How to Know If He Really Loves You

To be honest, there is nothing much to actually think about as it all goes down in observing and answering these simple questions – formulated by Michael Fiore, a dating and relationship expert.

Being able to finish and reflect everything you will be able to read here to your own love life situation will make you to be able to get to the heart of the matter in your own situation.

Just remember that it will cause you 3 kinds of emotions: Relief – Anxiety – Anger as we get to the truth of the status if your man really loves your or is just playing around until someone new comes along.

Okay. Now that we have covered those concepts and had a pretty much idea on the basics. (In which you should have read first about the concepts and reality between men and women on my earlier blog entry. If you haven’t read about it, please do so first.. before proceeding.)

Let us now get to the questions you need to ask yourself and for you to be able to know If He Really loves You. (Note your scores for these questions!)

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December 5th, 2012
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Concepts and Realities Between Men and Women about Love

Women would always think. They are always in question about men whether they say that they are interested or not. If not that they ask or think – they feel. They are sensitive and emotional beings and with just one action or word from the opposite sex, it could mean something else and something to think about yet again. It just never ends but the most women in demand question most women would probably have in common is.. “Does he really love me?”

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December 4th, 2012
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Top 6 of the Most Vital Vitamins your Body and Health Needs the Most!

It is important that we are able to nourish ourselves with the vitamins and minerals to ensure that we can keep ourselves always healthy and in top shape. Ideally, we are recommended to have a balance diet meal filled with nutritious foods. But let’s get real and face it, not all of us can say that we have a well-rounded daily food intake, and even if we do, freshness and processing techniques can greatly diminish the amount of vitamins and minerals in any type of food that we eat.

Thus, some of us resorted to taking vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of pills, tablets, soft gels and capsules. It is a good thing and nothing too harmful with that, but since each of our bodies have different needs (such as allergies and chronic illnesses), it is still best to consult with your doctor on what, how often and how much of these vitamin pills to take.

Remember, taking too much vitamins can be just as unhealthy as taking too little.
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December 3rd, 2012
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The Secrets of Attraction and Making Him Want and Keep You!


Here’s the deal: if you have sex before you’d prefer.. because you want to ‘get something’ (a commitment, some attention, someone to wake up next to), then you are directly raising your chances of ending up with a man who is USING YOU for sex.


Because the Universe LISTENS to you and REFLECTS your behaviors right back to you. Part of being a quality woman, and ending up with the kind of quality man that you REALLY want and deserve, is developing a little self-awareness, actually paying some attention to what’s motivating you and what your REAL INTENTIONS are, and bringing them into line with who you are.
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December 2nd, 2012
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Relationship 101: Discussing Why Men Pull Away from Relationships


There are many reasons why relationships never lasts, why it fails and why it never just works out. It’s not just the saying as if it is not meant to be. There are reasons for everything and most of the time, it is because we try to see things only in our point of view – missing out what our partners really feel and think of the relationship and situation. I personally have learned this the hard way but like I always say, knowledge is power and it goes with every aspect of life.
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December 1st, 2012
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