Different Ways to Know your Skin UnderTones

Know your skin tone

Not everyone knows but getting to really knowing your skin tone is very important. It will not just help you look good but it also helps you want skin care and makeup to use as well. I believe that not being able to know your own skin undertone is one of the setbacks of makeup failure.

Now, what do I mean by makeup failure?

Well, to be frank with everyone. I consider a makeup failure when…

– a woman’s face skin tone and color differs from her neck.

– when she puts a concealer on and it doesn’t seem as if she concealed anything at all. She just made it obvious that she applied one – or better yet, it’s too obvious because her under eye area starts to get cakey and the skin on the eye surface starts to be uneven to the rest of her skin tone and color.

– when she fails to enhance her facial feature – and tends to make her makeup look dull instead of making herself stand out and letting everyone see her enhanced facial features (in which I believe is the sole reason of putting makeup on)

Knowing your skin undertone will also help you in more ways than just makeup alone. You would know what colors compliments you and what would not. Read the rest of this entry »

August 11th, 2013
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OOTD: Sweet Rocking Days

Few days ago, I had this itching feeling to go to the mall to have my nails done at . It has been ages since I last had some pampering loving session with myself – (thanks to the busy schedule, ofcourse!) Until I ran across Bang’s Tony and Jackey Salon in SM The Block. Thanks to my favorite stylist Ms. Jenny and to their Promo Sale – I ended up getting a make over with their Korean Magic Perm System. What do you guys think? I’m still not used to the wave and the perm itself but I am loving my hair colour! Ms. Jenny even told me to go back anytime I am having troubles so she can help and guide me at any time – NOW, THAT’S WHAT I CALL SOME GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I also had the chance to do my very first OOTD (Outfit of the Day), while at it!
Wearing my favorite Forever 21 top and bangle.
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August 5th, 2013
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Etude House Princess Academy 2013

July must be the busiest month of the year for me – if not, it’s probably one of those months where in I’m fully booked with activities, events and project collaborations. It was also that time of the year where in it’s Etude House Princess Academy event takes its place. It was actually a two-day event, due to other circumstances.. and another event, I wasn’t able to go last July 27 – but attended the July 28, 2013 event instead, which was held at SM North The Block.

Etude House Princess Academy 2013
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August 4th, 2013
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