Thank You, JollyChic!


I just want to express my gratitude to JollyChic. Few days ago, I was surprised to received a package from them. I knew they sent me some gifts but I was honestly expecting them to came after a month or so (just like most shops from overseas do). I mean, literally, whenever someone from overseas sends me goodies – it always takes a month and sometimes, even more than a month. So, yeah.. imagine how happy and shocked I was when I got this LESS THAN A WEEK. Imagine, I received their package in just 6 days! I mean, that was really fast!

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January 21st, 2014
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I don’t know about you but for some reason – I get excited about this year. There is something about this year that I never felt last year or the last few years. I can’t explain it myself but I just know that this year is so exciting, filled with happiness and laughter – time to really get moving and having a change – in a positive way, ofcourse.
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January 20th, 2014
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How Do you Dress Up When You are a Big Breast Woman?

Finding clothes for a curvy figure has always been challenging. It’s a challenge to find what clothes actually fits and compliments to your body figure. Believe me, having a large bust has always been frustrating and this is mostly cannot be understand by most men and especially by other women who doesn’t have a large bust to experience at all. Curves to our body as always lovely and a gift – but it’s also challenging and frustrating at the same time.


Trust me, I’ve been there. Some people will admire that fact and some can’t help but to comment on how large your breast is, just because they have a flat one. Just to mention, this is not about the typical A, B or C cup. It’s those larger breast women out there that I’m talking about here.

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January 19th, 2014
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Do you Date a Musician?

So, are you dating a musician? To be honest, I personally think that dating a musician is one of the hardest and stressful things to do. You have a lot of rivalry going on there and if you are a very sensitive woman who constantly needs assurance from a man – you better be ready as there will be a lot of heartaches and pain to go through.

So let me share you some of the things you should be mindful when dating a musician.


1. Stop being Jealous – You got to get real girl. It’s a given that there will be a lot of people and girls who would be attending band concerts. Ladies will be rooting for them – they may be infatuated but hey, don’t assume they love your boyfriend and please don’t assume your boyfriend is dating them either. So don’t put any tantrums on him that he maybe dating someone else.

2. Don’t be Clingy – Give him space. You are not the only thing he puts focus on. Remember, he loved his music and it was there before you even came in his life. Attend his gig but don’t attend in every practice session – you are not his mom or band manager, are you?

3. Don’t be a Stalker – Don’t follow him around while he is taking care of his music related business.

4. Work is Work – If they have an out of town gig, do not come along – this is not a date, it’s work purposes, not a vacation.

5. Don’t Complain – Got your special day cancelled because a gig has been booked? Don’t start an argument because of that, especially before a gig starts – there are things that can be fixed and handle the next day.

Remember, this guy dated you not just because he loves you but also because he was so sure you will understand him and his schedules. Ofcourse, there are things like cheating which is not to be tolerated and that’s another story but if you are just starting a fight because of his work related issues – get real. You dated a musician, so expect a little disappointment here and there, he won’t be always there to please you but you can make him realised your worth by respecting and understanding him more than just any other woman he went out with.

PS. Valentines is right on the corner – if you are dating a musician who plays a trumpet, you might want to give him a trumpet valve oil at music123 as a gift – he will surely love this as it will help them with their musical plays and bands. What a supportive girlfriend you are, right?

January 18th, 2014
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Dear Diary, This Year of 2014…

Today, I am posting something personal... to start 2014.

Today, I am posting something personal… to start 2014.

Dear Diary,

Few weeks from now, it’s finally Chinese New Year – January 30, 2014, Year of the Horse. I am quite excited for this – everything is going to be busy from here onwards. There was something about this year and I just know it’s “my year” and I know happiness is here for me along with tons of opportunities knocking my door. Thank you for the struggles and experiences 2013 and goodbye! Hello to 2014 and I shall have a blast! <3

This year…
– I totally lost weight – I have really toned down and got that beach body fit I’ve always wanted!
– I’m still loving my boyfriend and I’m happy to know that this year has been really good for us. Happy 6 years of being together and loving each other, hunny! <3
– I’ve traveled! I’ve be pampered myself and have gone to places with my friends and loved ones for fun, bonding and laughter.
– I’ve gotten more offers and career opportunities.
– I’ve been big with my career endeavors.
– There has been more closeness and love with my family.
– I had more shopping to do – happy that I have lots of clothes and accessories to put in my closet!
– This year, I’m have reach and fulfill one of my dreams. <3

– AISHA <3

Did you noticed how I have mentioned everything like it already happened?

I am not sure where I have heard or read it. Was it with the book, The Secret by Rhonda Brynes? I can’t really remember but.. I remember some lines that says.. it’s healthy to practice to say resolutions as if they already happened – rather than saying it by a wish that stays as a wish – by saying or writing things as if they have already happened – they have more possibility to actually happen. Whether it has a psychological effect or what not – I have always practice this and for some reason, whenever I go back to those writings I had on my 2012-2013 notebook – each of what I have mentioned have all magically happened (even when I thought they were impossible to achieve!)

Why not give it a try?
It may be a coincidence it happened to me, but what’s the harm of trying it out yourself? It might work after all. :)

January 18th, 2014
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Friday Thoughts: Something I wish but never had…

Little girl playing piano

Friday Thoughts is about just random stuff about me and my life – what I think and feel – the things I reminisce – showing off a photo and what I think about it or sometimes it can just be a highlight of how my week was. Just like a random diary I’d say. Sometimes I just want to say anything that comes to mind.

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January 17th, 2014
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