I am a Filipino-Chinese beauty blogger and occasional freelance model. This is my official website and portfolio where I compile my interests, accomplishments and experiences, especially in relation to the industry of beauty and fashion.

Please treat this website as your online source to beauty, skin care, health, and lifestyle concerns. Feel free to drop comments on blog entries and treat it as an open forum where you can engage conversations with me and our fellow readers who are also health, beauty and fashion enthusiasts. I wouldn’t call myself an expert or guru as I believe that I still have a lot more to learn, so let’s all come together to share our thoughts and experiences to support each other and give inspiration to one another that we may be able to find ways to live a more beautiful, loving and fulfilling life.


I am a beauty blogger who focuses more on skin care, body, and health. I have found my passion in this career during the year of 2002 when I was still new to blogging. I used to have my personal blog as I was so interested into making layouts, themes and coding websites. For some reasons, instead of posting entries about my personal life, I ended up posting blog entries in relation to how I resolved my skin care problems and how I was able to enhance it to make my skin even better than how it used to be. I even ended up posting reviews on products and services not knowing that I am doing what a beauty blogger does. As far as I remember, the most popular blog entry I posted was when I talked about how I lost 40 pounds off my weight showing my before and after pictures. Everything started as a hobby as I love to share what I’ve learned and experience to other people, especially with my friends and family.

Due to the demand of my readers and suggestions of my blogger friends, I started candy-blush.com (this blog site is not working anymore and probably bought my someone else, already) as my beauty blog website, which started from 2008-2012. My passion for beauty blogging all started because of my own personal skin care issues, allergies, health and body problems in which I was able to overcome due to patience, discipline and a lot of hard work. I’ve made researches and tried different skin problem solutions, tried different products and even studied what specific ingredient would be beneficial to a specific skin and health condition. This is one of the reasons why most of my readers know that I have a reputation for posting blog entries that have been personally tried and tested by me before I would blog about it to everyone on what works, what doesn’t, what’s harmful and what practices, products or services that are going to actually help them with their specific concerns.


Being beautiful, confident and to look presentable has always been important but for me, it’s never a priority. I personally believe that despite the importance of our physical appearances, it is not something that will always matter the most. This is one reason why I also blog about lifestyle and spirituality in this website. I really wanted to let my readers know that their personality, attitude and their whole being on how they handle and view life is a crucial thing; it’s never to be taken lightly as they should be aware of their own habits, sanity and inner peace to face life with hope and a lot of positivity for them to be able to enjoy life as it is.

My full name is Aisha Kristine Chong and I am the sole owner and beauty blogger of this website. I am a graduate student in Enderun Colleges in Business Administration major in Marketing. I used to manage candy-blush.com as old beauty blog domain which made it to the top one spot in topblogs.com.ph under the beauty and fashion department. I’ve went hiatus years ago in beauty blogging and now, I’m back once again with my official website which you can access in aishakristine.com At the age of 15, I’ve been interested with my modeling career and did some photoshoots and prints in a local photo booth company located in San Juan, Greenhills, Metro Manila. During my 16-17 years of age, I took modeling lessons and workshops in Modelo Pilipinas where I’ve learn much more than just modeling, poses, catwalks and fashion ramps. I’ve also learn about fashion, the type of clothing and styles models normally wears – even the usual food and diet plans they take. Unfortunately despite all my effort and perseverance with modeling and through the years of my soul searching, I have found myself much more focused and passionate in helping women and the society in boosting their confidence, self-esteem, helping them to know how they can enhance their physical appearance, health, lifestyle and guiding them to have contentment and inner peace that they personally deserve.

Blogging may be something that other people might think of as something only people with no social life will do. It might be just a reason to just make money or make profit out of your own website. It may be a reason to just build your own brand until you get noticed – but for me, it’s really important to the point that because of blogging.. I was given a chance to help other people, to be their beauty and skin advisor, spokesperson and influencer with different beauty practices concerns, products and services to use. Most importantly, I believe that it leaded me to the path where I have a career that I love and enjoy at the same time.