2-Minute Stylish Korean Hair

Every woman loves their hair, simple, stylish yet elegant. That is one reason why we all can’t get enough of Korean Celebrities who are so fortunate to have stylish, beautiful hairs.

As we admire them, we all ask ourselves.. how do they do it? Is it naturally done like that? Maybe it’s because of their hair stylist? Maybe, I should start going to a korean salon and have my hair perm.. what do you think?

Honestly, you don’t even need to get a perm to get cute, sassy and stylish hair like those Korean Celebrities. I mean, they are celebrities..

You, on the other hand.. you can just be cute on your own way, steal their style but use your own kind of beauty – without even damaging your hair with hair perming treatments.

2-Minute Stylish Korean Hair Tutorial:

What you need:
– Bobbi pins or hair clips
– An elastic hair band for your back hair section

– Tie the small upper section of the back area of your hair using a hair band
PS. Not a half-ponytail okay?
– Grab the side sections of your hair, brush it back and pin it with a bobbi pin or hair clips.
– Make sure to leave an inch section of your hair around your face to frame.
– Release the tied up hair with the hair band that you used.
– Let it fall down to cover the hair clips

I learned this from Bubz :)
Here is a quick video for you to follow, in any case you miss out the procedure:

16 Comments to 2-Minute Stylish Korean Hair

  1. tatandaan ko to. gagawin ko to pag mahaba haba na buhok ko. haha. thanks!

    • Actually, kahit hindi gnun kahaba buhok mo.. you can still do it.. and the results will still be good :)

  2. Me likes!! akoy di talaga marunong magayos ng buhok. try ko to bebs. anep!!>:)

  3. Wow! I’d definitely try this… If it looks good on me, then maybe I’d sport this style when I’m out. XD

    I like her hair too… prob is that wouldn’t look the same to me cause my hair’s thin. :(

    • You have to try it.. I tried it my hair isn't as long as hers, but it looks super great talaga :P

      • @Ms. Candy Blush, I tried it just now… HAHA! XD I like it… ^^

        I'd probably have that 'do on the next party or occasion I'll be attending. ^^ Parang nice din if curly yung ends ng hair… ^^

  4. Wow. I love the look. I actually tried it before commenting here. haha I’m currently watching more of her videos to learn other updo’s for my hair.

  5. I learned this long time ago & my friends liked my hair! ahaha.. I love Bubbi. She's cool.

  6. I'll try this after my comment. I hope this hair style would look good on me. HAHA :D

  7. Cool beans! I always thought their hairstyle involves a lot of hair ironing…..

  8. Nice Videos. I watched it, really amazing… Every woman wants simple, stylish and elegant hair, these types of hair makes her beautiful and attractive. I like Korean Hairstyle , it's really stylish and beautiful.

  9. I like bubzbeauty vids din! Ang dami coolio youtubers talaga!

  10. miya

    wow thank you this looks so kawaii everybody loves it!

  11. Misaki

    She is not Korean. She is a Japanese woman named Moe Oshikiri.

  12. nona

    hi , will i love their hair very much and there style , i envy them a bout the good looking and the straightness and the oily of their hair …….. if there are Korean people here please please i bag you to help me with your secret … i have a wavy hair , dry , and now start falling .. help me to get nice good looking hair i will marry soon and i don't know what to do ….

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