5 Tips on How to Get Ready for Prom

Attending a prom is one of every women’s favorite night. I could even remember the time when a prom was announced at school – everyone is so excited. My girlfriends makes a lot of preparations for that special night – just so it’d be special and fabulous!


If there is one thing I have learn in that process.. it’s the fact that you can’t prepare it with such a little amount of time. It takes planning. It takes preparation. Here are quite a few things that you can do to prepare for prom ahead of time.
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December 27th, 2014
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How to Host an Amazing Cocktail Party

If you want to gather people together – family, friends or business colleagues – but you don’t want to organize a large, full-scale dinner party, then a cocktail party is a great solution. You can time it for the early part of an evening and expect it to be over in two to three hours. Here are a few tips on how to make sure your guests have a great time and are delighted by your most stunning social event of the year.

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December 23rd, 2014
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5 Random #Christmas #GiftIdeas for You and Your Loved Ones

Christmas is definitely just around the corner. I am sure most of us are pretty much excited for this to occur. Have you finished buying gifts for your friends and loved ones yet? While most of us comes prepared, a lot of us tends to do rush buying as well or maybe you are just someone who has no idea what gifts to give your family and friends.


If you have no idea what to give your loved ones, check out a few of my recommendations! It’s out of the ordinary and I am sure your family, friends and special ones would be happy, too!
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December 18th, 2014
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#SMBearsOfJoy: There’s Joy in GIVING BACK this Christmas Season

Christmas is just one of the most awaited event of the year. It is quite a joyous season. We take a pause on our daily busy life and spend time with our loved ones. It is always such a happy event no matter where you are in the world. It is also a time when everyone gets busy trying to manage all the excitement in shopping for gifts.

SM Cares: SM Christmas Bears of Joy

While it’s always a delightful experience to send and receive presents from our loved ones.. there will be many who also seek to share their blessings to other people who can’t afford the luxury of receiving anything for Christmas. Will you be one of those kind hearted people who have the heart to share their blessings to the less fortunate ones?
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December 14th, 2014
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Top 5 List of Natural Anti-Aging Treatments

First of all, let me ask you.. when did you start being conscious of your skin? Most people especially young adults won’t even bother with anti-aging treatments thinking that it is only for “older” people. This is a big misconception. Our skin changes with age. The sun exposure we tend to experience, the lifestyle and personal habits we do on a daily basis all contributes to skin aging.

Natural Anti-Aging Treatments to Make You Look Younger at http://www.aishakristine.com
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December 13th, 2014
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5 Reasons to Love and Play The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game

I am no gamer. At the very least, I am no hard core gamer. I am not even a Kim Kardashian fan either though I have to be honest, I was a fan of Kim Kardashian during her Pussycat Doll days – but no, not anymore. I also am not the type to care too much how the media views her. In fact, I don’t care too much about celebrities in general but for some reason, I’ve found myself attached to this game.

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December 12th, 2014
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