What is a Promise Ring?


A Promise Ring can mean a lot of things. It’s most popular with the couples where a man gives it to a woman. It doesn’t necessarily mean marriage as there are still things that permits it from happening such as – maybe the distance, the time and other things that need to be dealt with first. It could be because the couples are still too young to get married but surely, getting a promise ring from the man you loved most can bring you so much happiness as it is a sign of commitment – regardless the circumstances you are in.
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February 17th, 2014
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Why Every Women Needs a Little Black Dress?


In terms of fashion, one thing that never goes out of style is wearing a Little Black Dress or LBD. Time and time again, it’s one type of clothing that never goes out of style in which you can even wear from day to night – if you want to, ofcourse. Whether it’s for a date, an event or office work – you can wear your own type of Little Black Dress and it’s essential that women gets to have a piece of it in their closet as well.
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February 11th, 2014
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Makeup Changed My Life

It can be difficult sometimes to separate out looks and personality. In today’s image conscious society, anyone who does not fit the generic mould can end up feeling ostracised – that is where makeup comes in.


There is more to makeup than just making us look pretty; there are added benefits to people that maybe do not look exactly like everyone else, those that suffer from facial disfigurement. One in 150 people has some sort of visual problem with their face; it is a fairly common problem, but the subject is becoming more and more taboo.

Makeup can have a positive impact on how accepted these people are into society. They no longer stand out, and are treated as “normal” by the general public. This lack of attention whilst outside is generally all that they want.
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February 6th, 2014
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Have You Ever Been to China?

If there is one place you’d want to visit for an historical adventure, where would it be and why?

As for me, it’s got to be China – not that because I have chinese blood running into my veins but when it comes to historical adventures, for the sake of the tour, the experience and education – China is one place that comes into my mind. Maybe because we can expect a brand new kind of atmosphere and ambiance when you go to China. Plus, I definitely would want to visit the Great Wall of China at some point, too.

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February 4th, 2014
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Embrace the Beauty of Nature, with Ikebana

Not everyone knows what an “Ikebana” means but in very simple terms – it’s called, flower arrangement.

I have high respect with mother nature and I believe that all things in the world has its beauty and it was around 2012 when I realized the importance of flowers in each of our lives, too. We people really tend to focus our attention with our priorities in life that sometimes – we tend to forget to pause for awhile and just enjoy the moment.

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February 3rd, 2014
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Let’s talk about Interiors and Home Decors

red tulips in modern living room - home decor

To be honest, I am not very creative unlike most people that I know but every year – specifically, every Chinese New Year, we always tend to redecorate everything in our house – all based on Feng Shui and all that. Believe me, each and every time I had to redecorate my room, I always tend to have a hard time. I would spend hours and days just checking the blueprint of my room – finding the right colors that brings luck in each area of the room as it changes every year, studying everything I need to know for the incoming year.
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February 1st, 2014
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