Product Review: Missha Dolly Eyelash XL

I was honestly not a fan of wearing fake eyelashes because I find it hard to actually wear them.. (what if I make a mistake and do some complications in my eye – now that wouldn’t be funny, right?) but for the first time ever.. I am going to make an exemption with Missha Dolly Eyelash XL.

First of all, I was not paid to do this review and I am not blogging about this because of the brand either.. but I was really impress with this product! Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Health Benefits in Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

Everyone says that drinking lemon water is good for your body.. but that doesn’t really urge most people to drink lemon water, does it? At the end of the day, people would still go for some sodas, juices, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

It also doesn’t mean that by drinking a glass of lemon water would mean that – you will be revitalized and immediately be healthy. It’s always a form of habit. It takes a habit to change your lifestyle and it also takes a habit to break it.
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May 4th, 2013
Filed Under: Body, Healthy Living