah, dats wat im using now

  26. hi there good morning ! i wanted to ask lang po where i could buy this product …

  27. Andrea

    nakakawhiten po ba sya ng kilikili????

  28. angel

    2 weeks n po kmi gumagamit ng asian secret , may epekto nmn po pero bk8 ang tagal po .?

  29. clarice denarez

    ive waited so long for this kind of product! nice..

  30. Rhyugie

    pwede ba to sa mukha?

  31. Touya

    I bought mine at Mercury drug store for only 120 pesos. :) Im going to use it tonight!!!!

    • kelee primo

      Gus2 k snang I try any facial scrub kya LNG I bought n Lang body scrub for my face…is it okay gamtn Sa face?hope I got info with u…

  32. lila

    i have really sensitive skin and im a teenager. pwde ba ito para sa mga teenagers?

  33. lila

    does it really work?? cause ive tried many products and they didnt work and also were very harsh to my skin.

  34. marian

    yes pwede, i used it yesterday, pero gentle lng pg scrub mo dpat pg s face. ganda ng result younger looking face u at hindi mahapdi.

    i also used also asian secrets beongkang soap after scrubbing.

    over all result after wash is good.

  35. meme

    hi .. where can i buy it

  36. araw araw po ba kelangan xa gamitin ??

  37. khristelle

    bakit ako 180.00 bili ko sa mercury… ang mahal… compare sa price na sinabi nyo guys…nagulat nga ako… anyway ita try ko pa lng sya mamayang gabi… e bonne kasi gamit ko…

  38. i will buy today and let us see the reusult….!

  39. K

    Is it safe to use on the face?

  40. Sam

    Hello po :) ee first time ko po gumamit ng body scrub. kailangan po ba gamitin before of after washing your body with soap?

  41. hi I want to try this, pde ba sya sa dark armpit?

  42. hazel

    hi there :)
    after ko gamitin ung asian scret scrub, pwd ba gumamit ng any kind of soap? tnx

    • Yes dear. Though I would suggest mas maganda if nakapag wash kna and soup and clean na everything – before using the scrub. :)

  43. rozellr

    very effective asian secrets.ilove it.

  44. angel

    pwede to sa underarm diba? ilang days po para makita ang result?

    • Yes. It varies from different type of people – due to how severe their UA would be but taking care of the affected area while using the product for a week or 2 weeks should make you see results.

  45. Over here, there’s no whitening lotion, they go for lotion that would make their skin look tan.

  46. Bianca Ala

    Tanong ko lang po. Nagpapalight rin po ba yan ng peklat? May peklat po kasi ako at noong bata ko pa to. Napaso po kasi ako sa tambutso. Please! Answer po. :)

    • It could help, but for “peklat” I would recommend to use “Sebo De Macho” like every day and night. Mawawala ang peklat mo.. tuloy tuloy mo lang dear. :)

      • Bianca Alan

        Thank you! Ilang minutes po i-scrub?

        • For this one, don’t take too long.. ung enough lang.. parang “massage, massage” ung way of scrubbing.. depende siya sayo but wag mashado matagal. :)

  47. Bianca Alan

    Maganda to. Hindi lang nagpapaputi, pinapalambot niya rin ung skin.

    • reniel

      miss bianca alin ang pinapalambot

      • yung skin mo . atsaka hndi sya mag dry… @reniel

  48. Aubrey

    Bought this on sale yesterday for 64pesos! It’s a great find and I will try it NOW! :)

  49. Anne

    Ok sya 2days plng aq gumagamit,hindi ko pa nakikita ung result pero maganda sya gamitin,ng-iiwan sya ng bango,at ang lambot sa balat.

  50. miley

    i love asian secret! kaso wala dito sa U.S. nagpapabili lang ako sa ate ko tas papadala dito. kaso ang mahal ng padala. sana magkaron na ng asian secret dito sa U.S. kahit sana sa Global market lng. plsss…

  51. miley

    asian secret at global market. please….

  52. ket

    i just bought this product from natasha where i am a cost P185 (25% less if ur a member).i read the benefits and i wanna give it a try as i have uneven skintone…when i searched the product i came across this site and read some positive comments.tnx a lot…

  53. mganda po ito tnx dto sa asian secret! pro san po mas better gmitin ? or i mean anong kulay ang mas mganda? or mas effectv?

  54. pwede na kayang hndi ako mag lotion pg katapos gumamit??? … or dpat tlaga mg lotion?

    • Gen

      dito sa mindanao ang asian secret scrub ay mabibili sa mercury drug ng 125 pesos.

  55. Pwede naman po diba na gumamit ng lotion after po ng scrub?

  56. Yel

    Nkaka puti ba to ng knees ms.aisha?
    Ilang minutes po ito sa ktwan?

  57. Nakakaputi rin bato ng kilikili tuhod at singit pls… Ans. Me txn

  58. Nakakaputi rin bato ng kilikili tuhod at singit pls… Ans. Me tnx

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